SEC Survives Week 1, Does Little to Disprove Overrated Perception


As the first weekend of college football has drawn to a close, the SEC chanters are loud and proud, proclaiming their conference’s greatness has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt!  The SEC teams went 8-1 this weekend in their matches against nonconference foes (playing teams that they were favored to defeat) and they couldn’t be happier.


This finally proves once and for all that the SEC is not overrated in 2014.  Right?


There were some bright spots and some teams who made fairly impressive statements this weekend, anyone with eyes can see that.  However, the SEC did NOT prove that they are not vastly overrated this year.  And here are the reasons why:

  • Top to Bottom Better than the rest? I don’t think so…  SEC Chanters claim that this conference is top to bottom the best in the nation.  Well top to bottom cannot ignore how bad the bottom really is.  Vanderbilt got blown out AT HOME to the tune of 37-7 by the doormat of the AAC, Temple.  This is the same Temple team that only had two wins last season and was not projected to do a whole lot better this season due to having one of the least amounts of returning starters in all the AAC.  Count Vanderbilt as yet another cupcake on every other SEC team’s overrated schedule this season.
  • The SEC West is not so deep that it could compete in the NFL, Finebaum! Of course SEC chanters are loving this idea that the depth of the SEC West is light years ahead of every other team in the nation.  Strange to see how they could come up with that based on just one game, but they did.  Texas A&M, the Big 12 transplant that has made this overrated conference better ever since their addition, continues to surprise folks with their dominance over other overrated SEC foes.  This week it was South Carolina who took the punch in the mouth, getting bulldozed by TAMU 52-28 at home.  Kenny Hill had a pretty stellar day, passing for 511 yards.  Hill proved to us all why Manziel isn’t so special after all and how much the great SEC Defense myth is a big joke.  While we all must admit TAMU really did impress on Thursday night, there is no way that alone makes the SEC West’s depth a thing of awe.  Auburn put a bad Arkansas team away after struggling for a half.  Alabama fought for their life to survive a middle-of-the-pack Big 12 also-ran West Virginia team who they were favored to beat by 23 but were lucky to escape winning by 10 after giving up 365 passing yards to Mountaineer quarterback Clint Trickett.  LSU got their tails kicked for three quarters by the Big Ten’s 3rd or 4th best team Wisconsin before waking up and squeaking out a 4th quarter comeback to win 28-24.  Ole Miss clung to a one point lead well into the 4th quarter against a bad looking Mountain West team, Boise St, who had 5 losses last season yet were able to put up 399 yards on Ole Miss while picking off their overrated QB Wallace three times.  Look folks, a win is a win.  But the SEC West looked hardly dominant in any of these non-conference showdowns that they were all favored to win solidly, and were just a couple ball bounces away from some really embarrassing week 1 upsets. 
  • Not every SEC team is overrated, but a majority of the 8 ranked teams are… We are some of the most vocal haters of the SEC chanters, but even we can admit when we see talented teams. Three SEC teams established that they are not overrated and in fact may be underrated this season: LSU, Georgia and Texas A&M.  While we did mention how LSU struggled and were even getting beaten 24-7 at one point to Wisconsin, it takes a great team to regroup and claw back in the last quarter for a victory.  Wisconsin might be the 3rd or 4th best team in the Big Ten this year, but they are still a very respected perennially ranked  “Power  5” conference team.  LSU should get some points for this one.  We already mentioned what TAMU did against South Carolina.  Despite the obvious fact that South Carolina is vastly overrated simply based on their terrible defense, you have to be for real to walk into Steve Spurrier’s house and take him to the woodshed like that.  Kenny Hill could be the next first year starter phenom, the third in three years, to take the college football world by storm.  Unfortunately for all of us, we won’t know for sure for quite a while, as TAMU now enters one of the softest cupcake game runs imaginable, taking on Lamar, Rice and SMU in the coming month and not facing a quality conference opponent until mid-October.  Georgia, meanwhile, took on a ranked Clemson team and won convincingly 45-21 at home.  Clemson managed to hang around for 3 quarters before Georgia could put them away behind a impressive showing by their running back Gurley.  It is becoming very clear that Georgia is the best team in the SEC East.  Of course, as usual, the media is already prepared to write Georgia in to the playoff games based on this game.  But dare we be the voice of reason and point out that Georgia won a game at home that they were favored in against the 2nd best team in the Atlantic Division of the ACC.  So let’s not get carried away just yet.  5 teams look overrated following this weekend.  Alabama’s struggles to defeat a West Virginia team that was 4-8 last season, only managing to win 2 games in the Big 12, and expected to be in the bottom third of the Big 12 this season, have exposed a lot about the Crimson Tide.  They did not look like the #2 team in the nation, and in fact looked like they don’t even belong in the Top 10.  Auburn, Missouri, and Ole Miss were far from impressive in their matches.  Missouri and Auburn still await their only out of conference tests, against UCF and Kansas State respectively.  Ole Miss, after their bumbling victory over Boise State, will likely never have to get exposed out of conference this year since they only face a pile of cupcakes in Louisiana-Lafayette, Memphis and the Presbyterian Church. 
  • The SEC still has managed to avoid the top teams in the other Power 5 conferences… LSU came the closest to playing a respected top tier opponent this past weekend.  But even so, LSU was still playing the 3rd or 4th best team in the Big Ten.  What that means at this point, it is clearly too early to tell since we don’t know if LSU will win the SEC West or just be part of its over-hyped “depth” .  But what we are seeing is that the SEC’s best (by their own standards, Alabama) was having a hard time matching up with a lower tier Big 12 opponent.  And the SEC isn’t playing anyone from the PAC 12.  And let’s be honest, FSU is the only reason the ACC is a Power 5 conference, so until someone in the SEC beats FSU (who has won 4 of their last 5 against the SEC has to offer) they aren’t earning cyber high-fives when they manage to beat these other ACC teams. 


So our analysis?  Week 1 hasn’t proven anything to anybody.  To be fair though, it also hasn’t proven that the SEC isn’t the best conference in college football.  When its all said and done at the end of this season, they may be.  They just haven’t proven that they are yet either.  Moreover, all of that doesn’t negate the fact that the SEC is STILL an overrated conference, getting outrageous accolades that have not been completely earned.   We urge the SEC chanting miscreants to continue attacking our site, gloating about your self-annointed greatness.  Just know that you aren’t fooling us or anyone else outside of the SEC bubble.  Your conference looked good but average, taking care of business that they were expected to take care of against opponents who most likely are not good enough to be ranked by the end of this season (with the possible only exception of Wisconsin).  And Vanderbilt reminded us all that the SEC is merely a collection of a few top heavy talents (just like most other conferences) who carry the small schools with them on their backs.  Rest easy though Vanderbilt fans.  We know the rest of the season is still going to be fun as you all don your Alabama and Auburn shirts for the remainder of the season and cheer wildly for the SEC. 

We are counting on it!  And on laughing at you when we see it happen.


2 thoughts on “SEC Survives Week 1, Does Little to Disprove Overrated Perception

  1. Oh, I agree; the SEC is overrated. Southern players are overrated. In fact, Southern weather is overrated. Midwesterners should avoid Southern vacations due to the overrated weather. College football recruiters should avoid Southern players, as they are overrated. Leave all the Southern players in The South and let’s see who wins all the national championships, then. Oh, wait, The South already wins them all.

    Attitude of BIAS. They simply think that their excrement does not stink, that they are the bees knees, that they should be crowned national champion each and every year, and , quite simply, that ANY team from ANY of the other great conferences in the college system , should not, does not and cannot match up to them. PERIOD. ALL THAT IS A BUNCH of BULLSHIT, and ALL intelligent fans know it and agree.
    It really is, since we all know that their viewpoint is just based on the biased attitudes of one section of the nation of the country to which this attitude matters, only to those that love the SEC.,and no one else!
    My gripe with the SEC is that before 1998-9, no one ever heard or even cared about the conference that calls itself the SEC. No one thought of the post season, let alone having a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game. I grew up watching the original 6 bowl games played in January of each new year. That was when football was fun to watch in the post season.
    Then the jackals of the SEC came along and , in their chaw filled, cancer of the lip having, KKK loving disease infested minds, they came up with the disaster of the new Milennium… NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP , that was first powered by the first disaster of the decades…. The HATED BCS , and then recently, the joke that is a 4 game playoff bracket.
    We out in the West Coast, home of the glorious Pac12 Conference, ( currently represented by #4 Washington Huskies in this current playoff race,) , and also the strong and tempered Mountain West Conference cannot stand the SEC. We don’t watch any of the games on their network, and hope each season that they lose. And whenever they play in the national championship game, like they will again this year( yawn!!!), we don’t ever watch those games. Why should we? How boring is that?
    They want to be as biased and hating of the other conferences as they are? Fine! Pay the price, just keep in mind , hated SEC, that we loathe you as much as you loathe us. Our conferences are just as good as you( think you are), we have more class, our students are more intelligent, and our football makes it fun to watch . PERIOD.

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