Criminal Talent Recruitment and Media Collusion Make Strange Bedfellows Indeed


While we oft dispute the declaration that the SEC is the king of college football, we do not refute the fact that their conference teams are the kings of the high school football recruiting trail. In our article “Dirty Pool” (, we point out the absurdity that even lowly doormat SEC teams like Vanderbilt and Tennessee are out-recruiting nationally traditional powerhouse teams like Notre Dame and Oklahoma on an annual basis. It is more than perplexing, it is downright suspicious. The trends in recent years, however, indicate that these 4 and 5 star recruits are not only the most talented high school players in the nation, they are the most criminally inclined in the nation. The fact that young, naïve, gifted athletes are inclined to make criminal choices is not a surprising realization. It happens at every university in every state in the U.S. However, the mere magnitude by which how many of these criminally inclined athletes are choosing SEC programs begins to make us all step back and take note. Why are such athletes more taken in by the lure of playing at an SEC program than anywhere else in the nation? Are they being promised softer sentences for criminal “mistakes” that they will likely make during their time at the school? Are they being guaranteed no NCAA investigations if they accept illegal benefits from boosters and other rogue agents (see aforementioned “Dirty Pool” article again)? Are they enticed by the mainstream media and ESPN, who protect the SEC at the expense of their journalistic integrity for all the world to see? The questions mount.

Our critics (i.e. the half-wit SEC chanters) were quick to point out in response to our “Dirty Pool” article that “all colleges have criminal athletes” so we should “get over it” and “stop acting jealous and butthurt.” So we chose to see if these twitter nitwits actually had a point and did the research ourselves. What we found was a problem even worse than we had imagined.

The website tracks athlete arrests in every sport, both college and professional. Each year the SEC conference has blown away every other NCAA conference and even entire professional sports leagues in the number of athletes arrested. The problem is most glaring in the sport of college football. Keeping in mind it is only mid July as this article is being printed, in this year alone so far there have been 60 (yes, 60!) arrests of SEC team athletes, with 48 of those arrests being of college football team players. To put that into perspective, 116 total college SPORTS athletes have been arrested thus far in 2014. This means that 52% of ALL college sports athletes arrested are coming from the SEC, and a staggering 41% of ALL college sports athletes arrested are coming from the SEC football teams alone!!! There have been 265 arrests in all of sports this year. One fifth of the arrests in all of sports (including professional and college, in everything from football to MMA to Lacrosse) are coming from the FOOTBALL TEAMS of the SEC!!! This is downright appalling. While the fact that the NCAA hasn’t taken note is not a shock given the depth of NCAA’s history of collusion with the SEC (again, see aforementioned article), the even more disturbing fact that nobody is batting an eyelash in the mainstream media about this huge blemish on the conference’s “resume of greatness” speaks volumes about the SEC-biased homerism within the media’s ranks.

Everyone knows the massive hard-on that ESPN as a network has for the SEC, so it should be no surprise when they refuse to cover stories like this. Their latest financial partnership with the SEC Network only adds to the collusion. During SEC Media Days on July 17th, “the ESPN executive who is in charge of the SEC Network said negative news developments would be reported but suggested the reports would not necessarily be in-depth“ ( Translated: There will be no negative broadcasts coming from ESPN about the SEC, since clearly it risks damaging their financial investments. This is a drastic difference in policy in how ESPN deals with the rest of sports’ juiciest TMZ-style gossip. I’m sure we all remember last season, when ESPN spent a large portion of their college football broadcasts hashing, rehashing, and re-rehashing speculative rape accusations on FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston over a case that never even garnered enough evidence to lead to charges. ESPN College Gameday even went as far as to interview the Florida state attorney prosecutor live on their broadcast WHILE the state attorney’s office was still trying to find enough evidence to bring the charges. Talk about muck-raking! ESPN put TMZ to shame last season!

But not when it comes to the SEC Network, they say. Their executives want to be very clear that if you want the raw, ugly truth about their darling SEC, you better look somewhere else. Because they aren’t going “in depth” on anything that may hurt their beloved cash cow. And certainly you can’t expect that they would anyway. Every ESPN reporter put on the SEC Network assignment is a big homer, and the biggest, Paul Finebaum, just wrote a book called “My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Rules College Football.” Can the partiality of this relationship between ESPN and the SEC get any more obvious than that?!

No worries. ESPN and the rest of the mainstream media can keep on giving fellatio to the paper tiger they have created. Their credibility is shot at this point anyway, we no longer expect them to display impartial unbiased journalistic integrity. We don’t need their faux news stories and their shiny SEC praise, even though we know they will continue to pour it on to give all the ammo needed for that sham of a College Football Playoff Committee (whose leader has already told us we should expect two SEC teams in the four team grouping every year). You can keep Paul Finebaum, Brent Musberger, Jessie Palmer, and the rest of your SEC-protective media hacks. Leave the real journalism to us.

Just remember. Someone out here is paying attention and doing the job YOU should be doing. The SEC WILL be exposed yet again. And you will be exposed with them. We are united. And we are watching you. ALL of you.


4 thoughts on “Criminal Talent Recruitment and Media Collusion Make Strange Bedfellows Indeed

  1. Oh, I agree; the SEC is overrated. Southern players are overrated. In fact, Southern weather is overrated. Midwesterners should avoid Southern vacations due to the overrated weather. College football recruiters should avoid Southern players, as they are overrated. Leave all the Southern players in The South and let’s see who wins all the national championships, then. Oh, wait, The South already wins them all.

    • You don’t say?
      The south can’t find a good QB with a search warrant and the Ohio state university has 3.
      Maybe the South should have left Trey depriest in Ohio where he could have won something.
      Maybe Nick saban will stop recruiting in Ohio now that you let the secret out.
      Or maybe the South could actually sac up and play a game up north since northern teams are expected to play down south.
      Or maybe your southern players are too soft?
      Is that why it hasn’t happened in over 23 years?
      Tell us why Florida never leaves the state after October. Inquiring minds want to know…

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