Why a Successful Black Non-SEC College Football Star Is Getting Railroaded in the “Jim Crow South”


Did you really think that a team who even Vegas is betting can beat SEC King Alabama would be allowed by the media to get to the national championship game unimpeded?  Much less a team smack dab in the middle of hillbilly SEC country?

This past 2 weeks, we have been exposed to drama going on within the confines of college football’s #2 team in the nation.  Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston has been mentioned as the suspect of a sexual assault investigation…  a reported assault that occurred almost a year ago and was considered “closed” because the “victim” chose not to pursue it, until the media pushed the local hillbilly law enforcement to reopen it.  On first glance, with the way the media has been covering this issue, you would be thinking the worst… that Heisman leading candidate Jameis Winston is just another criminal meathead who needs to be taken off the streets.   Of course, you see, this is the same sports media that tirelessly fixes preseason polls and releases stories of superiority to depict the SEC as the best football conference in the nation.  So it should be of no surprise that this same media also works hard to make sports figures appear guilty until proven innocent.  ESPECIALLY if the sports figure involved happens to be the biggest threat to end the SEC national championship dominance run.  A story like this is a SEC-loving media writer’s dream come true!  So you better believe these guys have spent the last 14 days taking a break from their usual bashing of Urban Meyer’s character or proclamations of Big-12 conference weakness to hammer away at college football’s biggest up and coming star over unproven inconsistent sketchy allegations made by a college student who refuses to voluntarily press charges.  The only question that comes to mind is… how the HELL is this NEWS?

Oddly enough, this whole circus of a story was first broken well over a week ago by none other than TMZ.  That’s right… the same TMZ that spends their days and nights obsessing over the Kardashians’ love lives and what foods that celebrities are eating in public.  If that doesn’t tell you right off the bat how much of a gossip-rag story this was, than you need to put down your national inquirer and start reading the New York Post.  And ever since the moment TMZ released the story, the media has been all over this.  Suddenly, nearly every respectable sports news broadcast is no better than TMZ-  Issuing stories based on rumor and innuendo, sharing facts that don’t add up in a case that even the smartest prosecutor would have a better chance of hitting 8 consecutive lotteries than successfully prosecuting.  The more that comes out, the more you start to understand why those backwoods cops in Tallahassee were not pursuing the case.  This case is about as legitimately relevant as two five year olds arguing over who ate the last cheese doodle.

Would this kind of hoopla be going on if Jameis Winston were the QB of a top rated SEC program?  You better believe it wouldn’t.  How do we know this?  Well let’s look at Cam Newton.  Most remember the media storm that came after allegations that his father was trying to take money from the highest bidder for his son’s loyalty.  However, few remember the real crimes Newton was in trouble for, including computer theft at the University of Florida.  Newton was highly regarded and heavily recruited as a football player.  So its interesting that during his time at Auburn, the media wasn’t still raking him over the coals regarding his crimes as a freshman at UF.  And these weren’t allegations folks… we are talking CRIME.  Newton had a dust cloud of controversy that would make Pigpen blush, however the media kept him as their “do no wrong” golden boy to the very end, and his Heisman came all the same.  Hey Feinbaum, were you calling for Newton to be removed from Heisman ballot consideration the way you are for Winston?  After all, the former was actually found guilty of crimes while the latter is merely embroiled in a name calling session with a reportedly jilted ex-lover.  Oh, I forgot Feinbaum… you work for E$PN.  And we have already shown in our previous articles how E$PN is on the take for royalties tied to $EC success.  So keep on keeping on with that SEC bias, Feinbaum.  We will actually keep pretending you are a real journalist and not a homer SEC lackey with the talent of a mentally handicapped ape.

What makes the FSU case even more grim for fans of that program is that Tallahassee has a state attorney (Willie Meggs) who has been accused numerous times over the past decade of “targeting” FSU players to get his name in newspapers and TV reports across the U.S.  ESPN won’t tell you that though.  No, they will tell you things like “Meggs is a graduate of FSU” or “this is a football town and the state attorney may be trying to protect his team.”  However, Meggs’ office’s notoriety for racism is well documented…

According to Proctor, Meggs just “beats the hell out of black folk day in and day out.” An article out of Tallahassee’s WCTV remarked on this very controversy. According to Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor, Willie Meggs’ targeting of young African American men is nothing short of an “assigned assassin.”

While Willie Meggs simply dismissed these claims, Proctor noted that the numbers don’t lie. The number of black juveniles charged as adults in Leon County is 10 times greater than the number of white juveniles. As far as Bill Proctor sees it, “[Meggs’] numbers suggest that he has racial bias.”

Proctor is one of several Florida officials who are sick and tired of the prosecutorial misconduct of the State Attorney office. The recent Jameis Winston case is another blatant example of how Meggs and his office are unfairly targeting minorities.[1]

One former FSU player who was similarly wrongfully accused of sexual assault had to endure Meggs’ attention-seeking wrath and told the tale in a Yahoo Sports exclusive from Nov 22nd:

Ten years ago, Johnson was a Florida State defensive lineman charged with sexual battery by Meggs’ office. He was accused of forcing himself on an FSU female shot putter, with whom he’d previously had a relationship. His family hired an attorney. He vehemently proclaimed his innocence. He said he took and passed three lie detector tests. He presented evidence and experts who said because of a recent surgery, he couldn’t possibly have held anyone down.

“Meggs charged me anyway,” Johnson told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday. “Just like I believe he’s going to charge Jameis. He wants to prosecute Florida State players. He is obsessed with attention and wants big cases.”

The State Attorney has repeatedly defended its decision to try the Johnson case, saying it was a case of he said/she said, and there was no ulterior motive in bringing it to trial.

After two days of evidence and testimony, however, Johnson won an acquittal from an all-female jury that needed just 30 minutes of deliberation.

“I talked to the jury,” Johnson said. “They didn’t even need that. They spent five minutes going to the bathroom, five minutes laughing about the evidence. The trial was a joke. Meggs knew all of that. He never should have charged me.”

Johnson was cleared just before his senior year, where he returned to the field for the Seminoles and wound up the 16th pick overall in the 2005 NFL draft. He played six seasons in the league for Houston and San Diego and now looks on from afar convinced that he is witnessing deja vu – the potential railroading of a star Seminole.

“I was a star but not the level of Jameis Winston,” Johnson said. “This is Willie Meggs’ big chance.” [2]

Johnson made it pretty clear that he does not feel a black football star can get a fair shake in the “Jim Crow” south, as he puts it.  And Johnson may be right.  But that may not be the whole story.  More than southern redneck racism and a state attorney’s shameless desire for his face and name to appear on ESPN College Gameday could be at play here.  Some believe that the only reason this shady rape case was reopened (which was closed in February for lack of victim cooperation according to the local police department) may have to do with media pressure immediately following the weekend of the Oregon loss to Stanford.  Two things occurred during that weekend.  One, Winston’s name leapfrogged SEC-talent Johnny Manziel’s for the Heisman race.  Second, FSU solidly became #2 and the nation began believing FSU was a better team than Alabama.  That latter belief was not just an anti-SEC sentiment either.  Vegas experts like Tom Grassi have been telling folks for weeks that Alabama is beatable, and specifically by FSU or Oregon. [3]  We see now Oregon will not get that chance, since they lost games within their own conference (a testament to the depth of the PAC-12, right SEC fans??).  However, FSU is playing like the top team in the nation, largely due to the confidence infused into the team by their star quarterback.   A showdown between FSU and Alabama might sound like an exciting matchup to fans, but it is not something hardcore SEC-worshipping media writers want for Bama, unless of course the head of the FSU beast can be removed BEFORE the matchup.  For the SEC to be dethroned by arguably the worst conference in the BCS over the past decade (the ACC) would crush SEC stock significantly and it is something media moguls will most likely work hard to protect from happening.

And if you think FSU is the only team making the SEC-obsessed media nervous, think again.  The Sagarin poll, also known for its frequent SEC bias, has placed Northern Illinois at #3 AHEAD of Ohio State.  While that clearly will not be nearly enough to drop Ohio State in the BCS any time soon, it is yet another sign that everything is being done possible by certain media influences to shield Alabama from having to face real competition in this year’s BCS championship.

Conspiracy nonsense?  Maybe.  But in the case of FSU, “something smells rotten in the state of Denmark.”  Even the Tallahassee PD said that this Winston investigation was for all intents and purposes over and done with until media members (specifically a Tampa Bay reporter and gossip-rag TMZ) began digging around asking for a December 2012 report of the “assault”, a report which happened to describe somebody other than Mr. Winston and never even named him. [4]  Media urgings then led to state attorney Meggs, a man accused by many for repeatedly targeting black athletes, to instruct the police department to reopen the investigation.  And ever since, somebody within that state attorney’s office keeps leaking what should be confidential case information to ESPN… after all, it should seem unusual that ESPN was notified of Winston’s positive DNA before even Winston’s attorney was told.  Furthermore, is seems unusual that only that info was leaked to ESPN, but not the fact that Winston and his attorney have claimed consensual sex occurred all along, which is why Winston voluntarily submitted his DNA swab as soon as the case reopened.  Interesting how ESPN never reported THAT though.  As the lame-stream sports media, including ESPN, spent most of their time speaking of whether Winston should play or win a Heisman based on these out-of-the-blue allegations, and even making gross insinuations as to the likelihood of his guilt, few people were asking the important questions.  Like who tipped off the media to reopen a case that was never even a legitimate case to begin with, and to do it at the very peak moment of this young man’s season of a lifetime?  Some on twitter have already felt they solved that speculation.  So since the media thinks its OK to presume a person guilty until proven innocent and to pick and choose what information they wish to reveal to the public to tarnish the reputation of a non-SEC Heisman candidate, we will reveal the other side of the story that ESPN will NOT.

Sources close to these students on campus have revealed that the young lady who originally claimed rape was actually a lover of Jameis Winston who felt jilted when he ditched her for his real girlfriend. (The girl’s name as well as pictures of her posing and hanging out with Winston have been released on the internet by these sources, but we choose not to do so at this time until the legal process has run its course out of respect for the involved parties.)  These sources state that the girl changed her mind about the false accusation, which explains why her original description of Winston is so off base.  However, she waffled with the authorities multiple times before the PD chose to file away the case when the girl stopped responding to their requests for information.  The girl’s attorney (who happens to be her aunt, a graduate and reported booster for FSU’s rival SEC school, the University of Florida) continues to claim this was rape and that the girl never knew Winston, despite public evidence being revealed online to the contrary.  Which prompts one to wonder, was it the girl and her family themselves seeing an opportunity here at the height of Winston’s success to set up a future civil lawsuit for “emotional damages” after Winston goes to the NFL or MLB one day?  And if so, why did they choose NOW to instigate this?  A recent finding revealed by these sources that this girl has transferred to the University of Alabama may hold the key to the motivation of her timing.

Of course, all of this is heresay until proven and revealed by authorities.  But the fact remains that this case if far more complex than the media makes it out to be, and their bias against Winston simply because he doesn’t play in the $EC is incomprehensible.   Hundreds of defenseless women are victimized and raped every year in this nation.  Anyone guilty of this despicable crime should be put behind bars without hesitation.  And were this case actually legitimate, we would be calling for the same against Mr. Winston.  But clearly, this case is something completely different.  And if anything, it can only serve to harm the seriousness of violent sexual abuse against women in this country.  The reason this case has sat around for nearly a year is because the police obviously know that there is nothing to see here.  Perhaps this nation is still so closed minded that a successful black man who is a talented leader and a model citizen in his community must be torn down to show his true criminal nature?  Or perhaps it is deeper than that.  Perhaps the innermost circles of every level of the mainstream media has just enough SEC fanatics that they will do anything and everything to annihilate the competition, because to these nitwits their football dominance is more important than any human being’s life or dignity?  Or is it even DEEPER than that… that a poor young college girl who reacted badly to jealousy and anger after being jilted by a star football player was lured by the University of Alabama with unknown promises and personal rewards if only she would be willing to rehash an old lie just one more time to create just enough chaos to protect their precious championship for just one more year?  And how convenient it would be for a young lady who has been courted by SEC Alabama to trash FSU’s Heisman candidate quarterback to have her SEC Gator Grad and booster aunt to be the one grandstanding to the public about this case when any lawyer worth their salt would keep their mouth shut until charges were actually filed?

What far-fetched off the wall nonsense, right?  Or is it?

Really want to make a name for yourself, Willie Meggs?  Take a look at THAT… if you dare! Or is wrongfully prosecuting innocent African American athletes all you have an interest in doing in the Jim Crow SEC South??


2 thoughts on “Why a Successful Black Non-SEC College Football Star Is Getting Railroaded in the “Jim Crow South”

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