Quite a tumultuous finish to the 2013 college football season occurred this past Saturday.  Most of our early season predictions have come to fruition.  Some predictions are still yet to be decided.  Saturday, we watched FSU and Ohio State handle their road rivalry games and remain undefeated.  We also watched Auburn pull out a shocker against Alabama by returning a long field goal attempt for a touchdown for a mind blowing victory.  And we watched Missouri, a Big 12 transplant team in only their second year of SEC play, win the SEC East.  So much to comment on…

Auburn’s win may have come as a shock to many, but we told you all just a little over a month ago that this was a likelihood.  Prior to the Auburn-Alabama game, we tweeted a fact that Alabama’s opponents’ combined record prior to this game was 59-66.  Bama has skated through on a very weak schedule, despite what E$PN and other SEC-homer analysts would want you to believe.  Bama’s two toughest games were against LSU and Texas A&M, both of which are showing how truly overrated they were at season’s start (also as we predicted in the preseason).  Auburn was Alabama’s true first test and it was on the road no less.  Here is what we said in our October article entitled “Denial: The Half-Wit Media Minions Fight Back.”[1]

With LSU’s latest embarrassing stumble (including am unfathomable struggling first half game Saturday against the mighty Furman), it is increasingly looking like Alabama has only one road game that they could conceivably lose, and that is Auburn.  So it is not surprising that the media is scrambling to influence the BCS to ramrod Auburn into the picture.  The mentality… if Auburn is ranked high enough, and somehow manages to beat Alabama, perhaps that one loss Auburn could leap one (if not three) remaining undefeated team and slip into the NC game as #2 if they win the conference title.  Sounds ridiculous, but manipulation of the media in preseason rankings (overrating SEC teams, 5 in the Top 10 particularly) has impacted computer strength rankings and influenced the other polls just enough to allow something that outrageous.

Our prediction should concern Ohio State fans.  While Ohio State has managed to string together what will amount to be one of the greatest regular season runs for a new coach in college football history, possibly two consecutive undefeated seasons, they have a mountain of SEC-faithful opposition in front of them that is even bigger than the looming Michigan State Big Ten title game.  As seen on ESPN Sunday night, the pleading and campaigning by multiple pathetic E$PN analysts for a one-loss Auburn team to leapfrog over Ohio State was disgraceful.  Let’s also not forget it should be considered unethical collusion, as ESPN clearly has a direct conflict of interest since they are financially tied to the success of the SEC, a fact that media analysts are not surprisingly neglecting to tell you.[2] In any normal business, disclaimers are required to disclose financial ties to something they are incessantly and unapologetically promoting.  If NCAA wasn’t so crooked itself, someone might be reminding ESPN that they are playing a dangerous if not illegal game with college athletics.  One that very well may end in a lawsuit initiated by Meyer and Ohio State itself should Auburn or Missouri leapfrog them after next weekend, presuming of course that Ohio State defeats Michigan State, a feat which will be their largest yet and should not be overlooked!

Which brings us to more questions…  How deep is the NCAA involved in this SEC dominance collusion that the media appears to be so embroiled in?  Would the NCAA actively or deliberately intervene in the Big Ten championship game via referee tampering to ensure Ohio State loses?  Or would they announce an investigation against FSU over trumped up allegations that even an allegedly racist, crooked state attorney in Tallahassee is struggling to find a way to prosecute yet, calling for the BCS to make FSU ineligible for the game?  Or would they do both to attempt another disgraceful SEC national championship showdown between Bama and the Auburn/Missouri winner?  No doubt, things are shaking up in college football and the favoritism that many once called paranoia is becoming more than obvious in the lame-stream media.  Very few analysts are comfortable going against the grain here, likely since they would probably lose their jobs for being honest, and their constant campaigning carries tremendous weight in the outcome of the upcoming national championship game in Pasadena.  This couldn’t be more obvious than Sunday night on ESPN, when the BCS poll was revealed and immediately analysts began the SEC campaigning.  Comments that Alabama should still be #2, that Ohio State didn’t deserve to be in the game, and that Auburn was the best team in the nation were being repeated by multiple talking heads.  It was nauseating to watch such overly biased butt-kissing by grown men on national television.  However, these men have a job to do to protect their network’s investments, so can we really blame them for their financially driven homerism?

Brad Edwards really jumped the shark when he commented on FSU, one of the few and far between comments made about clearly the nation’s most dominant team.  Edwards claimed that FSU had the “weakest schedule in the history of the BCS.”  This comment made in the same segment in which folks were saying Alabama may still be the best team in the nation deserving of a national title shot.  What this biased idiot failed to research or tell his listeners is this (a fact we had tweeted prior to Saturday’s games):  FSU’s opponents’ combined record was 64-58.  Alabama’s was 59-66.  And you can’t use the “SEC schedule is harder” nonsense, because SEC teams played each other and also played the weakest out of conference schedule of any conference in the BCS.  While Clemson and Miami were exposed as overrated on FSU’s schedule this season, Alabama’s only two meaningful opponents (LSU and Texas A&M) were even MORE overrated!  Bama didn’t even have to face any of the three strongest SEC East opponents this season.  Which precisely is why they lost to Auburn, their first and only competitive opponent this season.  But lets hold back the overly enthusiastic applause for Auburn folks… they lost by double digits to LSU!  The same LSU that has three losses and just barely squeaked past a bad 3-win Arkansas team on Thanksgiving weekend.  Auburn’s miracle touchdown deflection against Georgia and their incomprehensible field goal return for a touchdown at the last second against Alabama are all that separates Auburn from being just another 3-loss SEC team.  Meanwhile, FSU, no matter how “weak” you wish to believe their schedule was, managed to pound everyone they played and gave 11 of their 12 opponents the worst losses of their season, including one of the SEC’s own preseason overrated teams- the Florida (UF) Gators.  While UF had a season much like last year’s overrated preseason top 10 Arkansas squad who also finished THEIR year with only 4 wins, UF was still in the game up to the 4th quarter in all of their SEC games before succumbing to a loss.  Against FSU, they were out of it by halftime.  So the idea that Auburn would defeat FSU, much less get within 10 points of them, is laughable at best.  The only team left who could still conceivable match FSU blow for blow may be Ohio State.

The best two teams in the nation are actually ranked #1 and #2 right now.  The only question that still remains… will the collusive media and NCAA actually let it stay that way.  The jury is still out on that one… but we are betting they won’t!


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