The End of the Line for the SEC



As 2013 draws to a close, so seemingly does an era of self-proclaimed SEC dominance. Since the inception of our mission this past summer to expose the overrated SEC, we have consistently pointed out how the SEC has been given opportunities to succeed (strategic preseason poll positioning, mainstream media bias), we have pointed out why the SEC has been given those opportunities (NCAA collusion, ESPN financial investments), and we have pointed out that even with all these opportunities, the SEC from top to bottom has NOT been the juggernaut that they are constantly being made out to be.  SEC fans only want to look at their “facts”…. That SEC has won 9 BCS championships including 7 in a row and that their conference has the highest number of top rated draft picks in the nation.  But when you scam a system into pushing your teams into every BCS championship game based on a collusive poll system, allow the media to brainwash the nation into believing your conference is the greatest, and then have the NCAA looking the other way for every major SEC program infraction, the dominance illusion becomes all too transparent.  Let’s look at some 2013 facts that the average half-witted SEC fan would NOT like you to pay attention to:

  • For the second straight year, an overrated SEC Preseason AP Top 10 foe finished the year with a losing record.  And before you fall for the old “SEC schedules are really hard from top to bottom” crap, take note that one of those losses by the 4-8 Florida Gators came to Georgia SOUTHERN, an FCS team.  Meanwhile, Auburn can thank the ladder of overrated SEC teams ranked ahead of them which allowed them for the 2nd time in 4 years to climb from obscurity to a national championship game.
  • For the second straight year, a Big12 transplant team dominated most of the SEC.  Last year Texas A&M knocked off SEC Champ Alabama in their own house and nearly won the SEC West, finishing the year as one of the hottest teams in America and boasting a Heisman quarterback who padded amazing stats against a supposedly superior defensive conference.  This year, Missouri beat multiple contenders and rolled to an SEC East title, losing in the SEC championship even after putting up over 40 points on Auburn.  Both TAMU and Missouri entered the SEC in 2012, and are competing predominantly with players recruited during their Big12 days… and neither of these teams had been able to stay even remotely competitive for titles in the Big12 when they were there.  So next time you hear a SEC-chanting buffoon telling you that your team wouldn’t be competitive in the SEC, give their IQ a little boost with this knowledge.
  • SEC fans continue tossing stats out about SEC title dominance in the BCS.  What they fail to mention conveniently is that upwards of 80% of the conference’s national championship success has come from the state of Alabama.  Remove Alabama and Auburn from the equation, and this conference is merely a shell of mediocrity that would make even the ACC look like a powerhouse. The rest of the conference leans on the laurels of Alabama teams and claims their success as a reason why the SEC is so great from top to bottom, when in fact it is a top-heavy conference full of underwhelming mediocrity.   But don’t believe us.  Just look at the facts.  The SEC played 7 out of conference teams that were ranked in the Top 25 this season.  They went 2-5.
  • The present SEC Champ Auburn is being billed as a “Team of Destiny” by the homers at E$PN.  These media hacks are even talking about the upcoming BCS Championship game as if FSU is the team that has very little chance to win, and that the Seminoles are lucky they have a month to prepare for the amazing one dimensional rushing attack of Auburn.  We shouldn’t take anything away from Auburn, they earned every win (even the miraculous ones) and are the rightful champs of the SEC.  However, this team was beaten by 2 touchdowns by LSU.  For those who lack perspective, LSU was beaten by Georgia, an injury decimated team that lost their first game of the season while fully healthy to Clemson, the bumbling underachievers of the ACC.  [Were it not for Steve Spurrier, Clemson would be wishing they were in the SEC instead of the ACC taking annual beatings from FSU… the past 2 seasons, the Tigers have already beaten Auburn, LSU AND Georgia, all consistent SEC contenders.]  So if the media puppets had any credibility at all, they would be talking more about what chain of catastrophic things must go wrong for FSU to manage to actually lose this game!
  • In building up the BCS Championship game, ESPN, USAToday and SEC-enamored media writers everywhere spend more time talking about how FSU must “find a way” to beat the SEC… as if they are playing the entire SEC rather than Auburn.  Outside of the fact that this reflects on the pathetic SEC homerism of these college football journalists, it also shows how ignorant they are about Florida State.  In the Jimbo Fisher era (since 2010), FSU is 4-1 against SEC powers (3-1 against University of Florida and 1-0 against South Carolina).  You may hear the media credit FSU for being “built like an SEC team”… but don’t let those SEC homers try to take credit for FSU.  Fisher is a disciple of Nick Saban.  FSU’s defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, who has built the nation’s best defense this season, came from Alabama.  FSU’s Heisman winning QB is from Alabama and came to FSU despite a heavy recruiting effort by Saban.  In fact,  Jimbo Fisher has been winning many recruiting battles against Nick Saban in Saban’s own home state.  So a more intelligent comment would be that FSU is built like an Alabama team.  FSU doesn’t have to worry about “beating the SEC”… Jimbo Fisher has shown he can handle the SEC just fine.  He just has to be able to beat a team from Alabama.

The perception of conference dominance forced on us by the SEC, ESPN and the rest of the lame-stream media obviously has its seeds planted in unfairly overrated preseason poll positioning.  However, the collusion created to prop up the SEC doesn’t end there.  It extends further to the current bowl setup.  Matchup formulations have ensured that SEC powers will always play a team ranked below them.  Just look at these bowl matchups for the other ranked SEC teams:

  • #21 Texas A&M against #24 Duke
  • #22 Georgia against unranked Nebraska
  • #16 LSU against unranked Iowa
  • #9 South Carolina against #19 Wisconsin
  • #3 Alabama against #11 Oklahoma
  • #8 Missouri against #13 Oklahoma State (actually the only matchup that seems appropriate)

So if the SEC finishes 4-3 in these bowls (including the BCS Title game), are we supposed to believe that further entrenches the notion that the SEC is a superior conference?  I don’t think so.  If we are going to be spoon-fed this nonsense all season that the SEC teams deserve to be ranked higher because their conference is so great, then they should have to play teams above their bloated ranking to prove it in the post season against non-SEC foes.  The current formula pairings need to go if the SEC really wants us to believe they are truly as dominant as they claim to be.  The SEC always playing lower ranked teams in the bowls and winning over 50% of those games do not prove to me nor should they prove to anyone else that the SEC deserves 5 teams in every year’s preseason Top 10.

As for the BCS title run, we believe this is the end of the line for the SEC.  Most SEC fans realize this as well, which is why we have seen SEC fans everywhere from Alabama to Tennessee to Florida to South Carolina all professing on Twitter that they are heading to Pasadena to root on the SEC, like the witless minions that they all are.  However, even several thousand Auburn-clad bums who never went to Auburn rooting on a team over conference infatuation cannot stop the inevitable.  Despite egregious collusion attempts by media and the NCAA, including a lowly concerted attempt by the media to smear the character of their greatest threat’s quarterback, we believe the best team in the SEC will still get beaten by the best team in the ACC.  Of course, nothing is absolute, as we are all aware that ref tampering could impact the national title game in Auburn’s favor, especially if the NCAA gives the order to protect the SEC at all costs.  But even if there are bad calls and an attempt to fix the game in favor of the SEC, we still do not believe it will be enough to save the Auburn Tigers (and apparently the SEC) from losing this game.

That isn’t all we predict.  We also predict that SEC fans will start claiming that Auburn was never the best team in the SEC and that Alabama would have beaten FSU… an argument that, even if it were true, would further prove how sad and pathetic the rest of the SEC is as they depend on Alabama almost entirely for their image.  Furthermore, when FSU defeats AU, we will not hear all the Garnet/Gold-clad fans in the Rose Bowl stadium chanting “A-C-C! A-C-C!”  Because unlike the numskulls in the SEC, the rest of college football’s fanbase actually roots for THEIR OWN team, not their conference.  And presuming Texas A&M beats Duke and LSU finds a way to get past ole rugged Iowa, their fans should stop chanting “S-E-C! S-E-C!” and start chanting for the real reason for their conference pride… “NICK-SABAN! NICK-SABAN!”


6 thoughts on “The End of the Line for the SEC

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  2. This column shows exactly why Southerners root for the SEC as a whole. Your rant is full of character assassinations and invective and hardly resembles anything that could pass for intelligent analysis. While we Southerners fight fiercely amongst ourselves (Bama-Auburn, USC-UGA, Florida-LSU), we get defensive when anyone wants to disparage us as a people and a community.

    I’m going to go Jungian on you!! Yes, the SEC is overrated, but they are still the deepest, best quality conference in the country. The difference these past few years has been that the rest of the country has been catching up. No one said the PAC 12, Big XII, et al was no good. The SEC is just better, and two close BCS losses does not change that. Injuries decimated two of our best programs, FL and GA, but the supposedly hopelessly one-dimensional took the allegedly unstoppable FSU to the limit, and Alabama was in position to force overtime against Oklahoma. We still had two top level bowl winners in Mizzou and TAMU (sorry, but they are ours, not B12), and boast the only school that beat two BCS winners, South Carolina. Even without their quarterback, LSU was a tough team. In short, even when playing the bad teams in conference, there are no gimme games. That is what makes ours the best conference. You don’t have to understand it, but you do need to respect it, because until we geg dethroned, it is still the best conference in the land.

    • Fair and eloquent retort. I don’t agree with your angle entirely, but I do respect it.

      However, I would add that your conference was in fact dethroned last year. Everyone not in the SEC knows it. Your two best teams were beaten by ACC and Big 12 powers, and your third best won a bowl game with a roster that was >75% composed of Big 12 players. South Carolina might have been the lone worthy team carrying an SEC banner last season, as they did in fact beat two BCS winners in season and a fairly solid OOC opponent in a bowl. Sorry to tell you, that didn’t sustain the SEC as the “best” top to bottom conference last year. It seems to be something you SEC chanters don’t seem to understand. Your mid-lower tier teams got crushed by OOC competition (and in one case even an FCS opponent), and your best teams were average at best on the big stage. Perhaps they will turn it around in 2014. But until then, SEC remains an overrated conference propped up by an enamored media and a money hungry entrepreneurial ESPN network.

      You can disagree, but it won’t make you right.

      • Oh, I agree; the SEC is overrated. Southern players are overrated. In fact, Southern weather is overrated. Midwesterners should avoid Southern vacations due to the overrated weather. College football recruiters should avoid Southern players, as they are overrated. Leave all the Southern players in The South and let’s see who wins all the national championships, then. Oh, wait, The South already wins them all.

    • I love the logic here. “We started screaming S-E-C in your face and telling you Vandy could beat your conference champs and when you called us dumb-asses for saying this it hurt our gentle feelings which caused us to defend ourselves and scream S-E-C in your face and remind you that Vandy could beat your conference champs.”

      Yall know, just like the “war of northern aggression”-you started this BS. Its not like anyone was saying….”Oh, the SEC is so weak, they suck sooo bad….Indiana and wazzu and iowa state could totally beat bama on any given day.” In fact, its not like anyone is saying that now…although indiana did beat mizzo (who with 2 games left is still in the running for the east)………envision my two hands in your face with all fingers spread out screaming B-I-G…B-I-G….B-I-G! Its not like anyone gets up in your face and screams BIG-10 or PAC-12, or BIG-12. But, every OOC TEAM fan traveler has experienced this from your fan base and for that reason we hate you. We don’t hate your teams or your players. Its not their fault that you suck as fans. We love watching them play and respect their talent. It is you, your lying, your attitude, and your behavior that we hate. It is also the network that promotes that behavior that we hate because they are using you as useful idiots and hurting the game.

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