The SEC has won the college football national championship for the past 7 years in a row.  While they have had dominant spurts in other sports as well, their stranglehold on college football’s national title game this past decade has been quite remarkable.  However, a closer look at the subtle breaks given to their programs by the NCAA coupled with some questionable recruiting tactics leaves much room for suspicion and concern.  Is the NCAA being paid to look away from obvious, sometimes blatant, infractions that are being committed by SEC teams?  Is collusion involved in the college football preseason polling system that practically guarantees that even a one loss SEC team can make it to the national championship game every season since half or more of the top ten are always SEC teams regardless of merit?  Was the recent national championship playoff deal made at the expense of all other conferences to heavily favor the SEC by practically guaranteeing that there will be two conference teams every year of that four team playoff?  And are high school athletes being lured to SEC programs by illegal recruiting practices that are being protected by NCAA watchdogs?  These questions and many more will be pondered by our blog.

Follow us as we embark on the 2013 college football season and look at the many concerns that college football fans everywhere should have with the current corrupt, colluded model of SEC favoritism that exists within the NCAA-operated sport.  We are eager to hear your comments, criticisms and even any of your own blog entries that you would like to submit. 



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