The End of the Line for the SEC



As 2013 draws to a close, so seemingly does an era of self-proclaimed SEC dominance. Since the inception of our mission this past summer to expose the overrated SEC, we have consistently pointed out how the SEC has been given opportunities to succeed (strategic preseason poll positioning, mainstream media bias), we have pointed out why the SEC has been given those opportunities (NCAA collusion, ESPN financial investments), and we have pointed out that even with all these opportunities, the SEC from top to bottom has NOT been the juggernaut that they are constantly being made out to be.  SEC fans only want to look at their “facts”…. That SEC has won 9 BCS championships including 7 in a row and that their conference has the highest number of top rated draft picks in the nation.  But when you scam a system into pushing your teams into every BCS championship game based on a collusive poll system, allow the media to brainwash the nation into believing your conference is the greatest, and then have the NCAA looking the other way for every major SEC program infraction, the dominance illusion becomes all too transparent.  Let’s look at some 2013 facts that the average half-witted SEC fan would NOT like you to pay attention to:

  • For the second straight year, an overrated SEC Preseason AP Top 10 foe finished the year with a losing record.  And before you fall for the old “SEC schedules are really hard from top to bottom” crap, take note that one of those losses by the 4-8 Florida Gators came to Georgia SOUTHERN, an FCS team.  Meanwhile, Auburn can thank the ladder of overrated SEC teams ranked ahead of them which allowed them for the 2nd time in 4 years to climb from obscurity to a national championship game.
  • For the second straight year, a Big12 transplant team dominated most of the SEC.  Last year Texas A&M knocked off SEC Champ Alabama in their own house and nearly won the SEC West, finishing the year as one of the hottest teams in America and boasting a Heisman quarterback who padded amazing stats against a supposedly superior defensive conference.  This year, Missouri beat multiple contenders and rolled to an SEC East title, losing in the SEC championship even after putting up over 40 points on Auburn.  Both TAMU and Missouri entered the SEC in 2012, and are competing predominantly with players recruited during their Big12 days… and neither of these teams had been able to stay even remotely competitive for titles in the Big12 when they were there.  So next time you hear a SEC-chanting buffoon telling you that your team wouldn’t be competitive in the SEC, give their IQ a little boost with this knowledge.
  • SEC fans continue tossing stats out about SEC title dominance in the BCS.  What they fail to mention conveniently is that upwards of 80% of the conference’s national championship success has come from the state of Alabama.  Remove Alabama and Auburn from the equation, and this conference is merely a shell of mediocrity that would make even the ACC look like a powerhouse. The rest of the conference leans on the laurels of Alabama teams and claims their success as a reason why the SEC is so great from top to bottom, when in fact it is a top-heavy conference full of underwhelming mediocrity.   But don’t believe us.  Just look at the facts.  The SEC played 7 out of conference teams that were ranked in the Top 25 this season.  They went 2-5.
  • The present SEC Champ Auburn is being billed as a “Team of Destiny” by the homers at E$PN.  These media hacks are even talking about the upcoming BCS Championship game as if FSU is the team that has very little chance to win, and that the Seminoles are lucky they have a month to prepare for the amazing one dimensional rushing attack of Auburn.  We shouldn’t take anything away from Auburn, they earned every win (even the miraculous ones) and are the rightful champs of the SEC.  However, this team was beaten by 2 touchdowns by LSU.  For those who lack perspective, LSU was beaten by Georgia, an injury decimated team that lost their first game of the season while fully healthy to Clemson, the bumbling underachievers of the ACC.  [Were it not for Steve Spurrier, Clemson would be wishing they were in the SEC instead of the ACC taking annual beatings from FSU… the past 2 seasons, the Tigers have already beaten Auburn, LSU AND Georgia, all consistent SEC contenders.]  So if the media puppets had any credibility at all, they would be talking more about what chain of catastrophic things must go wrong for FSU to manage to actually lose this game!
  • In building up the BCS Championship game, ESPN, USAToday and SEC-enamored media writers everywhere spend more time talking about how FSU must “find a way” to beat the SEC… as if they are playing the entire SEC rather than Auburn.  Outside of the fact that this reflects on the pathetic SEC homerism of these college football journalists, it also shows how ignorant they are about Florida State.  In the Jimbo Fisher era (since 2010), FSU is 4-1 against SEC powers (3-1 against University of Florida and 1-0 against South Carolina).  You may hear the media credit FSU for being “built like an SEC team”… but don’t let those SEC homers try to take credit for FSU.  Fisher is a disciple of Nick Saban.  FSU’s defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, who has built the nation’s best defense this season, came from Alabama.  FSU’s Heisman winning QB is from Alabama and came to FSU despite a heavy recruiting effort by Saban.  In fact,  Jimbo Fisher has been winning many recruiting battles against Nick Saban in Saban’s own home state.  So a more intelligent comment would be that FSU is built like an Alabama team.  FSU doesn’t have to worry about “beating the SEC”… Jimbo Fisher has shown he can handle the SEC just fine.  He just has to be able to beat a team from Alabama.

The perception of conference dominance forced on us by the SEC, ESPN and the rest of the lame-stream media obviously has its seeds planted in unfairly overrated preseason poll positioning.  However, the collusion created to prop up the SEC doesn’t end there.  It extends further to the current bowl setup.  Matchup formulations have ensured that SEC powers will always play a team ranked below them.  Just look at these bowl matchups for the other ranked SEC teams:

  • #21 Texas A&M against #24 Duke
  • #22 Georgia against unranked Nebraska
  • #16 LSU against unranked Iowa
  • #9 South Carolina against #19 Wisconsin
  • #3 Alabama against #11 Oklahoma
  • #8 Missouri against #13 Oklahoma State (actually the only matchup that seems appropriate)

So if the SEC finishes 4-3 in these bowls (including the BCS Title game), are we supposed to believe that further entrenches the notion that the SEC is a superior conference?  I don’t think so.  If we are going to be spoon-fed this nonsense all season that the SEC teams deserve to be ranked higher because their conference is so great, then they should have to play teams above their bloated ranking to prove it in the post season against non-SEC foes.  The current formula pairings need to go if the SEC really wants us to believe they are truly as dominant as they claim to be.  The SEC always playing lower ranked teams in the bowls and winning over 50% of those games do not prove to me nor should they prove to anyone else that the SEC deserves 5 teams in every year’s preseason Top 10.

As for the BCS title run, we believe this is the end of the line for the SEC.  Most SEC fans realize this as well, which is why we have seen SEC fans everywhere from Alabama to Tennessee to Florida to South Carolina all professing on Twitter that they are heading to Pasadena to root on the SEC, like the witless minions that they all are.  However, even several thousand Auburn-clad bums who never went to Auburn rooting on a team over conference infatuation cannot stop the inevitable.  Despite egregious collusion attempts by media and the NCAA, including a lowly concerted attempt by the media to smear the character of their greatest threat’s quarterback, we believe the best team in the SEC will still get beaten by the best team in the ACC.  Of course, nothing is absolute, as we are all aware that ref tampering could impact the national title game in Auburn’s favor, especially if the NCAA gives the order to protect the SEC at all costs.  But even if there are bad calls and an attempt to fix the game in favor of the SEC, we still do not believe it will be enough to save the Auburn Tigers (and apparently the SEC) from losing this game.

That isn’t all we predict.  We also predict that SEC fans will start claiming that Auburn was never the best team in the SEC and that Alabama would have beaten FSU… an argument that, even if it were true, would further prove how sad and pathetic the rest of the SEC is as they depend on Alabama almost entirely for their image.  Furthermore, when FSU defeats AU, we will not hear all the Garnet/Gold-clad fans in the Rose Bowl stadium chanting “A-C-C! A-C-C!”  Because unlike the numskulls in the SEC, the rest of college football’s fanbase actually roots for THEIR OWN team, not their conference.  And presuming Texas A&M beats Duke and LSU finds a way to get past ole rugged Iowa, their fans should stop chanting “S-E-C! S-E-C!” and start chanting for the real reason for their conference pride… “NICK-SABAN! NICK-SABAN!”


Why FSU Victory Over Auburn for the National Championship Would Save College Football


It seems like a dramatic statement… that one measly championship game could save an entire sport, which is slowly dying under the media-weighted boot of a conference known for its arrogant sense of entitlement.  But we feel it is true and believe that every non-SEC fan out there should be rooting hard for it.  Ever since the final BCS championship game matchup between Florida State and Auburn was announced this past Sunday evening, E$PN and most of the lame-stream SEC-Homer media has been building Auburn up as a “team of destiny.”  An outsider to college football would believe that, based on the miraculous ways that Auburn keeps managing to win their games.  However, if you take a closer look, you might see the truth… that Auburn has been blessed with luck and a very bright coach who has figured out how to dominate the SEC with a one dimensional offensive approach.  And the fact of the matter is, this says actually more about how horribly overrated the SEC has been rather than how great Auburn is.

Of course, the media is not going to tell you that.  Surely if you have read our past articles, you understand why the media is so “ALL IN” on the SEC.  ESPN of course has financial ties to the success of the conference, and they are the self-appointed “worldwide leader in sports.”  Couple that with the adoration of much of the rest of the mainstream media for the SEC, and Auburn is suddenly the golden child of TV, Radio and Print News.  Media cannot stop gushing over how amazing Auburn is, and ESPN announcers even are going as far as to say that FSU will not be able to slow down the Auburn offense.  The SEC homerism is at an all time high and you can’t help but wonder if it is more about the media trying to convince US how great Auburn is than it is these guys actually believing it.

Here is what the media will NOT tell you:  FSU should right now be America’s team.  Why?  Every football market outside of hillbilly heaven has been forced to listen to the SEC boast about their seven consecutive national championships and their self-declared dominance as a conference.  And we aren’t just talking about the winners who are boasting… we are talking EVERY FAN OF EVERY TEAM IN THE CONFERENCE doing it as if the victories coming out of the state of Alabama are their own.  Fans of their schools no longer are university sports fans, they are conference fans.  So right now, Kentucky is playing for a seventh straight national title.  And so is Mississippi State.  And Tennessee.  And Ole Miss.  And Vanderbilt.  Most of our nation is tired of the nonsense.  WE are tired of the nonsense.

In 2012, the SEC was blessed with a horribly overrated Notre Dame team having to face Alabama… a Notre Dame team that was terribly lucky in nearly every game (sound familiar Auburn?), needed overtime luck to beat a team with a losing record, and had players who had better chances of scoring with imaginary girlfriends than they did on the gridiron.  In 2011, Oklahoma State got shafted out of playing in the national championship game so that the SEC could get an outrageous rematch between LSU and Alabama that should NEVER have been allowed to take place.  While Texas and Oregon had their “almost, but no cigar” moments in the previous finales with the Alabama teams, the rest of the conference was getting louder and louder with their arrogant chanting.  Before long, big team wins in the conference were no longer team wins, they were wins of the SEC.  And the media has so deeply played into the conference superiority nonsense that perception has become reality.  By fixing preseason polls, the self fulfilled SEC dominance prophecy has blown up into a monster larger than the game of college football itself.  Collusion between the SEC, ESPN and the NCAA is not only affecting the rankings, but is also tampering with the decisions of prized high school recruits, who seemingly are being promised protection from media scrutiny and more media air time if they choose the SEC.  (And anybody who doubts that last claim needs to read our previous article on the attempted railroading of non-SEC Heisman hopeful Jameis Winston and compare the media treatment of him to the adoration given to Cam Newton, whose criminal history and cloud of constant scrutiny was briskly swept under the rug by nearly every media outlet during his Heisman campaign… even by the NCAA itself who persistently refused to investigate family payoff and “team bidding” accusations that may have occurred during his early recruitment in the SEC.)

The SEC is vastly overrated this season.  But the homers have circled the wagons, fans and hack journalists in unison, to defend their conference from the detractors.  There are even some SEC fans (evident in recent twitter disagreements with our @SEC_Exposed handle) who are preparing early for the fallout of an Auburn loss and already making excuses that “well, Alabama is better than Auburn, so…”   Really, guys?  Let us clue you in.  Auburn ran for 296 yards on the vaunted Bama defense (which was only vaunted because Auburn was their first real competition all season).  Auburn also had one turnover when Bama had none.  And had the errant field goal not been returned for a touchdown, the game was heading to overtime and Auburn had the momentum.  So let’s not kid ourselves.  Auburn WAS better than Alabama that night and this team, which went from winless in the SEC to champs in one season, is yet another symbol of the outrageously overrated preseason rankings of this conference when the season started.  Furthermore, outside of SEC play, Auburn only played one out of conference BCS team (Washington State, currently 6-6 in PAC-12).  Auburn won that game, at home, by 7.

Credit should be given where due, though.  Auburn has a stronger schedule strength than Alabama and anyone else in the Top 5.  This isn’t based on opponents’ rankings, which are collusively set up preseason to bolster the SEC, but rather based on the records of their opposition.  Auburn played 9 bowl eligible teams and won in 8 of those games.  That is pretty impressive, SEC crappiness aside.  So you won’t be reading on this blog that Auburn didn’t belong in the national championship game.  They beat the defending national champs, and that has to count for something.  Nonetheless, the double digit loss to LSU on the road is a pretty big blemish considering how unimpressive LSU has been all season.  And it is an arguable point that Michigan State, who also suffered a single loss during the season by 4 points on the road against Notre Dame, is now playing like one of the hottest teams in the nation and in our opinion is better than Auburn.  However, for the sake of fairness, Auburn has done more to reach the title game.  The choice was the correct one this time.

In fact, this is the first year in a LONG time where the selection for the national championship game made some sense.  However, as media gushes about the amazingness of Auburn, let’s point out a few things that the media is trying to make you overlook:

  • Auburn has the 104th ranked pass defense in the nation.  FSU has the #2 scoring offense in the nation and their Quarterback is #1 nationally in pass efficiency.
  • Auburn has the 12th ranked scoring offense in the nation.  FSU has the #1 scoring defense in the nation, #3 in total defense.  And they beat the 11th ranked scoring offense 51-14.
  • 6 of Auburn’s 12 wins were by 8 points or less, and 2 of those games were won by late miracle plays.  FSU’s most narrow victory was by 14, and their average margin of victory against opponents this season is 39.3 points.

It is understandable that some consider FSU’s schedule as “easy”, particularly considering they are in the ACC, a conference that traditionally is known more for its basketball talent than its football talent.  However, the ACC has a record 11 number of bowl eligible teams this season, 6 of which FSU has played and destroyed.  Don’t let the media fool you.  The Seminoles have DOMINATED their schedule like few others in recent NCAA football history.  This is not a team to be taken lightly and the fact that the media is publically displaying a lack of respect for their dominance will only add fuel to the fire when FSU kicks off against the Tigers.  Even Vegas already has the Noles as a 8.5 point favorite, a value that likely will climb as we get closer to the game.  (Of note, FSU is 12-1 against the spread this season.)

Of course, this makes many wonder if the NCAA will really let an SEC team get blown out of the building in a national championship game.  Will the NCAA start threatening to investigate FSU over trumped up charges to create distractions in the weeks leading up to the big game?  Will they speak to the referees before the game in an attempt to “fix” the end result by calling an exorbitant amount of fluke penalties on the Seminoles to give Auburn an edge?  Certainly we would like to think nothing like that would ever happen.  However, we must remember that the NCAA, just like the media moguls at ESPN, is financially vested in the success of the SEC.  Their BCS bowl setups have become bigger box office draws thanks to the SEC dominance gibberish, and for the NCAA, money talks.  (This may also explain the reason why the NCAA consistently turns a blind eye toward almost every accusation about SEC program misconduct, including a bombshell dropped by Yahoo! Sports in September about 5 SEC players, including players from Alabama, that the NCAA continues to conveniently ignore. [1]) The SEC can’t afford an embarrassing loss in this championship game, as it will deeply impact the perception of SEC dominance that has been crammed down our throats.  So what level of collusive game interference we can expect from the NCAA, if anything, is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile the media has continued to try to besmirch the name and reputation of FSU’s Heisman quarterback Jameis Winston.  Despite the fact that a state attorney who was busting his hump to put away another black athlete yet could not find enough evidence to charge Winston with a crime, the SEC-obsessed media (particularly talentless ESPN hacks like Paul Finebaum and Clay Travis) spent hours questioning the investigation and doubting Winston’s innocence.  Anyone who read the 80+ page report could see that this was a railroad attempt and it was done so in such a sloppy way that even a crooked state attorney couldn’t figure out how to prosecute it.  But the media, including ESPN, was clearly upset with the way it all turned out and rather than apologize for weeks of slander and libel, they only piled on more.  ESPN even went as far as charging their lackey sideline reporter Heather Cox to badger Winston following the ACC Championship game with a series of interrogative questions about the “investigation.”  Her actions, much like those of the other hacks, were tasteless and reprehensible. They were also disrespectful toward an athlete that just had one of the most remarkable seasons of any freshman in college football history who has not even been charged with a crime.  These shameless attempts at destroying the character of FSU’s QB have less to do with FSU, however, and more to do with the media’s need to paint a public picture of the SEC’s marquee teams as the “good guys” in college football.   Destroying a talented athlete’s future in the process is of no consequence to these soulless automatons.  They clearly have a mission to drive the SEC to the top and keep them there.  For FSU, this matchup becomes a lot tougher when you realize their opponent is more than just Auburn.  FSU is battling the entire SEC fan base, SEC boosters, SEC-obsessed media, E$PN, and possibly the NCAA itself.

So this is why WE, the non-SEC college football fans, need to root for FSU as they battle Auburn in Pasadena.  Not for the sake of FSU, but for the future of this sport.  Prepare for weeks of media portrayals of the Seminoles as the dirty, evil bad guys while Auburn is the “team of destiny.”  But know the truth, because you heard it here.  FSU is the first team capable of ending the SEC run and helping the rest of college football initiate a NEW era for this sport.  This is a team with an Alabama high school quarterback that was heavily recruited by Bama itself, with a defensive coordinator who came from the Alabama system that made Bama the best defense the previous two seasons, a head coach who was a disciple of Nick Saban himself, a perennial top 3 recruiter, and a tradition that is one of the richest in college football.  The SEC fears Florida State.  And they should.  Here is a non-SEC program that was a 90’s dynasty, now making a comeback as a powerhouse, and they are seated right dead center in the middle of SEC country!  The return of the Seminole brand to national relevance threatens to end to the SEC’s reign of terror and to subsequently gut them by stealing some of their most prized recruits who had been bamboozled into believing the SEC rules the world.  And with a FSU victory, the PAC12, BigTen, Big12, ACC, AAC and the rest of college football can rejoice.  Because once and for all, the SEC will have finally been exposed for the overrated fraud that they are.  And justice will have been served.

Bring on the Bowl Season…

[1] “Yahoo Strikes Again, Puts Alabama in NCAA’s crosshairs”:




Quite a tumultuous finish to the 2013 college football season occurred this past Saturday.  Most of our early season predictions have come to fruition.  Some predictions are still yet to be decided.  Saturday, we watched FSU and Ohio State handle their road rivalry games and remain undefeated.  We also watched Auburn pull out a shocker against Alabama by returning a long field goal attempt for a touchdown for a mind blowing victory.  And we watched Missouri, a Big 12 transplant team in only their second year of SEC play, win the SEC East.  So much to comment on…

Auburn’s win may have come as a shock to many, but we told you all just a little over a month ago that this was a likelihood.  Prior to the Auburn-Alabama game, we tweeted a fact that Alabama’s opponents’ combined record prior to this game was 59-66.  Bama has skated through on a very weak schedule, despite what E$PN and other SEC-homer analysts would want you to believe.  Bama’s two toughest games were against LSU and Texas A&M, both of which are showing how truly overrated they were at season’s start (also as we predicted in the preseason).  Auburn was Alabama’s true first test and it was on the road no less.  Here is what we said in our October article entitled “Denial: The Half-Wit Media Minions Fight Back.”[1]

With LSU’s latest embarrassing stumble (including am unfathomable struggling first half game Saturday against the mighty Furman), it is increasingly looking like Alabama has only one road game that they could conceivably lose, and that is Auburn.  So it is not surprising that the media is scrambling to influence the BCS to ramrod Auburn into the picture.  The mentality… if Auburn is ranked high enough, and somehow manages to beat Alabama, perhaps that one loss Auburn could leap one (if not three) remaining undefeated team and slip into the NC game as #2 if they win the conference title.  Sounds ridiculous, but manipulation of the media in preseason rankings (overrating SEC teams, 5 in the Top 10 particularly) has impacted computer strength rankings and influenced the other polls just enough to allow something that outrageous.

Our prediction should concern Ohio State fans.  While Ohio State has managed to string together what will amount to be one of the greatest regular season runs for a new coach in college football history, possibly two consecutive undefeated seasons, they have a mountain of SEC-faithful opposition in front of them that is even bigger than the looming Michigan State Big Ten title game.  As seen on ESPN Sunday night, the pleading and campaigning by multiple pathetic E$PN analysts for a one-loss Auburn team to leapfrog over Ohio State was disgraceful.  Let’s also not forget it should be considered unethical collusion, as ESPN clearly has a direct conflict of interest since they are financially tied to the success of the SEC, a fact that media analysts are not surprisingly neglecting to tell you.[2] In any normal business, disclaimers are required to disclose financial ties to something they are incessantly and unapologetically promoting.  If NCAA wasn’t so crooked itself, someone might be reminding ESPN that they are playing a dangerous if not illegal game with college athletics.  One that very well may end in a lawsuit initiated by Meyer and Ohio State itself should Auburn or Missouri leapfrog them after next weekend, presuming of course that Ohio State defeats Michigan State, a feat which will be their largest yet and should not be overlooked!

Which brings us to more questions…  How deep is the NCAA involved in this SEC dominance collusion that the media appears to be so embroiled in?  Would the NCAA actively or deliberately intervene in the Big Ten championship game via referee tampering to ensure Ohio State loses?  Or would they announce an investigation against FSU over trumped up allegations that even an allegedly racist, crooked state attorney in Tallahassee is struggling to find a way to prosecute yet, calling for the BCS to make FSU ineligible for the game?  Or would they do both to attempt another disgraceful SEC national championship showdown between Bama and the Auburn/Missouri winner?  No doubt, things are shaking up in college football and the favoritism that many once called paranoia is becoming more than obvious in the lame-stream media.  Very few analysts are comfortable going against the grain here, likely since they would probably lose their jobs for being honest, and their constant campaigning carries tremendous weight in the outcome of the upcoming national championship game in Pasadena.  This couldn’t be more obvious than Sunday night on ESPN, when the BCS poll was revealed and immediately analysts began the SEC campaigning.  Comments that Alabama should still be #2, that Ohio State didn’t deserve to be in the game, and that Auburn was the best team in the nation were being repeated by multiple talking heads.  It was nauseating to watch such overly biased butt-kissing by grown men on national television.  However, these men have a job to do to protect their network’s investments, so can we really blame them for their financially driven homerism?

Brad Edwards really jumped the shark when he commented on FSU, one of the few and far between comments made about clearly the nation’s most dominant team.  Edwards claimed that FSU had the “weakest schedule in the history of the BCS.”  This comment made in the same segment in which folks were saying Alabama may still be the best team in the nation deserving of a national title shot.  What this biased idiot failed to research or tell his listeners is this (a fact we had tweeted prior to Saturday’s games):  FSU’s opponents’ combined record was 64-58.  Alabama’s was 59-66.  And you can’t use the “SEC schedule is harder” nonsense, because SEC teams played each other and also played the weakest out of conference schedule of any conference in the BCS.  While Clemson and Miami were exposed as overrated on FSU’s schedule this season, Alabama’s only two meaningful opponents (LSU and Texas A&M) were even MORE overrated!  Bama didn’t even have to face any of the three strongest SEC East opponents this season.  Which precisely is why they lost to Auburn, their first and only competitive opponent this season.  But lets hold back the overly enthusiastic applause for Auburn folks… they lost by double digits to LSU!  The same LSU that has three losses and just barely squeaked past a bad 3-win Arkansas team on Thanksgiving weekend.  Auburn’s miracle touchdown deflection against Georgia and their incomprehensible field goal return for a touchdown at the last second against Alabama are all that separates Auburn from being just another 3-loss SEC team.  Meanwhile, FSU, no matter how “weak” you wish to believe their schedule was, managed to pound everyone they played and gave 11 of their 12 opponents the worst losses of their season, including one of the SEC’s own preseason overrated teams- the Florida (UF) Gators.  While UF had a season much like last year’s overrated preseason top 10 Arkansas squad who also finished THEIR year with only 4 wins, UF was still in the game up to the 4th quarter in all of their SEC games before succumbing to a loss.  Against FSU, they were out of it by halftime.  So the idea that Auburn would defeat FSU, much less get within 10 points of them, is laughable at best.  The only team left who could still conceivable match FSU blow for blow may be Ohio State.

The best two teams in the nation are actually ranked #1 and #2 right now.  The only question that still remains… will the collusive media and NCAA actually let it stay that way.  The jury is still out on that one… but we are betting they won’t!