SEC Exposed Twitter Account Suspended Indefinitely

As many of you know by now, the @SEC_Exposed account has been suspended by twitter. Our login has been “locked” by the powers-that-be in what we see as a clear and obvious effort to censor our account.

Of course we are not entirely without fault in this matter, as everyone who has followed our account since it’s creation 6 years ago knows, our responses to troll attacks can be raw and brutal. However we only respond in a manner reflective of how we are addressed. In other words, we give as good as we get. If the snowflakes don’t like it, they’ve been told don’t follow and don’t engage.

Having said this, our site endured a higher than normal attack volume which came mainly from Bama fans presumably drunk on their victory over Auburn on the evening of November 24th. One particular fan began spamming our site incessantly with gay porn photos in response to our every tweet.

(Blurred parts added)

Others were hurling childish insults. Which by the way we don’t mind (and NEVER block) because we enjoy putting these idiots on their asses. However, on this evening, it’s clear we played right into their trap. After one of our site administrators released a coarse reply to the troll known as “barnerhater”, twitter notified our site we were reported for “harassment and intimidation… discriminatory insults based on sexual orientation.”

We called him a “mad bitch” with a hurt “vagina”… somehow that was “harassment” despite the fact we were responding to his own anger-laden insults (his tweet to us preceding our reply was “you’re such a pussy”).

Unfortunately this was third time in the past 6 months that one of these soft ass snowflakes reported us to twitter for being “offensive” after we slammed their sorry asses in retaliation. We survived the last two suspensions but had been warned that repeated offenses would lead to account deactivation.

We disputed the charge with twitter, pleading that we were in fact just responding the way we were addressed (on a night we were fielding many attacks including “porn spam” by these relentless crybabies). Twitter agreed to remove the suspension… however on the caveat that we give a name and contact phone number that they could verify by text. Otherwise account would remain locked.

As everyone knows, this is an anonymous site. Anonymity is important to our creators and contributors due to retribution efforts by those who wish to retaliate against our mission to expose media’s collusive relationship with the SEC in college sports. Twitter’s demands for verifiable contact info and their efforts to use that as leverage for our continued use of the account are a direct threat to that anonymity. The unusual nature of that request also heightens our suspicion that our site has indeed been targeted by people in power. Furthermore, we noticed that twitter has NOT suspended ANY of the accounts that attacked our site with vulgar insults and porn spam photos (which conveniently have since been deleted… but not before our computers cached some of them).

None of our site creators or contributors are comfortable with supplying twitter the information they are demanding. Therefore our account will remain locked indefinitely unless they remove their demands.

We wish to apologize to our followers if we let you down. However we will never apologize for our tactics. We began this site raw and unfiltered and were never about to hide or cower before the pansy ass keyboard warriors trying to overwhelm our site with spam attacks on a regular basis. Perhaps our administrators’ willingness to respond to attackers rather than block them ultimately let the trolling punks win, but it’s quite clear when this site started that it would only go out with a fury rather than a whimper.

Our mission has clearly ruffled many feathers this past 6 years, hence it is clear we have accomplished our goals. It lives on with the rest of the twitter “Exposed Army” which will continue to refuse to be silenced. One day when we are again needed, we will be back on twitter on a new account. But for now we ask those who truly love the game of college football to not give up on the fight against this media-driven bias and ESPN’s manipulation of the playoff. We have not given up and will be alongside you all via our own personal social media accounts making sure the public stays informed. Together we will all continue to EXPOSE the overhyped, media-propped SEC and the criminal collusion that is destroying the game of college football.


September 22, 2016

Before this season began, the SEC and their ESecPN Network released their 2016 motto: “It Just Means More.” They leave the rest to us to fill in the blanks. For those of you stumped, we’re here to help…


Once again SEC teams were overrated in the preseason. And once again they were preseason overhyped by the Worldwide Leader in SEC Ball-Washing, ESPN. Chad Kelly was touted as the best quarterback in the league and their favorite QB for Heisman consideration, and the SEC Network shills kept professing how he and Ole Miss would shock Florida State in the opener. And they did shock FSU… by allowing them their biggest comeback win in Seminole football history, losing to the Noles by double digits. To add insult to injury, Chad Kelly had to delete his Twitter the next day when the porn star he had been trying to pick up all week aired out his DMs. Ouch. So much for that campaign. 

LSU entered the season with high hopes… well, ESPN had high hopes at least. Favored by 12.5 at Lambeau field with ESecPN social media cheering mad for them, following a College GameDay that featured endless praise and tributes to the greatness of the mind of the Mad Hatter himself, Les Miles and his Tigers crapped the bed, losing by 2 to Wisconsin. So much for that SEC West gauntlet.

Numerous SEC chokes and near flops marred the opening week for the SEC (highlighted later). So perhaps it also just means more… embarrassment.


As of the time of this publication, the SEC has already logged 45 arrests in 2016 per To put that into perspective, there have only been 151 arrests in all of college football and just 23 in the NFL alone. So if there is one stat you can ALWAYS count on, it is SEC leading the way in criminal talent recruitment. They always do boast the best collective high school signing day recruit collection. Too bad they show no discretion collectively in what kind of people they are bringing to their campuses.

Folks wonder why all those top recruiting classes can’t translate into REAL on field dominance? Perhaps it would if they could keep these guys out of jail. Or maybe they could even recruit smart, high moral value players? Seems to be working well for Stanford. Oh wait, forget it… do people even go to SEC schools for actual educations?? Never mind.


How long will the NCAA continue to get away with not holding their precious SEC schools to the same standards as other campuses across the U.S.? Countless stories we have encountered in 2016 that point to outright cheating by the SEC, making it clear how they obtain and maintain these top recruiting classes. Take Ole Miss for example. 3 years ago on this very site we suggested that a dumpsterfire school like Ole Miss could only get a top recruiting class one way… by promising gifts and money to these recruits for their loyalty. Special thanks to Leremy Tunsil during his NFL draft side show this year for showing the world we weren’t wrong. [Reference: Ole Miss Player Admits To Getting Paid By Coaches]. I’m sure the NCAA investigation will be swift and severe here, right? Oh that’s right… this is SEC. Lift rug, activate broom. Nothing to see here…

Oh and happy 3rd anniversary of the DJ Fluker & Alabama illegal benefits investigation that STILL has not resulted in punishment. [Reference: Text Messages Reveal Impermissible Benefits Given to Five SEC Players]

Solid looking away skill by NCAA here.

Despite all the benefit ignoring, what about the more disgusting and egregious stories of the year? Lest we forget of the Tennessee rape scandal that everyone in the media keeps trying to sweep under a rug. Perhaps they fear Butch Jones will come after them like he did his “traitor” players who tried to defend the rape victim: [ Reference: Butch Jones Calls Player Traitor For Helping Assault Victim].

Don’t count on the NCAA “investigating” that very much either. For the NCAA, it just means more… looking away.


It’s time for the SEC Chanting to stop. Those of you who continue to do it look stupid, and yes, the rest of the country is laughing at you. 

For years we have pointed out the weakness in out of conference SEC scheduling. We have pointed out specifically how the best teams in the SEC have typically artfully dodged playing top teams in other Power 5 conferences. In doing so, they have been able to tout outrageous “best conference” stats that were inflated by the facts that top SEC competition were playing mid-tier or lesser Power 5 opponents every year, and in the rare instance they did match up with a formidable Power 5 foe, they insisted on neutral territory that was often closer to SEC home turf than to their opponent. Furthermore, mid tier SEC teams were scheduling creampuff matchups out of conference with absolutely NO out of conference tests, in an effort to create the fabricated “gauntlet” of SEC teams who always won. (For a reference, look at every Ole Miss and Miss State out of conference slate preceding this season.) However, the 2016 season was the first one in recent memory where those generalizations were being surpassed and the SEC was finally stepping up to face more Power 5 out of conference competition than they had in the past 20 years (14 season games total). This season was FINALLY an opportunity for the SEC as a whole to put its money where its mouth was and demonstrate they are THE dominant conference of college football as they claimed to be all along.  

We are now into Week 4 of the season. And the SEC has already crapped the bed, and in doing so, shown that we were right all along. Again.

After 10 games so far against Power 5 competition, the SEC has gone a pedestrian 5-5 against Power 5 competition. Their ONLY upset win was an Arkansas victory against TCU in Week 2. And they needed double overtime just to do THAT. Numerous SEC West hopefuls had embarrassing starts, including Ole Miss, LSU, and Mississippi State (who lost to South Alabama). SEC East hopeful Tennessee needed overtime and an insane amount of luck and bad coaching from Appalachian State to pull off a nailbiter at home to the Sun Belt juggernauts. Georgia squeaked by Nichols State and needed some late heroics to knock off Missouri, a SEC East team that got mollywalloped by West Virginia. Meanwhile Florida and LSU are relying on the arms of castoff quarterbacks from PURDUE in order to try to stay relevant. The only team with a hint of dominance in the SEC (and we won’t count Florida and their 3 big wins against high school programs) has been, as usual, Alabama. And we will try not to judge their narrow 5 point escape from Ole Miss (a team that lost by 11 to FSU, who in turn got pasted 63-20 by Louisville). The phrase “SEC is overrated” right now has so much redundancy that it’s undoubtedly in the top ten of most trending topics on twitter for September.  

To put this 5-5 record in perspective, it should be pointed out that only ONE Power 5 conference (Big 12) has a worse record against Power 5 competition (3-6) so far. The Big Ten’s 8-3 record against Power 5 competition at this point in the season is the nation’s best. Meanwhile, the ACC, who has long been labeled the worst of the 5 power conferences, has the same record against Power 5 competition as the SEC does to this point.  

If this is still being considered “dominance”, then there is nothing more we can do to help you poor misguided chanting imbeciles.

Even the great SEC Shill of Shills Finebaum himself admitted this week that the Big Ten is far more dominant top to bottom than the SEC.  

You may wonder why you don’t hear fans of Big Ten teams running around chanting their conference name at every home non-conference victory. The reason could be that it is because these fans are not inbred microcephalic quarter-wits. But it is more likely because they realize that their team is good because… well… their TEAM is good! Big Ten has 3-4 very strong dominant programs right now. But we are not going to sit here and tell you one day “stop chanting SEC!”, and then chant “Big Ten!” the next. It will never happen here. Because we know the truth… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BEST CONFERENCE! Period. There are JUST best teams.

ESPN and their media puppydog minions across the nation have beaten this “best conference” lingo into our brains for years. They have forced us to believe conferences MUST be rated, and in turn, rewarded in preseason rankings for these bogus ratings. As our earlier article has pointed out, Sagarin (the guru behind the computer rankings, one of the worst creations ever to pollute the sport of college football) began the conference rating garbage in 1998. (Reference: How Conference Rankings The BCS and SEC Media Bias Destroyed College Football and Created SEC Exposed)  

Despite the fact that year Sagarin’s system had rated the SEC as the third best conference (behind Big 12 and Big Ten), it had begun the ill-conceived notion that an entire conference could rest on the laurels of one or two of its best teams having bigger perceived wins than the other conferences. Everything is relative though, which is a concept computers can’t understand. You can’t compare Apples to Oranges, and the conference rating system did that consistently. What’s worse, the recognition of conference rankings began to shape the AP and Coaches rankings from the get-go. Fast forward to today. Now we have an entire network (ESPN) pushing the greatness of this overhyped conference, which leads to consistent preseason overratings of traditionally dreadful teams like Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, etc, simply because these teams are in the same conference as Alabama. With the persistence in preseason overratings, it assures us that even when some of them lose, other SEC teams will leap over them when they beat them to take those positions, forever guaranteeing a greater number of ranked SEC teams than any conference by seasons end. Couple that with painfully favorable bowl matchups for the SEC, and the cycle begins again anew the next season with media hacks proclaiming the SEC once again as the “best conference.” Rinse and repeat. 

The fact remains however, there is no “best conference”! Conferences are regional assemblies of teams who play a round robin season-long tournament to determine who amongst them is the best. That best team then goes forward to face another regional great from somewhere else in bowl season, and if you’re lucky, your team will be playing in the playoffs for the big tamale. When you look at it like this, you see why we look at every conference acronym chanter in the SEC and we laugh at them. We call them inbred (because chanting for your rivals is akin to kissing your sister and let’s be honest, there is no greater definition of inbred than that). But while we laugh and poke fun, we also feel sad for how this is what has become of our great sport of college football. A nation divided, one group of under-educated numnuts chanting for a region of 14 teams, and the rest of the nation rooting against all of those teams simply because they are tired of hearing the biased bullshit.


There was a time when college football was great, and it wasn’t even that long ago. 20 years ago, nobody would give a damn about all this stupid conference hype nonsense. Fans of Auburn weren’t celebrating with LSU fans when Alabama stunned Miami in the 1992 national championship. Fans of Oklahoma weren’t laughing at and taunting Tennessee fans when Nebraska humiliated Florida in the 1995 national championship. There was a time not that long ago when great college football had nothing to do with conferences. It had to do with legendary matchups. ESPN and their media minions are ruining the game by dominating every conversation with conference talk. Even Finebaum announcing to the nation that the “Big Ten is the best conference in college football” is not helping anything. It is only adding to the narrative. And that is what they want. They don’t want you to remember all the good teams. Just the ones that make them money. ESPN should not be allowed to have a financial stake in the game that they report on. They should not be allowed to use their bully pulpit to manipulate everyone for their own profit. College football was once the greatest sport out there, at one point arguably even better than the NFL. But now it is slowly growing into just a nuisance to fans everywhere who can’t just sit down and enjoy a good game without feeling either a need to root for their rivals or a need to root against a geographic region, or listen to announcers compare their team’s players to the SEC in random sporadic subtle efforts. ESPN has helped to create this beast that is eating away at the fabric of a sport so many of us love. And we as fans must put an end to it by abandoning their network until they stop trying to be manipulative players and shapers of college football, and get back to what their network was meant to be… a LEADER in sports entertainment reporting!  

There is no other reason to stop the madness than realizing the truth. The “SEC” isn’t “best.” Especially not this year, yet another season that they are being EXPOSED!


For the past four years, our site has covered the media bias and the consistent overrating of the Southeastern Conference in college football. When we began, SEC bias and overrating was taboo to talk about. Media hacks refused to acknowledge that minus a couple of traditionally strong teams, and ONE powerhouse (Alabama), the SEC was top to bottom average and was NOT a better conference than the other Power 5 leagues. What nobody wanted to admit at the time was that there were strong teams all OVER college football. ESPN’s financial investment into SEC stock led to a meteoric rise in SEC overhype in recent years by the media. And as everyone knows, when the most watched and listened to icon in sports broadcasting continues to peddle propaganda and repeat manipulative drivel over and over again (“SEC Dominance,” “SEC Speed,” “SEC Gauntlet”), pretty soon the average viewer stops questioning it and begins to accept the propaganda as fact. Even those outside the SEC had fallen prey to the propaganda. However, the original founders and contributors of OUR little WordPress site did NOT. We went into this venture alone and with little support short of a handful of blog followers who shared our views and distributed our articles of referenced FACTS. Well, today is a different day than four years ago and we are no longer standing alone in our fight. Each week, numerous media publications are beginning to release the truth about the SEC: the fact that not only are the claims of complete SEC conference dominance manipulative and false, but that short of Alabama, that conference is a hollow assortment of criminally recruited, oversigned and overhyped average teams that wax and wane from relevance much the way over 75% of college football teams in EVERY conference do at some point in their history. The only thing that has ever made the SEC APPEAR so dominant is the propaganda and skewed stat sharing by those in the lamestream sports media who WANT them to be so dominant. However, even that façade is crumbling as an increasing number of media members are abandoning the rhetoric and airing truth, from Fox to Yahoo Sports and even to a few brave souls within the walls of ESPN itself. And that truth is this: There are great teams all OVER college football. There is NO such thing as a “Best Conference.” And there never was.  

With that truth so increasingly being known, and with so many out there continuing to take the initiative to air out the facts (which we constantly retweet on a daily basis courtesy of our thousands of #ExposedArmy supporters), there is no more reason for the existence of a closet “truther” movement. For those of you who have followed our site and supported our site through these years, THANK YOU! We won. All we wanted was for people to see the truth, for it to no longer be hidden from public awareness. All we ever wanted was for college football to be brought back to what it was once before… a sport where goliaths collided, legends clashed and upsets shook the world… a sport where fans trash-talked you about what their team had done to you rather than what a team who beat them did to you… a sport where any team no matter how small could shock and amaze us on any given day without us worried about what conference they play in… a sport where a true national champion could be crowned without 13 other programs claiming the win as their own just because they happened to be in the same geographic region as that team… and a sport where a broadcast giant who self-proclaims to be the “worldwide leader in sports entertainment” is not trying to shape and create the news, but merely reporting it. We see that vision coming a little closer to reality and we see our movement, no matter how small it started, as helping to light the fire that now burns across social media platforms around this great nation. (Special thanks to Chris Fowler for his recognition and validation of our contribution in his random 2014 GameDay tirade, which greatly helped to fan our flames, by the way.)  

With that, we bid a temporary farewell from this blog platform. Our site and the articles herein will remain, and our Twitter site will forge on, but as our anonymous founders and contributors are now moving on to bigger and better things (three of us have received offers for major online sports media news outlets), this will be our last contribution to the WordPress blog site known as “SEC Exposed” (until our voice is needed again to restore the balance of what is right in the college football world, of course). Expect to see many more articles out there from various publications exposing the SEC, including some from our exiting contributors who now will have a much larger volume audience, to make sure the truth never again gets buried about media collusion, NCAA corruption, and the overrated (and heavily criminally inclined) SEC.  

And who knows. You may find us back on here again when the need arises. Until then, to all of our fans… KEEP EXPOSING!  





[Article Below Submitted by SEC Fan as part of bet lost by SEC Exposed Editors]


I told them SEC haters at the start of the season that we would win it all again! SEC Exposed bet us on Twitter that we wouldn’t back in August, but if we did, they’d let me post an article on their page! So here it is y’all! Time to make them yankee taters and west coast haters eat crow! THAT’S RIGHT SEC EXPOSED, WE JUST PUT YOU ON YOUR ASS ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE!

THE SEC IS THE GREATEST FOOTBALL CONFERENCE IN THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH! And I don’t wanna hear these haters EVER say otherwise AGAIN! I knew the last two years were flukes! Our boys were just distracted and such on account of draft grades and physical exhaustion from having to play each other all season long. Nobody else understands us because they play in panzy ass conferences with soft teams, whereas we play in an professional caliber conference full of teams that could make the NFL playoffs each season. It wears a team down to play so many hard games each season like my SEC teams do! This season though, we was motivated! We joined forces like the Avengers before bowl season and decided to go 9-2 this bowl season to show once and for all who rules college football! Every other conference sucks! SEC RULES!

My team is Arkansas. (I had went there for school for a while.) My Razorbacks put the smack down on Kansas State, proving once and for all that the SEC OWNS the Big 12! Them early season losses we had to Texas Tech and Toledo or whoever don’t prove nothing by the way! Our team was caught looking ahead at that gauntlet of SEC West teams they had to play. When they are motivated, my Hogs can beat most any NFL team if they wanted to! WOO PIG SOOIE!!!!

I love Arkansas and all, but SEC is my conference! Y’all can laugh about it all you want, but a win for one of us is a win for all of us! You see, here in the south, SEC and Pride are synonymous words! Them other SEC teams are our brothers and they have been since the war of northern aggression. We might beat up on each other all season, but when the chips are down, we go to bat for each other. And last night the chips were down baby! We kicked Clemson’s ass like our redheaded step child! The ACC is our BITCH! Roll Tide baby! The SEC is KING AGAIN!

And don’t tell me about the Big Ten! We crushed Michigan State 35-0! And one of their best teams was Northwestern, and we whipped their ass too! We own the Big Ten!

Y’all got nothing to come back at us with because this season we proved y’all WRONG! All you can do is make incest jokes and such. I find that quite offensive, because my mom and dad are cousins. Their love is true and pure, and if they hadn’t gotten together, I wouldn’t be here today to cheer on the best conference in the world! Y’all are hypocrites! You probably support Bruce Jenner dressing up like a chick and turning into a homo, but you would begrudge siblings or cousins being in love when their love is pure and one with God? Let me ask you this, haters. If “incest” is so bad and disgusting, how do you think man couldn’t gotten here without it? Huh? Adam and Eve had kids who had to procreate with each other and that lineage led to us. If you make fun of incest, you are making fun of God. So enjoy burning in hell, SEC haters! Why don’t you haters educate yourself! It’s not called incest! Its called “genetic sexual attraction” and it is real! Google it and learn about it, unless all you like to read about is queers hooking up! By the way, it was Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and STEVE!

And don’t go bringing up Michael Sam to me. He was recruited to Mizzou when they was still Big 12. SEC only has real men on their teams!

We only recruit the BEST here in the SEC. All these kids know, if you wanna get to the NFL, you should come play in the best conference! Now if you suck when you get to the NFL, that ain’t our fault. All I said is we can get you there by playing on our teams. What you do when you get there is up to you.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank all the awesome media folks who stood by us despite SEC Exposed and their army of idiots trying to blaspheme our great conference. Guys like Clay Travis, Paul Finebaum (when he wasn’t trying to placate the Big Ten homers), Booger McFarland, Chris Fowler and the awesome ESPN gameday crew… y’all had our backs even when the naysayers looked like they had won! The SEC dynasty is forever! SEC Exposed needs to delete their account, because next year we will be even MORE dominant and won’t lose a SINGLE out of conference game! So you got nothing to EXPOSE other than our arrest records, and who cares about that! Next year our domination will be to a new level, and I GUARANTEE at least two SEC teams in the playoff because we just proved no other conference is worthy to be there anyway! I already bought Alabama and LSU home season tickets and will be attending the early season game to watch Ole Miss kick Florida State’s ass! I’ll be there wearing my SEC shirt with my Arkansas hat and Alabama National Championship coat. And if you don’t like it you can eat my jorts!




SEC Bias Returns With A Vengeance As The College Football Playoff Committee AGAIN Caves To ESPN Propaganda


For the second season in a row, the new College Football Playoff Committee unveiled their first poll of the season in preparation for the season ending 4-team playoff.
And for the second season in a row, it is riddled with controversy and public outrage.


Just to be clear, those of us here at SEC Exposed are not at all outraged. Or surprised. In fact, we predicted it in our “The Narrative” article released in late August. As pointed out in many of our articles over the past 2 years, ESPN is a nonstop daily propaganda machine, peddling new stats and data out every day to support their SEC supremacy claims. And the CFP Committee has proven that their eyes and ears go through ESPN almost exclusively. Something we expected all along to continue. Keep in mind, last season the CFP Committee was fully prepared to ramrod two SEC teams into the 4 team playoff but the final week of the season derailed their intentions when Ole Miss upset 4th ranked Mississippi State and the SEC East went 0-4 against the ACC. That fortuitous final weekend was the only reason the Committee was forced to only take one SEC team and allow Ohio State in. And we all know how that played out.

In the days leading up to this Tuesday’s CFP Committee poll release, ESPN analysts were on TV and Twitter hyping the overrated SEC ad nauseum while trashing the Big Ten and Big 12. New metrics were being created, as we saw everything from Strength of Record to Quality Loss Ratings.


Last year’s gold standard metric of “Game Control” was conveniently rarely mentioned, as this year’s SEC juggernauts were struggling to control nearly every game they played. ESPN even scaled back their FPI hyping as the season wore on because, despite having a preseason FPI top 10 made up almost entirely of SEC teams, their own convoluted measurements were suddenly now calculating that no SEC teams at all belonged in the Top 4! With the conference struggling to find any quality out of conference statement wins outside of Bama’s win over Wisconsin, all ESPN could do is hype SEC teams’ “quality losses.” And apparently it worked. Despite the fact that over 80% in the nation knows that the SEC is once again overrated and overhyped, especially their top teams, the CFP Committee of purported “experts” gave the SEC the benefit of the doubt. Again. And placed multiple SEC teams in the Top 4. Again.

One thing needs to be made VERY clear: the SEC should have lost ALL “benefit of the doubt” last season when their “premier division” (SEC West) went 2-5 in the bowls (including 0-4 against ranked teams) and when their “lesser division” (SEC East) went 0-4 against the oft-ridiculed ACC in the final week of play. For the CFP Committee, or any rational human being for that matter, to continue to give the SEC the “benefit of the doubt” that their conference is harder than all others (and hence that their wins and losses must be weighted more favorably as a result) simply because ESPN and the sports media sheeple who follow them keep saying so is the biggest testimony of bias available to the public!

To be fair, let’s assess the “quality wins” that have occurred out of conference by the SEC, in order of perceived importance:

1) Wisconsin (defeated by Alabama)- 2nd or 3rd team in Big 10 West Division; beaten on a “neutral field” that in actuality was far closer to Tuscaloosa than to Madison; A team not even in the CFP Selection Committee’s Top 25.
2) UNC (defeated by South Carolina)- Currently the division leader in the ACC’s Coastal Division (better known as College Football’s Dumpster Fire Division of the Power 5); Despite losing to South Carolina, UNC outgained them 440-394 and had 3 turnovers (to SC’s none) to only lose by 4 in a game that they dominated.
3) Arizona State (defeated by TAMU)- Currently 2-4 in PAC-12 play, resting in the bottom quarter of the PAC-12 standings; beaten on a “neutral field” that was actually in TAMU’s own home state (Houston).
4) Louisville (defeated by Auburn)- Mid-pack ACC Atlantic team, currently 4-4; lost by 7 to Auburn ALSO at a “neutral site” (Atlanta) but dominated the game by a 404-327 yard margin.
5) Syracuse (defeated by LSU)- Currently bottom dwelling ACC Atlantic team who is 1-3 in ACC play; lost by 10 to LSU but was still very much in the game well into the 4th quarter.

The fact that a one-loss Alabama team is being given the nod ahead of Power 5 undefeated teams like Baylor, Michigan State, OK State and TCU is unconscionable. Or for that matter Iowa, who went ON THE ROAD to defeat Wisconsin, the ONLY quality win on Alabama’s schedule! All this is even more mind boggling when taking into account how TCU absolutely obliterated Ole Miss on New Years Day to the tune of 42-3 (actually calling off the dogs out of mercy in the 3rd quarter)… the same Ole Miss team that had beaten Alabama THAT season too! But if the committee truly is simply going by the “resume” of teams beaten to date this season without giving credit to teams just for being undefeated, then how can they explain Alabama being ahead of Notre Dame? Notre Dame lost by only 2 on the road to the Committee’s supposed #1 team Clemson! They’ve already beaten 4 Power 5 teams from three different conferences, and beaten them handily at that. And they even beat an undefeated team from the conference whose teams have already given the SEC fits this season (AAC).

And what about Memphis? Granted, the AAC is not in the Power 5, but Memphis did solidly beat Ole Miss by double digits… the SAME team that beat Alabama IN Tuscaloosa! Forget the fact that Memphis isn’t the only AAC team schooling the SEC (Houston vaporized Vanderbilt 34-0, scoring more points than any SEC team has on them this year AND giving them their only shut out of the season)! Memphis did what Alabama didn’t AND they are undefeated? What resume could POSSIBLY negate that simple fact? There is no “eye test” more convincing than THAT!

The bias isn’t impervious to negatively impacting SEC East teams either. Even Florida was disrespected in this first poll, being placed at 10th despite the fact that they completely BLASTED Ole Miss (again, the team that beat Bama in their house) and only lost a game to the Committee’s supposed #2 team LSU. Unless this is a stop-loss protection effort by the committee in case the Gators, the likely SEC East Champs, drop a loss to the Seminoles on Thanksgiving weekend… so then they can say like they did last year, “Oh well, the SEC East isn’t that good anyway, it is the SEC West that rules football!

How can this committee explain logic that defies their own rankings? Either none of them watched the games or they simply followed ESPN’s directions to the T.

We aren’t saying that Alabama in the end isn’t the best team in the SEC. It is our opinion (and has been since the season started) that Bama will win the SEC. And if they do, EVENTUALLY they SHOULD be given solid consideration to represent the SEC in the playoff as a one loss team when the smoke clears. But to put them at #4 NOW, when they have not beaten a currently ranked team YET, is not only preposterous, but it smacks of collusion and intentional manipulation of the college football playoff itself. Whether people want to believe it or not, the placement of these rankings DOES matter toward the end result. It sets up a higher likelihood that two teams from the SEC will make it into the playoff, which is why we believe the committee did it. The SEC pumpers are counting on this current setup to play out in one of three favorable scenarios for the conference…

Scenario 1: Should Bama beat LSU, as we believe they will, LSU likely won’t drop lower than 6 (remember, quality losses are important!). Bama will then leap into the #2 spot following their first victory over a currently ranked team. If Bama sweeps the rest of the powderpuff schedule to win the SEC (as we expect they will), they will surely be given the #1 seed in the playoff (thanks to preconceived bias reflected thus far by the committee about SEC greatness). LSU likely too will win the rest of their games, and since they won’t have to play the elusive conference title game, they will likely slip into the #4 slot just in time to set up the LSU-Bama rematch and hence GUARANTEE an SEC team in the final title game.

Scenario 2: Should LSU beat Bama, this could create a more troubling conundrum for the SEC. However, since the committee overranked Bama so highly, their fall won’t likely put them any further than #10. This still gives the Tide enough time to climb back into the Top 4, but they will need some help with teams getting upset above them. Meanwhile LSU would leap to #1 by beating Bama and breeze through the rest of their powderpuff schedule to lock up the #1 seed. Again, the possibility of the LSU-Bama rematch in the playoff would still be viable, but again they would need some help. This is clearly a scenario that won’t play out easily for the conference, so count on it that the SEC knows this and will take whatever steps necessary to prevent it. (If I were an LSU fan this weekend, I would be watching the refs very carefully, as we are certain that SEC will make it very clear to their officials which team needs to win this game Saturday.)

Scenario 3: As we noted earlier, Florida is being kept mysteriously far from the Top 4, but we believe there is a reason for this. The committee (who made their disrespect and dislike for the Seminoles very obvious during last season’s weekly poll releases) clearly is weary of FSU sneaking into the playoff should they defeat Clemson and then somehow knock off the SEC East champs in the final week. Any loss by UF to FSU in general would be catastrophic to the Narrative, no matter if FSU is playoff eligible or not, so the committee will keep Florida at a distance until the FSU-UF game. However, if Florida does defeat Florida State in the Swamp later this month, the committee will likely leap the Gators over multiple teams and into the Top 4 just in time for the SEC championship game. This will be their assurance that, should UF upset the SEC West champ, they will surely leap into the #1 seed in the final ranking release.

Note that ALL 3 scenarios assure that the SEC champ is the #1 seed… the seed that assures the SEC practical home field advantage in the first round! There is ALWAYS a method to the madness…

But as we learned last year, when the CFP Committee tried to preemptively stack the deck by placing THREE SEC teams in their first Top 4 release, NOTHING is guaranteed. Just like last season, spoilers are lurking and could ruin everything for the overhyped conference.

Potential Spoiler 1: Ole Miss
-The Rebels may return to spoil the plans just like they did last year when they upset Mississippi State at season’s end. Had they not won that game, more than likely the biased clown committee had Miss State in position to take the #4 seed, which would have guaranteed an SEC champ in the title game against Oregon. This year, Ole Miss could play spoiler in a much more catastrophic way for the SEC… by WINNING the West! Ole Miss actually controls their own destiny at this point. Despite their shellacking at the hands of Florida and their double digit loss to big, bad Memphis, Ole Miss needs only win out their schedule and they reserve their ticket to the SEC title game. Their road is formidable, however the SEC has proven to be a rather mediocre bunch this season and the Rebels have just as much of a chance at winning out as any of the others do. If Ole Miss wins the West and avenges the Gators in the SEC championship game, all while Memphis rolls undefeated to an AAC title, the SEC champ could very well have to be left OUT of the playoff picture. This is the worst case scenario for the SEC and likely could have ESPN executives (whose company is hemorrhaging money by the millions more and more each day) jumping out of tall buildings.

Potential Spoiler 2: Florida/Florida State
-The Gators are stringing together solid wins over a mediocre bunch of SEC teams after a sluggish start to their season. They have all but locked up the hapless SEC East and will likely be facing the Bama/LSU winner (presuming Spoiler 1’s scenario doesn’t materialize). This presents a very unsettling situation for the conference pumpers, as Florida already demolished the currently West-destiny controlling Ole Miss Rebels. The Gators have already proven they can compete with the best the West has to offer. Another doomsday scenario for the SEC would be for Florida to LOSE at home to FSU the week before BEATING the SEC West champ for the conference title. FSU is nowhere near the team they were in 2013 or for that matter who they were in 2014, and most likely should be double digit dogs for that game. The Seminoles are a team with a shifty identity due to their youth. But let’s not forget, Jimbo Fisher has a loaded house of 4-5 star recruits who also were recruited by the SEC’s best, and they’ve proven in Fisher’s tenure that they can hang with ANY team that the SEC has to offer. If the Gators lose to FSU before winning the SEC, the conference could be left WITHOUT a SEC champion in the playoff. Again, high buildings would need to be off limits to ESPN executives in that situation.

Conjecture aside, despite the media’s annual unfounded assertions that the SEC is best because they say so, the fact remains that the conference as a whole has NOT proven that it is better than any other conference. While the jury is still out as to whether the SEC has the nation’s best team, it would be impossible to know that up to this point based on anything they’ve done. While Jeff Long attempts to explain away the SEC bias by insulting the Big 12 and Iowa, or by rattling off ESPN metrics that attempt to verify SEC greatness, the truth is in the tape and the tape doesn’t lie! Arkansas (ESPN’s preseason FPI wonderteam) has already taken it on the chin to both Toledo and Big 12 whipping post Texas Tech. The media hype-machine’s favorite Auburn, overrated preseason at #6, escaped FCS team Jacksonville State by the skin of their teeth in overtime and is at risk at 4-4 of not even becoming bowl eligible. Kirk Herbstreit’s boner-inciting Tennessee Volunteers, another FPI wonderteam flop, lost at home to Big 12’s Oklahoma. Ole Miss blew a 14-0 start at Memphis to end up losing by double digits to a team that barely escaped Bowling Green and USF! Missouri eeked out a 9-6 win at home over the elite Connecticut Huskies! And don’t even get us started on Vandy, who dropped two out of conference matchups including a 34-0 drubbing at the hands of Houston. (Yep, the same rugged Houston Cougars who lost 27-7 to almighty UTSA last season but are undefeated in the AAC to date.) These are the types of dumpster dwellers that teams like Alabama and LSU are beating up on and getting media praise for week after week. If “Strength of Results” were a legitimate metric, LSU and Alabama don’t have a leg to stand on.

College football fans and non-ESPN controlled sports sites around the nation lit up the internet and social media on Wednesday airing out their shock, if not utter disgust, at the obvious efforts by the CFP Committee to stack the deck with contenders from an unworthy mediocre SEC conference in this season’s college football playoff…




Instead of creating amusing videos to disrespect an Iowa team who should actually be praised for an inspiring turnaround season, or enacting plays where they mock all coaches of the non-SEC contenders, perhaps the ESPN College GameDay crew should start putting together another Fowler-esque diatribe about how stupid and idiotic we college football fans are for thinking they have SEC Bias. Because our numbers are growing. And ESPN, with their obedient CFP Clown Committee, are losing credibility more and more each day.


How Conference Rankings, the BCS and SEC Media Bias Destroyed College Football and Created SEC EXPOSED!



Much of our time on this site the past 27 months has been spent exposing to the world how overrated the SEC conference is. We feel that our mission has been a success. Our venture began actually almost 4 years ago after watching the BCS place Alabama and LSU in a national title game while pretending that, because the media said football was just better in the SEC, no other conference’s champion was worthy to challenge that notion in a head to head matchup. At that time 7 college football fans from different team affiliations all across the U.S. came together on an internet chat board to air their disdain. Hence “SEC EXPOSED” was born. The 7 of us represented not just different teams, but a prevailing feeling among college football fans all across our country who were NOT in SEC Country. Ours was a feeling of disgust. Disgust that the media was fawning over a conference that was clearly overrated but riding on the laurels of a small handful of strong football programs, mainly Alabama who was largely rejuvenated by Nick Saban. Disgust that the media was contributing to the glorification of this atrocity. And above all disgust that the NCAA was not only allowing this to continue, but was condoning it by attacking successful non-SEC programs and going soft on all SEC programs as they raked in the billions of dollars in profit over the SEC superiority farce soap opera that had been created. When the 7 of us decided to create “SEC EXPOSED”, we chose anonymity because we knew once our movement caught on, those powers who had pushed the SEC to the top (as well as the knuckle-dragging fanbase of keyboard tough guys and tree killing psychos) would have individuals to come after. Our movement is not one created for personal gain. It is not one created to generate “clicks” for our website (note that we use no sponsors and peddle no products). Our movement, rather, was meant to upset the “established order” created by the SEC Shill Media and, mainly, to create awareness. Awareness of a wrong that has occurred in a sport that 7 fans (and millions more out there) love… awareness of a trend that had destroyed the storied tradition of college football.

Yes, we do believe our movement was a success. Not because we have had tens of millions of hits on our website. Not because now every media troll and SEC chanter on social media knows who we are and seeks us out to brag when an SEC team wins a big game. But rather because we are now no longer the only site finally admitting the truth that so many in the media have been purposefully hiding… that the SEC is overrated, may have always been overrated, and is NOT the King of College Football that so many sheeple have been led to believe. Two years ago we were the only site telling the story. The “tin foil hat” site we were called, akin to Roswell stories and JFK conspiracies. However now the whole nation is finally realizing we were right all along. And one by one media experts are starting to open their eyes and report the truth: the truth that there are great teams all OVER college football and nothing makes the SEC better than any of them.

This all brings us to ask ourselves… how did we let this conference supremacy lie get spoon fed to us to start with? And more importantly, why were so many college football fans and self-proclaimed sports “experts” going along with it for so long? Much of the SEC superiority myth was predicated on 7 consecutive SEC teams winning the BCS title (which involved four SEC teams between 2006-2012), however a look back at those matchups reveal that it is arguable that the two best teams in the nation weren’t even playing in at least 4 of those 7 matchups. Just think, had the BCS been in place LAST season, we would have seen Alabama play Florida State for the national title! And neither of those teams ultimately even got past the CFP Semifinal round! Last season’s playoff results exposed much of the flaw that led to mismatches and poor pairings in BCS bowls during the SEC “reign” over college football. But when you take into consideration how those mismatches were perpetuated in the first place, it all begins to become clearer what led to myth from the start… Conference Ranking!


It is hard to pinpoint exactly when and where the myth that the SEC was the greatest collection of college football teams began. But we may be able to pinpoint at what point the media began to assign faux importance to the rating of conferences. Jeff Sagarin released his widely media-accepted “Conference Rating” following the 1998 season, according to his archives ( Not coincidentally, that was also the first year of the BCS, a system that depended in part on Sagarin’s computer for its rankings. It would appear at that time that there was no “SEC bias” at play. The SEC, according to Sagarin’s system, was considered the third best conference behind the Big 12 and Big Ten in 1998. However, none of us can remember hearing proclamations from Big 12 fans back then of conference superiority. Mainly because nobody really paid attention to these conference ratings at that time to begin with. Nonetheless, this conference rating system, a concept born from the new BCS era itself, may have begun the trend that ultimately would kill college football as we knew it.

Sagarin’s metric to determine the “best conferences” was convoluted from the start. To begin with, it was based on schedule strength determinations which calculated home and away game factors taking into consideration rankings of teams that were played. The only problem, the system depended on poll rankings that were very subjective. Human voters, by nature, have built in biases. It isn’t a criticism, it’s a fact. We all have some element of bias, whether we want to admit it or not. Computers don’t have bias, but computers can only make calculations based on the metrics that are fed into them. And human bias was most definitely fed into them.

As the BCS years waned on, Sagarin was not the only entity rating conferences, or course. There were others. In fact, eventually every college football preseason publication began doing it. Comparisons of the conferences in their teams’ head to head out of conference battles were some of the key criteria being used in these ratings. However this was all very deceiving. Conferences were being considered “better” when a small handful of their best teams were winning the highest proportion of out of conference games. The matchups often times were not even. Especially when it came to bowl pairings. The BCS model seemed to shelter the SEC from playing the top competition in the toughest conferences during the bowl seasons. Much of this can be blamed on the Big Ten- PAC-10 Bowl arrangements that were kept in place, shielding the SEC from having to play the best the Big Ten or PAC-10 had to offer. While the SEC built up years of OOC wins during the regular season, mostly against ACC and mid-tier or Division I-AA (FCS) opponents, they were able to build up their claims of superiority by winning bowl games that were notable mismatches in which the SEC team was the higher ranked team nearly every time. The few exceptions to that rule were often when the SEC played “up” to ACC competition in these bowls. Since the ACC through the BCS years was the usually conference with the highest percentage of the worst teams of the Power 5, these bowl pairings often enabled the SEC to pad their annual bowl stats quite nicely, further contributing to the growing narrative. However one year an SEC team DID pull a significant upset in the post-season and it may have been a catalyst that would bring about the ratings system corruption from that moment forward… the year was 2006.

Up until 2006, Sagarin’s system appeared to be unaffected by the uneven bowl pairings and the creampuff out of conference win percentage of SEC teams. That all changed in the 2006 BCS Championship Game, when a 10-point underdog Florida Gator team was able to upset the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in a landslide 41-14 victory. That UF team, of course, was coached by Urban Meyer. At that time, nobody yet realized that Meyer would become one of the most successful and influential coaches in all of college football. Unfortunately, what Florida’s large margin of victory did was further fuel a growing false awareness among other SEC members, their fans and the sports media that the SEC was the “best conference” in the nation. Suddenly that season, Sagarin, who had just the year before considered the SEC to be the 5th best conference in the land, suddenly rated the SEC as THE best conference. The myth was born.

Truth be told, that 2006 UF team really did look like the best team in the country much of that season. Urban Meyer had taken under-achieving recruits brought in by the previous coach (Ron Zook) and turned that team, and his own recruits in the subsequent team to follow, into football giants. However somehow along the way Florida’s success was being attributed to its’ play in a “dominant conference.” This new notion was reinforced by Sagarin’s skewed rating system and a media still drunk off the UF upset of Ohio State in the previous championship game. Just as this was happening, the second catalyst arrived: Nick Saban. His hire by the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2007 following his very unsuccessful venture in the NFL may have been one of the most significant events in SEC Chanter Entitlement history. Despite his inability to succeed in the NFL, Saban proved to be a worthy college football guru. And as Urban Meyer completed his run of success with the Gators, Nick Saban recruited and developed Alabama into the national powerhouse that it has become today. (By the way, has anyone noticed how the Gators have been since Urban Meyer left? Right. Don’t expect to see those clowns relevant again anytime soon.)

The Sagarin ratings stopped being impartial following the 2006 season. From that point on, the media began touting the SEC as Football Kings and damned anyone who disagreed. And nearly every other publication followed suit, issuing “Conference Rankings” each season that would ultimately influence preseason football polls. And those preseason polls, of course, would in turn influence the narrative that has since dominated college football… that SEC teams are the best because they play the toughest schedules… and they play the toughest schedules because they have to beat a bunch of ranked conference teams… and they are all ranked because the SEC is the best. The circular logic is mind-numbing when you factor in the truth that SEC teams actually play the fewest number of out of conference Power 5 teams than any other Power 5 conference each season and continue to rest on the laurels of some conference superiority sports media fantasy that began in 2006!

SEC Chanters will try to throw stats at you of out of conference records of SEC teams against Power 5 conferences in the BCS era. (Although they often leave out the stat that the old dissolved Big East was dominating them, but that isn’t important since they don’t exist anymore we presume.) Well folks, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Seasons often began with one or two SEC giants knocking off well known football teams who were overranked to start their seasons and inevitably proved their mediocrity as the season wore on. Middle of the road SEC teams were beating teams that would ultimately finish in the lower tier of their conferences. And of course the SEC would get their annual beatdowns of ACC teams, a trend the SEC counted on to pad those stats (up until recent seasons at least). SEC teams would do all this for the most part without ever leaving SEC country! While major football powers travelled to other Power 5 stadiums all over the nation, nearly all SEC “away” games against Power 5 competition would occur at random “neutral” sites that just happened to be closer to their home than the opponent’s. Meanwhile the SEC programs padded their schedules with Sun Belt, Conference USA and FCS teams so heavily that only the dimmest of college football fans would miss the fact that as a whole, the SEC was playing far fewer Power 5 teams that anyone else in the nation. (

Are we discounting EVERY win for the SEC over Power 5 opponents? Absolutely not! But it must be understood that most of these wins were by a small handful of teams who happen to be respected traditional national powers in the football world. That small handful of successful teams do NOT make the SEC the “best conference.” It simply meant that the SEC had some of the best teams in the nation. As did the Big Ten. And the PAC-10/PAC-12. And the Big 12. And the ACC. But nobody would have known that. Because the sports media’s love affair with the SEC had begun.


Once conference ratings, two game-changing coaches, and favorable matchups helped alter the media’s perception of the conference, all the dominoes for the greatest myth in college football history fell into place. Top notch recruits began to see the constant media lauding of the SEC and were easy prey for SEC coaches from the conference’s low tier teams who pitched the all famous “come play in the best conference in college football” gimmick. The NCAA seemingly stopped pursuing negative allegations against SEC teams, especially Alabama, whose coach Nick Saban was reportedly good friends with NCAA President Emmert. While the NCAA was receiving all time backlash for outrageous punishments of teams that didn’t fit the crimes, allegations and whistle blower stories of SEC team violations were running rampant on the internet with absolutely no NCAA attention whatsoever. ( The media bias would finally be set in stone, however, when ESPN joined forces in 2008 with the SEC. And their latest deal in 2013, which included the SEC Network, was deemed the richest deal signed in college sports history ( At that point ESPN was prepared to cash in big off of the continued success of the SEC brand. The pieces were all in place as media members began the annual tradition of overranking SEC teams every preseason while ESPN lauded all the amazing aspects of the “best conference in college football” while refusing to report the rampant reports of possible NCAA violations and numerous player arrests coming from the SEC. ( Once the widely accepted “Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment” had fully endorsed the SEC (and since their financial success as a network was now tied into that conference, why wouldn’t they), the rest of the sports media sheeple followed suit. Because after all, why would ESPN try to deceive them? They are an impartial sports news entity. Right?

And the rest of course… is history.


In a perfect world, ESPN would become impartial and stop the conference collusion game before the Feds are onto them, preseason polls would be used for entertainment purposes only and would be erased and started from scratch each week until Week 7, conference “rating” would end since it realistically cannot be determined without true head to head round robin competition between every other conference anyway, and the nation could go back to rivalries that matter and rooting for TEAMS rather than rooting for an entire collection of loosely geographically-placed teams as if they were states united in a civil war. But this isn’t a perfect world. And the narrative will go on unless the entire college football world rises up to fight back. How do they slay the beast that has ruined our game? Perhaps conferences need to join forces and file class action lawsuits against ESPN and NCAA to force an end to the collusion. Perhaps schools need to refuse ESPN interviews and withdraw from ESPN-sponsored events. Perhaps top programs need to refuse to let College Gameday on their campuses. Perhaps the rest of the Power 5 needs to sue to end any existing deals they have with ESPN and bring their business to another entity like Fox Sports. These all sound like excellent options, but they are all very unlikely and somewhat unrealistic. Which leaves only one thing left. Just keep beating the SEC’s best until ESPN loses so much money that the bottom falls out on their little money-making scheme. Otherwise the rest of us will never get the game back that we love, or get to root as hard as we used to against those in-conference rivals who we love to hate! 

Eric Striker from Oklahoma said it best last Saturday: F*CK THE SEC!

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.” –Joker (The Dark Knight)





WELCOME to the SEC EXPOSED WORLD PREMIER SNEAK PEEK TEASER SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of The Narrative… the HIT ESPN series returning this 2015 college football season!

From the SEC-Shill network that brought you such cultural icons as Skip “Horny for Tebow” Bayless, Michelle “Leave the Money on the Dresser” Beadle, Chris “Don’t Call Me Biased” Fowler and Phyllis“CooCoo for Trailer Wheels” Finebaum… comes the series you will wish you had never seen… THE NARRATIVE!

Send the inbred kids outside, lock the trailer door, pull up the beer cooler, pop out the TV trays, tear open a bag of pork rinds, peel back a can of spam, and hold onto your jorts! Because THE NARRATIVE Season Premier is only days away!!!

In the season premier of The Narrative, SEC teams will be overrated in the preseason as usual… but the narrative won’t end there!!!

Watch as ESPN repeatedly touts their most exciting FPI poll in recent memory… a poll that through convoluted, poorly transparent metrics places nearly the entire SEC in the Top 15, even listing such annual 5 loss bed-wetters as Tennessee and Arkansas in their Top 10! Shirtless snaggle-toothed rebel-flag-waving acronym-chanting inbreds take to the streets firing their shotguns in the air as celebration of this momentous time in sports (despite the fact none of their teams have even played a game yet).

Not deterred by the SEC going 1-6 against the nation’s top out of conference teams over the previous 3 year bowl span, you will marvel at how much the sheeple sports media eats up ESPN hype of the overrated conference…

Watch the infectious homerism spread like the Ebola virus as 10 SEC teams are then placed in the AP media’s Top 27, despite this being a conference that went 0-4 against 10-win teams in the previous bowl season… a touching moment prompting the first controversial uncensored masturbation scene of the season involving ESPN executives standing in a circle around a large shrine depicting the divine image of their Lord and Savior, Nick Saban…

Alabama is given the #3 AP ranking, hinting that #1 Ohio State is the best team in the land at first… until SEC Homer media reminds you Alabama plays nine (over)ranked teams compared to Ohio State’s one… setting the tone for the Tide to leapfrog the Buckeyes by week 4…

[Episode 4 SCENE: ESPN analysts throwing their hands up professing “Well what do you expect, Ohio State doesn’t play anyone and Alabama plays 9 ranked teams”… scene cuts away to AP media voters giggling giddily as they wipe their chins.]

Watch this season on The Narrative as ESPN’s doting media sheeple assure, through over-bloated preseason ratings, that every SEC game gets more attention and recognition to empower their SEC dominance rhetoric in time for the playoffs…

See all the feel-good stories on College GameDay about deaf SEC players who find a way to excel despite not hearing a snap count, or illiterate SEC players who finally learn to read and take the time to teach others… watch as these types of sleep-inducing College GameDay stories successfully drown out the REAL stories that ESPN refuses to report, like the fact that 11 of the 14 SEC programs are in the Top 25 college programs with the most arrests over the past 5 years!!!

Watch as SEC Coaches whine in interviews about the grueling schedules they face… failing to mention the fact that SEC conference teams play fewer Power 5 teams than any other conference by far…

P5 Scheduling Graph 2015

Watch Steve Spurrier profess to Finebaum that SEC fans should be outraged that Ohio State plays such “easy” Big Ten teams in their schedule… failing to mention that last season Big Ten’s doormat team Indiana beat the eventual SEC East Champ Missouri in their OWN HOUSE one week before Missouri beat Spurrier’s team in HIS own house…

Hear ESPN pundits declare that the ACC champ should be left out of the playoffs this season due to this being the “weakest” of the Power 5… despite the fact that that piss poor conference went 4-0 against the SEC East in the final week of last season!!!

Watch as ESPN talks endlessly about FSU’s “off the field issues” despite the fact that at least 5 SEC teams each had more arrests than FSU in the 2015 offseason…

Hear ESPN analysts give repetitive big speeches about FSU and Baylor coaches needing to take accountability for player behavior, while not mentioning LSU coach Les Miles reinstating players with pending domestic violence charges…

In a very heartbreaking special episode of The Narrative, watch the touching scene as a team of dirt digging bottom feeder ESPN “investigative reporters” hold each other in a tearful sad embrace in a Tallahassee courtroom moments after yet another attempted malicious setup by someone with ties to an SEC program fails to put away an FSU star…

Watch as ESPN analysts make references all season to Baylor’s “embarrassment” while ignoring an even MORE embarrassing Tennessee rape scandal involving multiple football players that was so egregious that it had attracted the attention of the Feds…

Listen to ESPN talking heads debate whether the USC coach should be fired for his drunken public display while pretending that Gamecock Coach Steve Spurrier hadn’t done the same thing at a 2013 press conference…

Hear lectures about the character problems at various non-SEC programs with no mention of the Vanderbilt gang rapes or various recent Ole Miss and LSU domestic violence cases…

Amidst all the not-talked-about SEC player crime drama, don’t miss all the exciting pigskin action… and the mind-numbing Narrative that follows!!! Hear how Bama “grinds out” close wins each week against the nation’s most amazing electrifying teams, while Ohio State and TCU “escape” upsets by random terrible teams in some other horrible conferences…

Watch week after week as (INSERT RANDOM OVERRANKED SEC TEAM HERE) jumps undefeated teams in the polls who didn’t exhibit enough “Game Control,” as dictated by the all famous SEC financial partner, ESPN…

Watch as ESPN releases a mid-season FPI poll that has 4 SEC teams in their Top 4, convincing a brain dead sports-media as well as the NCAA/ESPN payrolled CFP Committee that multiple teams belong in the 4 team playoff…

And in a cliffhanger MUST SEE The Narrative season FINALE, watch as ESPN makes one more final late pitch to try to convince the CFP clown committee to take TWO SEC teams! You won’t believe what happens!!!!

You won’t wanna miss The Narrative! Critics are already raving:


Take a look at this steaming pile of crap, folks… Whoa MOMMA!” -Brent Musberger


This upcoming series is an embarrassment! Although I don’t have all the facts yet...” -Kirk Herbstreit


This horseshit pissed me off so bad I poisoned all of Auburn’s trees again!” -Harvey (the @SEC_Exposed Bitch)


FUCK YOU!” -Phyllis


I’d rather rip my heart right out of my rib cage with my bare hands and throw it on the floor and stomp on it till I die… than watch one more minute of this!” -Weird Al


This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever watched! I just shot my TV screen!” -Elvis

The Narrative… coming this weekend to a bankrupted ESPN network provider near you!


A Look Back at the Superior SEC Defense Fairytale

    Welcome SEC

     For years we heard just how fierce the Defensive struggles were inside the mighty SEC. Then 3 years ago, 2 members of the BIGXII made the scariest move in CFB. With 6 losing seasons in BIGXII play and not a double digit win season since the 90’s, Texas A&M joined the SEC West and Mizzou went to the SEC East.

With their signs ready, SEC chanters knew these teams hadn’t seen what happens when you face SEC defenses. Texas A&M went on to put up an 11 win season, knocking off the SEC Champ and eventual “National” champ Alabama. (This was before we had a 4 team Playoff and also the year that undefeated O-H-I-O State wasn’t allowed to play for a title.) That’s okay because surely Ohio State couldn’t handle Alabama. Thus far the SEC hasn’t managed to give A&M as bad a year as their final year in the BIGXII, and compared to their last 3 years in the BIGXII they have 6 more wins.

Let’s talk Mizzou. Surely they would have it rough. SEC fans rejoiced as Mizzou limped to a 5-7 season. No one seemed to notice that Mizzou’s starting quarterback had shoulder surgery in late March. He battled that injury throughout his first season only starting in 75% of games. He was back the next year. Mizzou went on the next 2 years to put up 12 and 11 win seasons along with back-to-back SEC East champs. SEC indeed. They did have a 12 win season in the BIGXII back in 2007, but to find another 11+ win season in the BIGXII you would have to go back to the Dan Devine era in 1960, in the Big 8 . Mizzou’s 3-year record has them with 2 more wins in the SEC than the BIGXII even with the lousy 2012 season.     Mizzou Champ Ring

For years I claimed and bet (quite successfully I might add) that SEC defenses were not all that great. From what I could tell most of their offenses were just very subpar. I was even dumb enough to bet that A&M would have a better season in the always-overrated SEC West. OVER/UNDER 7 was an easy bet.

Those are just games though, let’s talk defensive numbers. That’ll clear it up.

The following is a list of each SEC team along with 3 teams that scored the most points on their vaunted defenses since the 2012 realignment.  Should be pretty much only SEC teams right?  Other leagues just don’t play defense like the SEC, that’s why they score so much. Maybe the BIGXII transplants and other opponents will make it on there.

*BOLD teams indicate OOC and BIGXII Transplants

Alabama 2013 Oklahoma: 45  2014 Auburn: 44 2013 TAMU &2014 OSU: 42
LSU 2013 Georgia: 44 2014 Auburn: 41 2013 Bama: 38
Auburn 2012 TAMU: 63 2014 Bama: 55 2012 Bama: 49
Arkansas 2012 TAMU: 58 2013 Bama: 52 2013 S. Carolina: 52
Ole Miss 2012 Texas: 66 2014 TCU: 42 2013 TAMU: 41
Miss State 2013 LSU: 59 2013 TAMU: 51 2014 GT: 49
Georgia 2012 Tennessee: 44 2013 Auburn: 43 2013 Mizzou: 41
Tennessee 2013 Oregon: 59 2013 Auburn: 55 2012 Mizzou: 51
Florida 2014 Mizzou: 42 2014 Alabama: 42 2013 FSU: 37
South Carolina 2014 TAMU: 52 2014 Kentucky: 45 2014 Tennessee: 45
Kentucky 2014 Georgia: 63 2013 Georgia: 59 2014 Tennessee: 50
Vanderbilt 2013 TAMU: 56 2013 Mizzou: 51 2014 Miss State: 51

In order to take a closer look at how many chances other teams had to play these SEC defenses I dove into the total number of games the last 3 years. A&M and Mizzou count as BIGXII transplants and any other Power 5 Conference team counts as a shot to play against an SEC defense. I did not count the non-Power 5 teams for either side because honestly nobody cares how well a defense was able to stop The Presbyterian Blue Hose or Sunbelt and Conference USA teams with 3-4 wins total in 3 years. We already know about the pathetic OOC competition the SEC schedules.

In this time frame 346 games were played with only 27.5% against either other Power 5 teams or BIGXII transplants. So of the 38 teams that scored the most on these SEC teams, 18 of them (47.4%) were either from another conference or the BIGXII transplants. If the numbers would have held up only 10 of those games should have been teams other than SEC teams. That’s if they were equal competition. So if they were lesser competition, as we are told day in and day out on ESPN, one would predict this number to be even lower. Maybe when a team outside of the SEC plays a good game we can stop referring to it as “SEC like” and instead refer to the team that couldn’t put points on the board as “SEC like”. That’s a whole other story on ESPN’s pathetic attempt to compliment the SEC even when it’s Ohio State vs. Michigan or Arizona vs. Oregon.

Anyhow, keep on chanting chanters. You’re looking worse every day!

SEC Chant

Football Power Index: ESPNs Metric to Sway the Public and Polls to the Darkside

         This Is Your Brain on SEC

          The blatant SEC bias of ESPN is nothing new to those of us residing outside of the SEC bubble. Once again they do not disappoint with the release of the Football Power Index (FPI). The FPI is one of the best examples of the SEC bias by ESPN. As pointed out by Tomahawk Nation, there stands a staggering 8 of 14 SEC teams in ranked ahead of #21 FSU. In the top 40 of the latest FPI ranking, 12 of the 14 SEC schools fall inside that range, far more than the closest conference (PAC12 has 8). While the FPI does not have any official bearing on the CFB Playoff rankings, there is unofficial influence over the members of the committee, including the Chair and Arkansas AD Jeff Long.

          The FPI ranking formula is virtually a mystery to all outside a few in Bristol, Connecticut. The only information published on how the rankings are calculated is very vague and questionable in accuracy. The only explanations for the ranking system we could find from ESPN are these….

  1. The previous year’s performance
    1. “OFFENSE: Offensive efficiency in terms of offense’s contribution to scoring margin on all its plays, adjusted for strength of opposing defenses* faced.
    2. DEFENSE: Defensive efficiency in terms of defense’s contribution to scoring margin on all its plays, adjusted for strength of opposing offenses* faced.
    3. SPECIAL TEAMS: Special teams efficiency in terms of special teams’ contribution to scoring margin on all its plays, adjusted for strength of opposing special teams* faced.
    4. OVERALL: Overall net efficiency, summing up adjusted offensive, defensive, and special teams efficiencies; a measure of scoring margin per game, adjusted for schedule*.”
  2. Returning starters, Starting QB return counts most
  3. Coach changes, positive if last year was poor, negative if prior year was good
  4. Recruiting rankings

(*It should be noted that because every SEC team is automatically rated as a higher average level of difficulty compared to teams from other conferences, it allows for SEC teams to always be ranked higher regardless of in-game statistics.)

We could write a book on the absurdity of this years FPI alone, however we are going to look at the teams we believe to be the least worthy of the rankings by looking at the metrics ESPN uses.

The SEC vs PW5

Here we can compare some of the FPI metrics among SEC teams and Power 5 teams with similarities. Notice the substantial differences in ranking.

 SEC FPI stats1.jpg

Tennessee – #13

Tennessee Stats.jpg

  • Moderate improvement
    • Tennessee showed some improvement last season, because they actually achieved a winning record (7-6). But does that justify a jump to #13???
    • Those 7 wins must have been mighty impressive, and those 6 losses had better been “quality losses” (borrowed the SEC term right there). However that’s not the case. The best win Tennessee had last season was against South Carolina. Yes, 7-6 South Carolina, the same one that was blown out week one by TAMU, and never recovered. The only other power 5 wins were against Iowa (7-6), Kentucky, and Vandy. In terms of losses, there were no games that they should have won, except for maybe Florida. The improvement in stats can be attributed to a weaker conference schedule in 2014.
  • No standout players
    • Tennessee ranks 14th in the last 4 years in recruiting and has a conference high 18 players with starting experience returning in 2015. However they had no stand out players returning from last year on offense or defense other than WR Pig Howard (698 yards, 5 TDs) and DL Derek Barnett (20.5 TFL).The “18” number is a bit misleading. Tennessee started more games with Justin Worley last year, who accumulated more yards and TDs than Joshua Dobbs, which played in the final 6 games of the year. Dobbs will return this year, however we don’t classify him in the same realm as 13+ game returning starter.
  • Neither Offense or Defense is remotely dominant
    • Tennessee played 10 games against Power 5 teams in 2014, and averaged 368 yards per game (150 rushing, 218 passing) offensively. These are not dominant, but rather downright pedestrian numbers. Defensively, the Vols allowed an average 396 yards per game (184 rushing, 212passing). The performance is again VERY pedestrian, and overall alarming that they were outgained by an average of 28 yards per game. With their primary competition in the SEC East having poor seasons, these stats reflect that Tennessee still is nowhere near ready to compete on a national level.
  • Bottom Line
    • We are not saying that a team which has shown improvement on the field does not deserve to benefit the following year from a bump in the preseason ranking. However, going from unranked to top 15 after a 7-6 season without any significant or impressive wins is ridiculous. Tennessee hasn’t won more than 7 games in a season since Phillip Fulmer in 2007, and only twice since then have had winning seasons, 2009 and 2014. The SEC has at least 3 teams every year which are ranked FAR too high preseason, and in 2015 it looks like Tennessee will be in the group.

TAMU – #8

TAMU Stats.jpg

  • Downward trend
    • Texas A&M started off 2014 strong by throttling South Carolina. After that, the Aggies fell on their face, ending with an 8-5 record and in hindsight, no impressive wins. South Carolina was #9 when the season started, however they lost 5 more games after TAMU, ending with a 7-6 record. Auburn was #3 at the time of the TAMU victory, however dropped 3 more games and finished 8-5. Every above average team TAMU faced, they lost. Even losing to Mizzou (you know the SEC East champ that lost handily to Indiana). Their defense showed very little improvement, while the offense went into full reverse.
  • Still no defense
    • 505 yards allowed average vs Power 5 competition. Enough said.
  • Bottom Line
    • Texas A&M return 15 starters, 8 Offense and 7 Defense, and are ranked #11 in the past 4 years for recruiting. With this team, unless there is a do-it-all Manziel under center, they will struggle. And so far, the good recruiting over 4 years has done nothing to help this awful defense, so don’t expect a miracle turn around.
    • Texas A&M started last season ranked #9 in the AP poll, even though they had lost their 2 best (and only) offensive weapons in QB Johnny Manziel and WR Mike Evans, and their defense showed no signs leading toward improvement. TAMU was grossly overrated last season, which helped mediocre teams like Ole Miss and Miss St make unprecedented leaps up the rankings to #1. It appears the same is to be said again about TAMU in 2015.

Arkansas – #10

Arkansas Stats.jpg

  • Last year wasn’t really all that impressive
    • After starting off rough, Arkansas’ defense and offense clicked and improved by mid-season which led to them ending with a winning season. However, who did they really beat in the second half of the season to justify a #10 ranking this year? The answer is LSU and Ole Miss, 2 mediocre teams. LSU finished 8-5, lost their bowl game, and started the season squeaking our a 4 point win over the eventual big 10 runner-up Wisconsin (remember when Wisconsin was EASILY shut out 59-0 in the Big 10 championship). Ole Miss had a few marquee wins, all in conference, and ended the season getting CRUSHED by TCU. They only managing 6 points in garbage time, and their heralded “Landshark” defense was exposed to be a fraud of the SEC biased media, allowing 42 points and 423 yards.
  • Bottom Line
    • Last season Arkansas showed statistical improvement over Power 5 opponents offensively and defensively and obtained its first winning season since 2011. This year they return 15 starters, and rank 26th in a 4 year average recruitment ranking. However this is not reason enough to put Arkansas at 10 preseason. How about they prove themselves, allow them to climb the polls like everyone else rather than just getting the benefit of the doubt.

Alabama – #2

Bama Returning Starters.jpg

Bama Stats.jpg

  • Offense still isn’t proven & loses its best player
    • Lane Kiffin took over as offensive coordinator and increased production, an average of 30 yards per game increase. However when looking at Power 5 competition, there was 2 point per game average decrease, and against power 5 competition, there was a 10 yard per game decrease and 3 point per game decrease. The rushing game took a big step backwards, and the passing game showed a minimal increase in production. The vast majority of the passing game was due to Amari Cooper (45% receiving yards, 50% passing TDs). With his departure to the NFL, in addition to only 4 returning starters on offense (1RB, 1WR/TE, 2OL), Kiffin will be challenged with operating the offense at a high level without an elite weapon to carry the offense and losing 5 of the top 7 all-purpose yard leaders.
    • Defensively, there was a significant drop-off with allowing 52 more total yards per game average.
  • Cant beat elite OOC Competition
    • Alabama has lost to the last 4 top 5 opponents it has faced. The past 2 bowl games they entered as heavy favorites against lower ranked teams, and were crushed by both. The current year’s schedule, they only face one 1 PW 5 out of conference, Wisconsin who will likely be a middle of the road Big10 team this year.
  • Bottom Line
    • Alabama has been a good team year in and year out since 2008. However, they have not been an elite team every year, including the past 2. They return only 11 players, 4 offense and 7 defense, but rank #1 in recruiting over a 4 year average. Lane Kiffins offense is still unproven, and the young talent is not likely to make up for a 1700 yard receiver. With a drop off on both defense and offense, the loss of the cornerstone of the offense, and an expert con-artist as an OC, there is no justification to place Alabama at #2 other than “because its Alabama”.

The FPI is a clear indicator of the bias which ESPN has toward the Southeastern Conference, and the recent rankings show this trend of promotion and overhype will continue into this season. The poll is one of the many methods in which ESPN attempts to sway the public and even the CFB Playoff. Committee. The committee was even caught using one of the murky metrics of the ESPN ranking called “Game Control”, which led to Long doing a dance to explain why it wasn’t the ESPN metric. In politics there is an adage, “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” The same applies to Long and ESPN, the more they attempt to explain why there is no SEC bias, the more apparent it becomes there really is. With week 1 a little more than a month away, be prepared to witness more proof and more denial.

The Role of Scheduling in the Great SEC Supremacy Caper


Our previous articles have pointed out the multiple manipulative ways that the SEC supremacy façade has been parlayed over the past decade. From numerous favorable overmatched bowl pairings during the BCS years to annual preseason rankings that stacked the deck full of overrated SEC teams to ESPN incessantly pumping up the conference throughout the season while passively dismissing numerous SEC player criminal arrests to the NCAA turning a blind eye to several credible reports of flagrant violations… the ingredients have blended quite well together to create a infantile chanting fanbase of obnoxious sheep and the subsequent creation of an intricately woven myth that football in the SEC was just simply better than everywhere else. However there has been yet another more subtle, although just as powerful, ingredient all along that has played a part in the creation of the SEC Supremacy fantasy and it continues to flourish into the upcoming 2015 season… the role of scheduling.

SEC chanters would like you to believe that SEC teams have the toughest schedules. Sadly they have no data to back that up. However WE have the data to debunk that myth. For starters, teams in the SEC play fewer out of conference games against Power 5 opponents than any of the other Power 5 teams.


So what makes the SEC schedules harder than any other conference if their teams play FEWER out of conference football powers? Is it because they play each other? That circular logic just isn’t going to fly anymore. Especially not after a 2014 football season in which the SEC East went 0-4 against the lowly ACC in the final week and the vaunted SEC West (whose teams ESPN pundits were campaigning to get 3 or more into the playoffs all the way up until the final week) went 2-5 in the Bowls!

Last season, Ole Miss and Mississippi State collectively beat Boise State, UL Lafayette, Memphis, Presbysterian, Southern Miss, UAB, South Alabama and UT Martin out of conference. Yet by mid-season, ESPN and the rest of the moronic sports media world was ready to portray these two overnight SEC powers as the best two teams in the nation. (Our blog was the ONLY site at the time reporting these two as overhyped frauds… feel free to go back to our October-November articles to see.) Because they beat Alabama and Auburn respectively early in the season, the ESPN hype machine was in full gear to make sure these teams got into the college football playoff come hell or high water. Well, it just so turned out that both hell and high water came. And Mississippi State lost by 15 to ACC’s Georgia Tech while Ole Miss got throttled by Big 12’s TCU to the tune of 42-3. So tell us again how good these teams were just because they could beat most of the rest of the SEC… I suppose that 48-0 win over Presbyterian should be enough for us, eh?

As damning as the above graphic is in displaying how few out of conference Power 5 teams the SEC plays as compared to the other conferences, even that stat doesn’t give justice to the whole picture. In fact, of the 11 out of conference P5 teams that the SEC will play this year, 7 of these are from the ACC. Earlier articles of ours from 2013 chronicled how the SEC historically has picked on the ACC (traditionally considered the weakest of the Power 5) to pad their out of conference stats. However in 2014 the ACC hit back and left an indelible black eye on the SEC that may take a while to fade away. Despite all that, it speaks volumes that the SEC once again manages to dodge the PAC 12, Big Ten and Big 12 so well in the regular season. Perhaps geographic issues play a part in that, but if your teams are rarely willing to travel up north or out west to beat other conferences’ football powerhouses, then you probably should stop claiming to be the best just because you know how to effectively whip SunBelt and Conference USA teams throughout the season.

One of our @SEC_Exposed Twitter followers pointed out another problem with the statistical graphic above that needs to be also taken into consideration. Both the Big 12 and PAC-12 play 9 game conference schedules. The other three Power 5 conferences play 8. This lessens the sample size of those Big 12 and PAC-12 out of conference opportunities from 4 to 3. However it also fails to give credit to the fact that teams in those conferences are, after all, playing MORE Power 5 opponents over all because they are playing one more conference game than the others. Taking this into account widens the above gap even more between the SEC and the rest of college football’s Power 5 in scheduling intensity:

P5 Scheduling Graph 2015

Compounding the pathetic scheduling of the SEC is the fact that such a vast majority of their out of conference games come from Conference USA, Sun Belt and FCS. What’s more, so few of those games are played away from home. As a recent article by pointed out, most of these are also played the weekend before rivalry games creating the ever popular SEC tradition known as “ChickenShit Saturday”:

“The penultimate Saturday on the schedule is arguably the most stressful of the entire season: division titles hang in the balance, style point currency fluctuations are at their most volatile and every contender is ripe for an upset ahead of facing their designated arch-rivals.

Title contenders know this too well. That Saturday is dark, terrifying, full of spiders and littered with land mines. It’s virtually impossible to recover from a loss that late in the season.

Anyway, here are some of the schools SEC teams have scheduled for that Saturday since 2012: Samford, Chattanooga, Coastal Carolina, Western Carolina, Eastern Kentucky and South Alabama. Georgia Southern, Idaho, FAU, Charlotte and Citadel all twice. Charleston Southern three times…

Chickenshit Saturday is indefensible, and there isn’t a wanking motion theatrical enough to accommodate the circular logic of the conference strength argument because you can always schedule Samford in September. The best football player in Charleston Southern football history isn’t even good enough to get unexpectedly cut by Nick Saban in August to make room for a new recruit.

November schedules should contain conference opponents or designated rivals only. This improves the sport, enhances the most captivating month on the schedule and levels the playing field without any controversy.


It’s fascinating that despite all the above facts, the media continues to keep its head buried firmly in the sandbox and insistent that the SEC plays the toughest schedules in all the land. Even some of the most respected gurus in the business like Phil Steele (who continues to boast 17 straight years of the “most accurate preseason football magazine”) appears to be totally duped. His most recent 2015 publication (much like his 2014 publication before it) has 3 SEC West teams in the Top 6 of “toughest schedules” in the nation. Which means he has totally bought into the notion that the SEC West is just that much better than anyone else, so playing each other makes their schedules the strongest. And their scheduling is strongest because, well, they are in each others’ schedules. Makes a lot of sense. Except the part where the SEC West went 2-5 against the rest of the Power 5 in the bowl games last season, giving this presumption no basis whatsoever. Meanwhile the PAC-12 went 5-2 against out-of-conference Power 5 teams in the bowls. 11-4 against out-of-conference Power 5 teams in the regular season. But that stat is actually irrelevant since the SEC as a whole is the best conference. Sure it is.

Hey media shills, save us some of that Bullshit Kool Aid you’re drinking so maybe we can all share it while watching those great games on SEC Network together during ChickenShit Saturday.