DENIAL: The Half-Wit Media Minions Fight Back!



As the top-to-bottom weakness of the SEC continues to be more exposed week after week, SEC fans on Twitter as well as the avid SEC defenders in the media (including E$PN hacks like Paul Finebaum) are on the defensive.  Back are the ridiculous retorts that if teams like Oklahoma, Baylor, or Ohio State were in the SEC, they would be getting their butts kicked on a weekly basis.  Funny how conveniently short the memory of an SEC fan is.  Little you forget the also-ran Big 12 teams Texas A&M and Missouri who have stormed the SEC and competed with the upper echelon quite well… all with players that were put together during their Big 12 days.  Weren’t SEC fans just a few years back yelling about how Big 12 powers like Oklahoma and Oklahoma State would never thrive in the SEC?  Interesting, considering that the teams that commonly lost to them are doing just fine there.

Finebaum even went as far on his Oct 29th radio show to declare that “little league teams could compete in the Big Ten.”  One SEC-chanting half wit tweeted “If Baylor were in the SEC, they would be nothing but defeated.”  The attacks are coming in full force.  The SEC faithful are rallying their troops to protect the sanctity of the overinflated image of the SEC, and they are taking no prisoners!  We are now hearing reports of how weak the Big Ten, Big 12, PAC-12 and ACC conferences are as their undefeated teams continue breathing down Alabama’s neck.  It’s quite comical to see.  The same “hater” behavior that our blog as well as our supporters have been accused of exhibiting is suddenly being used by SEC supporters as they attack every other conference in America.  Perhaps reality is setting in with them, and they just don’t like it.  The proof is in the pudding, and so far the only pudding being served is to Alabama as they eat up their cream puff SEC schedule and keep pretending they are doing it in the best conference in the nation.

The SEC-subservient media and their ESPN marks are working overtime to make sure an SEC team goes to the national championship game.  But their attempts to force a backup insurance plan in the event that Alabama lost took a major hit when Missouri lost at home in double overtime to South Carolina.   So in what can only be seen as solid evidence of SEC bias in the media, the AP poll jettisoned Auburn up THREE spots to #8 in the nation!  In the same weekend that #2 Oregon pounded a ranked UCLA squad WITHOUT supplanting Alabama as #1, Auburn was given the biggest bump of any AP Top 10 team.  And they did it… by beating FAU at HOME!  Yep, the FAU Owls, 2-5 from Conference USA!  This one-loss Auburn team also was jumped over a one-loss Clemson team, who had just soundly beaten a 5-2 fellow conference foe ON THE ROAD!  Ironically, this outrageous leap was not a topic in ANY media outlet.  Why would it be?  The entire media is stricken with the SEC-obsession bug… especially E$PN, whose financial future relies on $EC dominance[1].  Either way, few can question how a move like this looks.  Especially if you pay attention to WHY it was done…

Alabama’s weak schedule rating went from bad to worse, when their only respectable out of conference victory (Virginia Tech) was beaten by Duke.  Yes… DUKE!  (Was waiting to hear ACC fans say this win shows top-to-bottom ACC strength… but then remembered that ACC fans actually have functional college degrees and know better.)  Duke in fact put up a comparable defensive effort to Alabama, holding the Hokies to 10 points, which is exactly what Alabama held them to.   With LSU’s latest embarrassing stumble (including am unfathomable struggling first half game Saturday against the mighty Furman), it is increasingly looking like Alabama has only one road game that they could conceivably lose, and that is Auburn.  So it is not surprising that the media is scrambling to influence the BCS to ramrod Auburn into the picture.  The mentality… if Auburn is ranked high enough, and somehow manages to beat Alabama, perhaps that one loss Auburn could leap one (if not three) remaining undefeated team and slip into the NC game as #2 if they win the conference title.  Sounds ridiculous, but manipulation of the media in preseason rankings (overrating SEC teams, 5 in the Top 10 particularly) has impacted computer strength rankings and influenced the other polls just enough to allow something that outrageous.

Of course, this media manipulation within the AP has not influenced the BCS… yet!  Auburn remains outside of the Top 10, where they belong, at this time.  However, that AP jump has certainly set into motion the pattern that will surely eventually affect the BCS should Auburn continue to win their games.  So despite Missouri’s loss, the SEC protectors in the media are still staying ahead of the game in protecting their interests.  They are hanging on by a thread though.  This is why this past week, the attack dogs have been out!  Because even the most inbred of SEC fans can understand, the best defense is a good offense!

One of the attacks going on right now is an attempt to discredit the strength of schedule of the challenging undefeated teams.  That nitwit Finebaum has been at it all week, but he isn’t the only one.

The Ohio State argument may hold merit, as the Big Ten has had a rather ho-hum year, but it is hard to ignore a team that hasn’t lost a game in 2 seasons.  And lets not forget, their coach (Meyer) has some experience in dominating the so-called-dominant SEC and knows better than anyone how overrated it really is.

Oregon took ranked UCLA to the woodshed, as their QB continues to look like one of the best in the nation.  Yet Oregon could not get any more votes to get them closer to Alabama’s position in the polls, as the Tide remains protected by a wall of voting media manipulators who would still like you to believe that Oregon can’t possibly be better than Alabama, since their previous teams from years ago did not beat Auburn or LSU. Living in the past seems to be one of SEC fans’ greatest attributes these days…

FSU meanwhile, looking right now like the most dangerous team in the nation, has the ESPN College GameDay game of the week Saturday against Miami.  However, SEC apologists in the media all across the nation have been spending this week on TV, radio and the internet trying to play down the significance of this game in the national championship race, yelling that undefeated Miami is overrated and doesn’t belong at #7 to begin with.  This might be the most hilarious “pot calling the kettle black” moment of all the SEC fan attacks.  Especially considering the overrated preseason poll manipulation of the SEC is actually AT FAULT for Miami being overrated to begin with!  The defeat of an overrated UF team, strategically placed in the Top 10 preseason to enable the SEC to have a ladder of teams (5 total) in the top 10 to ensure their dominance in future strength of schedule battles, WAS the very thing that vaulted Miami up the rankings to begin with!  So if we say Miami is overrated for being undefeated at #7, then why the hell was Missouri vaulted up to #5 after beating UF?  Worse yet, the UF team Miami beat was complete and not the same team missing 8 starters to injury that Missouri faced.  The double standard of SEC fans is unconscionable.

Nice try SEC protectors, but we are onto your game.  The protection blanket set up for your conference by the manipulative and unscrupulous media, despite their best efforts, has thinned out.  Your laurels now ride entirely on the back of Alabama.  And by the looks of some of the hungry and irritated competition who have had to listen to the “S-E-C” chant the past few years, the Tide could be in trouble.  The best Alabama can hope for is both Oregon and FSU to stumble, because either of those teams look strong enough to beat them, and in fact should probably both be ahead of Alabama to begin with.

The media will need to explain themselves a little better next season if they stack the box yet again with 5 or more undeserving SEC teams in the preseason Top 10.  Because a new 4 team playoff system does very little to correct the current corrupt system if we are told that the top 4 are from the SEC, and the rest of the nation will just have to spend their season trying to blow out teams to fight their way into the picture.


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