For the SEC, Exposure is Imminent!



We never like to start an article with “We told you so,” but our earliest followers of this blog can attest to the fact that we did indeed tell you what would happen before the season started.  We predicted that at least 5 of the preseason Top 10 would be stacked with SEC teams, strategically placed to ensure the SEC has a ladder in place to ensure one if not two teams gets into the BCS championship game.  We also predicted that most of those preseason Top 10 teams would prove to be vastly overrated, as they often are in this media-driven poll collusion set up to create the façade of a nationally superior SEC conference.  We have spent the entire season since week 1, either via this blog or via our twitter site (@SEC_Exposed) exposing the holes in the SEC dominance illusion.  Honestly, if true college football fans were paying attention, they would see the holes themselves.

Is Alabama the best team in college football right now?  Possibly, it is still too soon to tell.  Is the SEC the best conference top to bottom in the nation as we keep getting told?  Absolutely NOT!  In fact, as we coast into Week 9 of the 2013 college football season, right now the SEC looks like Alabama and a bunch of mediocre teams clamoring for second place.  In the past, as I’m sure many of you will hear now from SEC fans and SEC-crush media, we have heard arguments that this is just a further testament of SEC top-to-bottom strength or “historic depth” (the latest in a string of media attempts to downplay conference woes).  However, if we look past the B.S., we find the fact that early season out of conference showdowns have already damned this fallacy.  In fact, other than Alabama, no current SEC team ranked in the BCS Top 25 has posted an out of conference win against a quality opponent.  This is a very telling statistic when taking into account the fact that the AP poll only days ago had 8 SEC teams in the Top 25!  Suddenly four teams in the AP Top 15 lose from the same conference on the same weekend, and we are supposed to believe that had nothing to do with all those teams being placed where they didn’t belong???  The jig is up.  SEC-loving media bias, mainly perpetuated by E$PN, has been overranking SEC teams just because they were SEC teams.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Look at the hard, cold facts…

Currently the BCS has released who REALLY deserves to be ranked, watering down the SEC media bias by incorporating computers that use actual schedule strength data without the bias.  Here are the SEC teams in the BCS top 20:

1. Alabama

5. Missouri

11. Auburn

13. LSU

16. Texas A&M

Interesting to note that in the preseason, there were 5 SEC teams in the AP Top 10.  Outside of Alabama, none of those teams are still in the Top 10 in mid season, and 4 of them have 2 or more losses.  Granted, Missouri has been a surprise team for the year, but what has earned them such a high ranking as an undefeated team is the fact that they beat two SEC teams that were OVERRATED in the Preseason Top 10 (UF and Georgia, who both now have THREE losses).  Little else on Missouri’s schedule resume looks impressive.  Missouri can thank the SEC Top 10 ladder built by the biased media for their meteoric rise to the top.  Meanwhile, the SEC can thank the Big 12 for lending two of their middle pack conference contenders to the SEC.  Were it not for Missouri and Texas A&M, the SEC would be nothing more than Alabama and the 11 mediocre dwarfs.

SEC fans would like you to believe this is all hog wash… that the losses incurred by their second rate teams simply occur because “top to bottom” the SEC is so incredibly strong.  This might be the case were it not for the fact that, early on, this was disproved in out of conference competition.  Tennessee has managed to knock off South Carolina and fumbled away an overtime chance at beating Georgia, two of the overrated SEC Preseason Top 10 gems.  That same Tennessee endured a 59-14 walloping at the hands of Oregon, a team that the pollsters still place behind Alabama.

Meanwhile, Alabama sits strong at the top of all the polls with a majority of the first place votes.  That Alabama team is 7-0, and the combined record of their opponents is an abysmal 22-27.  One non-SEC team that has risen to the top with good reason is Florida State.  FSU is #2 in the new BCS poll release.  They are 6-0 and the combined record of THEIR opponents is 27-13!  After their historic beat down of a strong Clemson squad that beat a full strength Georgia SEC squad at the start of the season, one might ask why FSU is BEHIND Alabama when they have clearly been a more dominating team against better opponents.  Clearly, the computers, who do not use media poll collusion bias but rather statistical evidence to formulate their rankings, recognize this discrepancy…  averaging the computer rankings places FSU as the #1 team in the nation based on opponent strength, not media bias.  Yet the media will not press FSU higher than #3 nor Oregon higher than #2.  This careful control mechanism set in place by media polls will ensure the evident weakness of the SEC does not drag Alabama down below either of these teams in the BCS.

Most college football fans, including those of Ohio State, Oregon and FSU, likely aren’t worried because they know things “work themselves out” when other teams lose.  However, what if the top 4 undefeateds do NOT lose?  It is a very plausible scenario taking into account how all of those teams are playing right now.  It would seem that the media, working hard to keep Alabama as the solid #1, are doing their part to ensure Alabama won’t get vaulted in the BCS by FSU or Oregon due to computer strength, since both have a much stronger stretch of games left on the schedule than Alabama.  By season’s end, computer rankings most definitely would have FSU and Oregon as their top 2 if both remain undefeated, leaving Alabama as 3rd and Ohio State as 4th.  However, ESPN-driven media pollsters account for most of the BCS outcome percentage, overriding computer averages to ensure Alabama gets into the national championship game.

The SEC may face a nightmare scenario however, since all of their chips appear to be riding with one team.  What if Alabama were to lose one of their remaining regular season games, a realistic possibility against LSU at home or Auburn on the road?  Here the media would be forced to openly reveal their biased intentions by not dropping Alabama too far from #1 to keep the door open to force them back into the BCS title game in the end.  Don’t think it would happen?  Well, don’t be so sure.  A lot of money is riding on this string of SEC national champions, and ESPN among others stands to be financially impacted in a negative way should the SEC get cut out of the big game.

In a further twist of irony, the traditionally weak ACC (the conference that the SEC has built most of their reputation off of by mercilessly beating up on their weak members) has now suddenly arisen.  It is not a coincidence it is happening the same year the SEC is being exposed for their weaknesses.  The birdchested little shrimp on the block apparently has been lifting weights and is now standing up to the bully.  Clemson, the league’s second or third best member, has already beaten both LSU and Georgia in their last two meetings with SEC foes.  Miami has beaten UF.  And games still loom between Clemson-South Carolina and FSU-UF.  By season’s end, the SEC will have likely been exposed by one of the most unlikely of conferences… the ACC.  Alabama appears to be the only elite SEC member to survive their ACC clash unscathed, beating Virginia Tech despite an abysmal offensive performance in the first game of the season.

Despite what we all keep getting spoon-fed by ESPN and the SEC homer media writers, the SEC does not look like the best conference from top to bottom.  At least this year they don’t.  Our money is on the PAC-12.  Here are the three highest rated teams in each of the three top rated conferences right now:


                BCS #3- Oregon

                BCS #6- Stanford

                BCS #12- UCLA


                BCS #1- Alabama

                BCS #5- Missouri

                BCS #11- Auburn


                BCS #2- FSU

                BCS #7- Miami

                BCS #9- Clemson

Head to head, rank to rank, the SEC does NOT look better than their PAC-12 and ACC counterparts.  And for the SEC lovers that like to ride on the laurels of the record of their lower tier teams like Vanderbilt, as if that validates a top to bottom depth argument, that isn’t going to fly either.  Not when Vandy (4-3) is touting big bad out of conference victories over the likes of Austin Peay, UMass, and UAB.  Yes Vandy beat Georgia, but that is merely a sign that Georgia sunk down to their level, as has much of the rest of the conference outside of the Alabama state line.  Mississippi State being pummeled by Oklahoma State at the start of the season certainly hasn’t been forgotten just because these guys managed to defeat the likes of Alcorn State and Troy.  And don’t even get us started about Kentucky.  Even the bottom feeders of the Big Ten, PAC 12 and ACC are showing just as much out of conference moxie as those of the SEC.

The days of SEC dominance are ending.  The perception of superiority is collapsing on itself.  Mainstream media doesn’t want to report it because they don’t want to believe it.  The conference supremacy facade is continuing to be held up as much as possible by the manipulative media poll collusion machine, but even that is getting weaker thread by thread each week.  Full exposure is imminent and we very well may be in the season that sees its first non-SEC national champion.  With the 2013 rise of Ohio State, FSU and Oregon to challenge their one worthy contender Alabama, combined with the looming four team playoff scheme just a year away, SEC moguls have good reason to be afraid.  Very afraid!

Just remember where you heard it first!


One thought on “For the SEC, Exposure is Imminent!

  1. Oh, I agree; the SEC is overrated. Southern players are overrated. In fact, Southern weather is overrated. Midwesterners should avoid Southern vacations due to the overrated weather. College football recruiters should avoid Southern players, as they are overrated. Leave all the Southern players in The South and let’s see who wins all the national championships, then. Oh, wait, The South already wins them all.

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