The SEC is (STILL) Overrated in College Football


It has been an exciting past couple months leading up to this week’s start of college football season. Clearly the SEC chanting minions have been reinvigorated by the recent release of their all powerful SEC Network, promulgated by the biggest corporate SEC-chanter of them all, ESPN. Yes, the same obnoxious SEC chanters of social media that made your lives hell before January 2014 have returned in droves and are pretending the 2013 season didn’t happen. Some have set their attack targets on our twitter site. And in turn they are getting knocked back down flat on their corn-fed asses. But we will get to that later…

Let’s first get down to the nitty gritty. The SEC is yet again overrated in college football. Everyone whose father is not also their uncle knows this. The 24 hour a day love fest known as the SEC Network, created by ESPN to brainwash their sheeple viewership, doesn’t change that fact. The SEC chanters think resting on four teams’ national championship laurels over the past decade and beating up teams ranked much lower than them in bowl matchups should be enough to earn them an automatic #1 Conference banner every season no matter what happens. Sorry to tell you kids, it doesn’t work that way. So the SEC chanters on twitter want facts. Well be careful what you ask for boys and girls, because you are about to get it.

Reasons Why the SEC is Overrated:

1) Overhyped Preseason by the Media– Every year the SEC is overrated early on in order to ensure that victories rocket them higher up the ranking ladder while losses won’t drop them too far in the polls, setting up this façade of top-to-bottom greatness. It often appears to be very random which SEC teams are thrown into the preseason rankings, evidenced by how every team other than Alabama ends up no better or far worse than unranked teams in the conference by the end of the year. One year ago we published an article explaining how it worked for them in 2012. Here is how it worked in 2013: The AP poll had 5 SEC teams in the Top 10. ( Of those 5, all but two had 4 or more losses, and one team had a losing record (second year in a row we have seen a SEC Preseason Top 10 team end with a losing record). Auburn was NOT the best one loss team in the nation last year, yet was treated like they were simply because of the massively overrated teams they beat to get to their over-bloated ranking they had prior to the Alabama game. It looks like in 2014, things are going to be more of the same. This season there is a record EIGHT teams from the SEC in the AP Top 25. (Should we guess now or later how many of these teams end up with a losing record? Our guess right now is 2.) With the four team playoff bracket looming, the media has stacked the box beyond a doubt to make people convinced that the SEC is powerful and that each one of their games has much larger implications than in fact they should. We aren’t the only ones who see the obvious trend of the inappropriate preseason ranking placement of these SEC teams, as Sterling Cooper so well points out in his recent article entitled “Why the SEC is Bullshit” (

Let’s start with how the polling system is biased. Most people will claim that preseason polling is useless and has no real bearing on the game. This is certainly true if you look at polls as indicators of how teams will shake out in the season. However, they’re extremely important in terms of maintaining a ranking. See, it’s much harder to climb the polls as the season goes on if you were underrated going in. Conversely, if you start in the top 10 and play in the SEC, you have to REALLY shit the bed to drop out of the rankings. It’s because the conference itself is set up to allow that…
Oklahoma stomped Alabama in their bowl game last year. Naturally, since Oklahoma is returning its quarterback and most of its starters–while ‘Bama lost a slew of its best players, including its four-year starting quarterback–OU will be ranked higher than Alabama, and Alabama will be appropriately placed in the preseason polls.
Oh wait, Alabama’s ranked No. 2 somehow? And Georgia is 12, even after going 8-5 last year and losing Aaron Murray.
Same bullshit, different year.

Yes. Yes it is.

2) The SEC is building their Out of Conference Reputation on mostly FCS and Sun Belt teams

– We are told that one of the biggest reasons for the SEC attention is their “top to bottom” greatness, reflected by their mid-pack and doormat teams winning most of their non-conference matchups. This is misleading to a fault. We tallied up the 56 out of conference games to be played by all the teams in the SEC this 2014 season. 43% of these out of conference games are against either FCS (25%) or Sun Belt conference (18%) schools! (For those of you new to the college football world, the Sun Belt Conference is largely regarded as the worst conference in FBS and is made up largely of teams that were FCS programs within the past few years.) Only 19% of SEC OOC games are against the “major conferences” (ACC, Big12, B1G, & PAC-12). So how does the SEC’s 19% stack up against the other 4 “power” conferences?


Conference % of 2014 Out of Conference Games against other Power Conferences

SEC 19%
ACC 34%
Big Ten 34%
PAC-12 35%
Big 12 37%

So as you can see, it is clear which conference is dodging competition during the regular season. Their excuse of course is because of their “intense” intra-conference competition… but, as we pointed out above, that is merely a facade propagated by preseason rankings of SEC teams over-inflated by the media. Once again, our eloquent friend Sterling Cooper points this annual trend out quite well:

The SEC is almost like a commune in the way that it mutually weakens itself in order to raise up the whole. (That’s right, SEC fans. I just compared your conference to a hippie, communist retreat.) See, the conference realizes that if it only plays a minimal number of games against the teams that make it up and schedules only powderpuff teams as its non-conference opponents, it can preserve the “competitive integrity” of the conference. It’s easy to write off a loss as acceptable when it’s against “yet another powerhouse SEC team.” You’ll have teams end up with 9-3 and 8-4 records that still easily rank in the top 25, which is ridiculous, given that half of their wins are against garbage teams and their three losses are to “premier” teams within their own conference. The only reason that they’re considered premier is because they started that way in the first place. It’s like a snake eating its own tail, except the tail is a dick, and the snake’s mouth is every ESPN mouthpiece paid to laud the SEC’s deified status.


3) The SEC has NOT dominated the other power conferences as much as you think- It should be no surprise that the SEC chooses to duck playing the other “power” conferences. Their mediocrity against most of these conferences throughout the BCS era is well documented. Since the SEC chanters don’t trust our “sources”, we will give them an exerpt from a source they trust, their SEC shill network ESPN, on this issue:

From the start of the BCS era in 1998 to its end in 2013, SEC teams went .500 against Pac-12 teams during the regular season (13-13), were only slightly better than the Big Ten in bowl games (23-21) and had a losing record against Big 12 teams during the regular season (8-12).

In fact, the best thing to happen to the SEC during conference realignment might have been the dissolution of the Big East. During the BCS era, Big East teams went 20-17 against SEC teams in the regular season and 8-5 in bowl games. For whatever reason, Big East schools seemed to have the SEC’s number more than anyone else.
Sure, SEC teams hoisted the most crystal football trophies during the BCS era, but are you really that dominant when you can’t beat the mediocre Big East on a regular basis?

And if the SEC is really that good, how did Missouri win the SEC East in its second season in the league? The Tigers were an above-average team in the Big 12, but few people expected them to contend in the SEC so quickly.
Four teams largely carried the SEC’s flag during its recent dominance: Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Florida. Under coach Steve Spurrier, South Carolina has been better than it ever was, but the Gamecocks still haven’t won an SEC championship. Florida and Tennessee have been sinking ships, and Georgia can’t seem to get over the hump.

The SEC’s best teams might be great every season, but its overall record against the other Power Five conferences suggests it might not be as dominant as we believed.


Face it folks, you’ve all been duped. You’ve been hoodwinked. You’ve been bamboozled. The SEC is overrated and most of you let the agenda-driven lame-stream media manipulate you for several years now. Time to wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

Now time for our editorial rant… pay attention social media SEC chanters, this is about YOU!

It is rather amusing. Following the embarrassing exposure of the SEC following last season’s BCS games, the same lunatics that attacked our @SEC_Exposed Twitter site relentlessly through the 2013 season suddenly disappeared for nearly 8 months. It was kind of lonely in the twittersphere without these guys, we must admit. But within hours of the arrival of the SEC network, the overblown confidence of these small witted conference chanters had returned to its old form again. By the dozens, the nitwits attacked via Twitter. Auburn fans chanted about “their” seven consecutive national titles. Arkansas fans chanted about “their” record number of teams in the AP Top 25 preseason poll. Bama fans chanted about “their” superior strength of schedule. We even got attacked for an accidental misspelling during one of our rapid fire tweet responses. (By the way, it’s the ultimate insult when a SEC fan has to correct your spelling or grammar, considering neither of those is a required skill in their colleges.) Most detractors ignore their critics. But not us. We started this anarchy movement to expose the SEC over a year ago, so we feel it is our responsibility to educate the uneducated. (After all, when the Grinch is stripping you of your Christmas, you have a right to ask him why.) So we tell the nitwits what they don’t want to hear. We remind each dolt about why their precious SEC is overrated and we consistently reference our articles when they ask us to “prove it”. One particularly unintelligent Bama fan recently was more persistent than the rest. First he refused to read the articles because he insisted we made up all the statistics. Everyone who reads our blog knows that we reference ALL of our facts with hyperlinks to reputable reference pages. Well, this Bama fan was not deterred with that answer. So his next excuse for not reading our references was because we didn’t give him our “name.” (For those new to our blog, this site was created by a group of anonymous bloggers who were tired of the overhype and overrated attention of the SEC… i.e. we are “haters” of the SEC. Each article is vetted and edited by the entire group before publication. Only 2 of us share social media operations responsibility.) This Bama fan decided that he was not going to accept anything we say if he didn’t have our personal identification information available to him. That’s right folks. It looks like we have finally gotten to the loons and now they want to hunt the creators of our site down and make us pay for exposing them. How predictable. These are of course the same whack jobs who poison their rivals’ trees as revenge for beating them. When intelligence fails, barbarians revert back to the only thing they know. Violence and retribution. Unbeknownst to these knuckle-dragging SEC homers, this was precisely the reason our authors have remained anonymous. So sorry to disappoint you Neanderthals, but if you don’t have the verbal wit to hang with us, go back to your mom’s basement and resume playing your college football video games. If you don’t like what we write, don’t read it. Go watch the SEC Network 24 hours a day and pretend that is all that exists in the world.

Some would think that our reason for anonymity is unnecessarily paranoid. Well, we witnessed a few FSU fans early this month who might not agree. One snaggle-toothed Bama fan started a twitter argument with a female FSU tweeter because she was disparaging Finebaum and his moronic show callers. But when she and a few of her “#FSUTwitter” compadres got the best of this dim witted SEC chanter in the twitter debate, the inbred Bama lunatic began making personal threats insinuating that these specific FSU fans should watch out for a “package” he was sending them via mail, and that they better be careful leaving their homes unattended during FSU football games because he now knew where they lived. Of course, he deleted the threats within minutes, but not before our crew and probably many others on twitter got some screen shots of this ass clown’s tweets. This Bama nut wasn’t the only one exhibiting this behavior. Since the launch of the SEC Network, and that shill Finebaum’s show on the network, we have witnessed multiple crazy SEC fans threatening bodily harm and in one case even tracking down family member names of their critics on twitter. While most of these attacks have been against FSU fans (who SEC fans have good reason to be jealous of), what we have seen in the past three weeks reinforces why our anonymity remains necessary at SEC Exposed. When you back a caged ape in a corner, they only know one reaction, and that is aggression and violence. They can’t fight us using words when they have an IQ of 42. These social media SEC chanters are nothing more than dim-witted caged apes. And those caged apes are outraged that they can’t track down one of the few social media entities with the balls to call out their overrated conference sham. Which is why SEC Exposed is here to stay, and there is nothing they can do about it. And these dolts can keep bringing it, we will take whatever they dish out and keep giving it right back to them even better.

We do need to point out that NOT all fans of SEC schools are dim-witted numb-nuts. However we do feel that the gloating, chanting fans of the SEC as a conference are some of the dumbest people we will ever come across. The practice of rooting for a conference when the team you supposedly represent as a fan base has either carried that conference or been a doormat of that conference is the most asinine of all behaviors. Most of our insults are very tongue-in-cheek and even at times cliché about the South in general. But deep down, we all know that not all Alabama grads are inbred trolls living in their moms’ basements or Neanderthal slack jawed knuckle-draggers who lack a dental plan. We know that not all Florida fans are jorts-wearing pizza delivery boys or unemployed reality show crybabies. All we do know is that if you are dumb enough to try to argue with us about the greatness of a CONFERENCE in COLLEGE FOOTBALL, then all you are doing is proving to us that you are just as dumb as the stereotype we paint of you. And for any of you out there who don’t believe these people are idiots, please, oh PLEASE, just watch at least one hour of that long ass horrible Finebaum show on the SEC Network. The callers are so unintelligible, so idiotic, and in many cases so rabidly psychotic, that you can even see Finebaum himself cringing as his credibility dies a little more with each phone call. If Finebaum likes being the ring leader of this Deliverance meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre Circus, then so be it. But don’t get mad at the rest of us for calling you people out for your simple-mindedness. You wanna put us on blast? We will give you the truth and put you on your ass. Every. Time.