Has the SEC been EXPOSED Just 2 WEEKS into the 2013 Season?


So far, we have seen little “dominance” in the SEC this season.  As usual, it’s looking like Alabama and a dozen coat-tail riders at the start of the college football season.  Let’s break down just how over-rated the SEC has been after only 2 weeks of out of conference play.


The season began with ad nauseum ESPN coverage of the “amazing” Jadaveon Clowney of South Carolina.  One hard tackle on a Michigan player in the bowl game has led to unparalleled hype, with many of these so-called pundits placing Clowney on their Heisman candidate short list.  Keep in mind that most likely any other player who is known primarily for one hard hit in a football game is not likely to be hyped this much if they are not in the SEC.  However, Clowney is part of an upper echelon SEC team, earning him extra over-the-top hype.  Well, so far after only 2 games, Clowney is far from “amazing.”  Against a middle tier team from the atrocious ACC conference, Clowney was repeatedly seen gasping for air, requiring oxygen even in the 1st quarter.  ESPN commentators even couldn’t help but sound bewildered that an SEC defense looked completely “gassed” against North Carolina, a team that actually lost to Duke and Wake Forest and gave up 68 points against a 6-7 Georgia Tech team last season!  Clowney didn’t fare much better against in-conference rival Georgia, only getting one sack and three tackles and again looking physically beaten all day long.  Sure, he was full of post game excuses… “they double teamed me,” “the coaches didn’t put me in the right position,” bla-bla-bla!  The bottom line?  Clowney bought into the excessive hype that was perpetuated by the SEC marks in the media.  Clowney is actually a great player, but sadly he has allowed the SEC dominance bias of ESPN and the mainstream media to make him think he is superman and impervious to failure.  Hopefully for Clowney’s sake, all those remaining cupcakes on the South Carolina SEC conference schedule will help him rebuild his stat sheet before he ends up a late 2nd or 3rd round NFL pick.


This is probably the most telling of how overrated the SEC appears to be in 2013.  The ACC has been hands down the most disappointing and atrocious conference in the BCS this past decade, up until last year bringing forward conference champions who often got obliterated by the Big East in the Orange Bowl every post-season.  Last year alone, the ACC was 6-14 against out of conference BCS opponents, 6th worst in the nation and worst in all the BCS.  So its no surprise that when the SEC has to play an out of conference BCS opponent, they scramble to play one in the ACC.  Top tier SEC teams went head to head against lower ranked or unranked (in most cases) ACC teams to start these past two weeks of football.  The SEC went 2-2 against that conference!  And their two wins were very underwhelming at that.  Alabama faced a pitiful Virginia Tech team that was 6-6 in the regular season last year.  AJ McCarron and his “Heisman hopeful” stats suffered, as he was 10 of 23 for 110 yards passing with one TD and one interception.  The Virginia Tech defense, which gave up an average of over 21 points a game last season, only gave up 14 offensive points to #1 Alabama and even held highly regarded running back TJ Yeldon to 75 yards.  Meanwhile UNC’s offense, while only putting up 10 points of their own, demoralized Jadaveon Clowney and the South Carolina defense racking up a whopping 293 yards.    The SEC also had two losses to ACC teams that they were favored to beat.  The UGA-Clemson battle was a good one, but the final score was a bit deceiving.  Clemson had a 10 point lead and Georgia scored with barely over a minute to spare to make it look more respectable.  Aaron Murray was harassed all day by a Clemson defense that last year was one of the worst in the nation.  Murray finished with no touchdowns, a fumble and an interception.  Fortunately for him, he had a SEC defense to play the following week (South Carolina) to help him re-pad his stats with 4 touchdowns and no interceptions, putting him back on track for the Heisman race.  (God Bless the SEC, right Aaron??!!!)  The Florida-Miami game was much the same, with then unranked Miami going up on the Gators 21-9 with over 2 minutes left in the game and Florida scoring a late touchdown in garbage time.  You SEC marks can give all the excuses you can find.  But here are the facts: The ACC, one of the worst if not THE worst BCS conference in the nation, played “up” to the SEC level in all 4 games, splitting .500 on the outcomes against 4 of your preseason Top 10!  Furthermore, the ACC after two weeks of play is 2-5 against BCS out of conference opponents and their only two wins are AGAINST THE SEC!  How is that for a wake-up call, America??


By the end of week 2, it was evident that at least 2 of the Top 10 teams in the preseason from the SEC were vastly overrated (as we predicted in our previous article).  However, thanks to the ESPN, media and NCAA collusion that so efficiently rigs the early rankings to favor the SEC, the conference will remain in position to jam up the AP Top 10 poll in the weeks preceding the BCS poll release.  Following South Carolina’s beating at the hands of ACC’s bitch (Georgia), the Bulldogs jumped right back into the Top 10 and South Carolina is not all that far behind.  Meanwhile LSU, after knocking off a over-ranked TCU team that last week had to hold on at home in an early close contest just to beat Southeast Louisiana, has climbed into the top 10 to join the outrageous logjam.  What this all tells us is that even when the SEC is proven to be overrated, the preseason rankings have saved their collective skins to guarantee their BCS national championship game.  Again, AS WE PREDICTED ALL ALONG!!!


South Carolina runs the rest of the table, Georgia wins the SEC East but loses to Bama in the SEC title game, and somehow the Gamecocks leap over another one loss team (likely Oregon or Stanford) to face Bama for the national championship.  In the final BCS year, the SEC will take a dump on college football one more time to show us all that money rules the NCAA college football world, and $EC & E$PN are holding all the chips.

Dolla, Dolla Bills, y’all!!!



One thought on “Has the SEC been EXPOSED Just 2 WEEKS into the 2013 Season?

  1. //I still think the SEC is the best conference in college football. However, I also think it helps itself in image to the rest of the nation by being COMPLETELY corrupt!!!! The SEC is now ALL about money (and lining the pockets of a select few!). In order to do that, they have to keep getting great recruits and winning (and getting the “snowball effect” in order to accomplish that). However, corruption starts with it’s own network (more money), bowl games (more money), and MAKING SURE there is a team in the national championship (more money).
    How can a Nick Saban-coached Alabama team be ahead of Auburn 24-7 at halftime and lose 28-27 by an Auburn-led Cam Newton team? (Answer: When the conference decides, “OK Nick, you can make your statement in the first half as to which team is really the better team. But you have one loss. Auburn is undefeated. And we are NOT about to let ourselves be put in the position to let polls and computers possibly keep the conference out of the national championship game!!! Because we MUST have a team in the B(c)S national championship game!!!!!)…..(I have been watching college football for DECADES. And in ALL those years, I am ABSOLUTELY convinced THAT game AND one other—-Texas/Houston game in 1990——[Houston had DESTROYED Texas the last three seasons. But UH was undefeated and on probation in 1990. And there was NO WAY ON THE PLANET the NCAA and the television networks were going to let Houston leave that field victorious. TOO much {There’s that word again}…..MONEY would be lost if a team on probation could SHARE the national championship. They learned that lesson in the 70’s with Oklahoma!!!!], were decided before the games were played.)
    Now, let’s look at this year…..I can bet a lot of money Alabama will beat Auburn. I’m not sure about the Miss. St./Miss. game because Miss. St. can only be in the final-four scenario if Alabama loses to Auburn. IF Alabama loses to Auburn, then Miss. St. DEFINITELY will beat Ole Miss. The SEC DEFINITELY will make sure one of those two teams win, so that team can keep a “final four” ranking, and beat Mizzou in the SEC championship and guarantee a spot in the final four. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the SEC lets both teams win so they can possibly position themselves to get TWO teams in the final four. But no matter how HARD the SEC tries to put themselves in that position, since Miss. St would not be playing for a conference championship (which the selection committee will determine to be HUMONGOUS factor, [all things considered, do you hear me Big 12????], if the FOUR power conference teams in the current top seven (Alabama, Florida St., Oregon and Ohio St.) win their conference championships, then that’s it!!! If one of them falter, then either TCU or Baylor will vault Miss. St. ……Now, perhaps, the SEC may try to make themselves LOOK like they’re legit by letting Alabama lose to Auburn, and then letting Miss. St. beat Ole Miss…….However, if there was a bet in Vegas that BOTH Miss. St. AND Alabama will LOSE their games this weekend, (no matter the odds AGAINST me!!!!!!!), I’d bet my life savings against it, and be much richer for it!! IT WON’T HAPPEN! NEVER!!!!!!……………….And how many SEC teams are now bowl eligible this year? Right now……11 of 14. They couldn’t do anything to help Vanderbilt to get there. And they can’t help Kentucky since they are playing outside of conference and playing Louisville. But they CERTINLY made sure (through scheduling……….who plays CRAP teams this late in the season????? THE SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) And what about that Arkansas/LSU game?……REALLY???….PLEASE!!!!…..just another “let’s let this particular team win so they can be bowl eligible”……and it happened more than once in the last three weeks. (I’m sure the SEC hired actuaries to figure out that all things considered, playing crap teams this late in the season actually help a team’s chances of becoming bowl eligible……….And I know the odds are RIDICULOUS to bet Tennessee/Vandy straight-up, but nonetheless, bet the Vols!!!
    It’s ALL about MONEY and POWER. And that is ABSOLUTELY where you ALWAYS AND FOREVER find CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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