Propaganda Parades, Poll Collusion, and Playoff Committee Manipulation


The propaganda parade is under way. We told you before the season it would happen. Hell, we told you during LAST season it would happen. There was never a doubt that the SEC-enamored media, led by the financially invested ESPN network, would work season-long to assure complete corruption of the college football playoff committee in only their first year. It began with the endless preseason advertising of the SEC Network, a venture that promises to make ESPN tons and tons of cash should the SEC remain the most successfully perceived brand in college athletics. Then the media played along by banding together to rank a record EIGHT SEC Teams in the Top 25 of the major polls, a move that all but assures their leap-frogging act during regular season will land 5 or more in the top 10 by season’s end. As the season has gotten underway, ESPN and other lame-stream media sportscasters and writers have been plugging away the SEC praise, pouring on the propaganda about the SEC’s historic “dominance” over the rest of the power 5 over the past decade (see our last article). Endless playoff scenarios keep getting broadcast by ESPN, all including 2 or more SEC teams in the final four playoff. It’s like we are watching a political campaign with all of the campaigning being done for only one candidate. As a result, now only into the fourth week of the season, we are already seeing the fruits of these labors in full bloom as FIVE SEC West Teams have stormed the AP Top 10, and 7 SEC teams in general sit in the Top 15. And we are being told to believe it is because of what they’ve done on the field so far. But have they really done as much as we are being forced to believe?

We would like to believe all the media propaganda isn’t going to influence the playoff committee. But let’s be realistic. Of course it will. When this committee releases its first polls in late October, who among us believes they will actually veer drastically from the AP poll? Who among us believes they don’t watch ESPN and thus listen to the consistent bashing of every conference that is not the SEC? Who among us believes that if so much as one high profile non-SEC team stumbles in any game they play (particularly FSU, Oregon, or Oklahoma), there will not be a guarantee of one-loss SEC team(s) in the playoff? And most importantly, who among us believes that if the FBS played a REAL playoff like the FCS does, that the SEC wouldn’t get the biggest dose of humble pie in history by being forced to actually play the best of the best OOC in the end?
The media voters and the E$PN propaganda machinations have virtually assured us now that there will be two SEC teams now in this pre-determined playoff sham, and if too many more college football upsets occur like the ones we saw the past two weeks, there could even be more! The insane question we have to ask ourselves at this point is, what the hell has the SEC proven to us to have earned this virtual guarantee so early? Let’s try to look at what has earned them this incredible validation by the masses by Week 4…

As of Sept 16, 2014, the SEC is 27-2 in non-conference games. As first glance that seems pretty damn impressive. No other conference has those kinds of numbers. But who exactly have they played that has created this notion of outright global domination? In three weeks of play, the 14 SEC teams combined have only played just FIVE GAMES against Power 5 opponents. Here are those opponents:

#1) 14th ranked Wisconsin (defeated by LSU 28-24 in Week 1)- Wisconsin likely 2nd-3rd best team in the Big Ten. LSU was favored.

#2) 16th ranked Clemson (defeated at Georgia 45-21 in Week 1)- Clemson likely 2nd-3rd best team in the ACC; Georgia likely the best team in the SEC East. Georgia was favored.

#3) Unranked West Virginia (defeated by Alabama 33-23 in Week 1)- West Virginia likely 4th-5th best team in the Big 12; Alabama is regarded as best team in SEC. Alabama was heavily favored.

#4) Unranked Texas Tech (defeated by Arkansas 49-28 in Week 3)- Texas Tech is likely in the bottom third of the Big 12; Arkansas too is in the bottom third of the SEC (likely 5th best team in SEC West). The line on this game was EVEN just prior to kickoff.

#5) 4th ranked Oklahoma (beats Tennessee 34-10 in Week 3)- Oklahoma is likely the best team in the Big 12; Tennessee is likely the 4th-5th best team in the SEC East. Oklahoma was favored.

Now how about the other 23 victories by the big, bad SEC? Here is where those great wins came from:

FCS- 5
Conference USA- 5
Sun Belt- 4
Mid-American- 4
Mountain West- 3
AAC- 2

Oh, and then of course we have the loss by Vanderbilt to The AAC doormat Temple.

ANALYSIS: The SEC is 4-1 in Power 5 play, so far best record of any conference. But unlike every other conference, the SEC played down to its competition in nearly every one of those games. The one game they were not favored to win, they lost it BIG. But we aren’t discrediting every SEC team victory here. Two SEC team wins we feel actually were fairly respectable against OOC competition… the LSU and Arkansas victories specifically. Mainly because these teams defeated relatively similar positioned counterparts in their opponents’ respective conferences. The teams beaten by the SEC are not exactly juggernauts either. Clemson is an overrated shell of it’s 2013 team and will likely end the year unranked with 4 or more losses. Texas Tech will likely finish under .500 in the lower third of the Big 12. Wisconsin is an upper tier team but playing in what has shown to be arguably the worst conference in the Power 5 so far this season. West Virginia is a mid tier Big 12 member. These are not the types of opponents you defeat and pound your chest about invincibility over. Especially not after we just witnessed one of the perennially weak Power 5 conferences, the ACC, play games in which their middle of the road members knocked off one of the best Big Ten AND one of the best PAC-12 teams in consecutive weeks. I haven’t seen any middle of the road SEC teams do anything like that. The one team that had a chance to pull an actual similar upset for the SEC (Tennessee) got their teeth kicked in by SEC bully Oklahoma.

Just to be clear, we aren’t saying the SEC teams aren’t making a better showing in football SO FAR this season than the other conferences. It would be foolish to say that. All we are saying at this point so early in the season is that the SEC as a whole has not been facing the kind of top level OOC competition that should be earning it the right to occupy literally HALF of the AP Top 14! With the top dog upsets we have seen across the board in just the past three weeks (basically because other conferences’ best are willing to play quality Power 5 opponents), none of the other conferences have really been able to establish a right to claim that they are the “best” or “better” than the SEC. At least not yet. But at least they are trying by not shying away from stronger tests out of conference. The SEC rather is building up a resume of beating up on mostly smaller guys, and then claiming they are the best top to bottom when their own guys start beating up on each other. This tired little manipulation game of theirs is an annual tradition that we have come to expect and it is no longer fooling any of us. Except of course for the shills at ESPN and their money-grab SEC Network. And as long as the AP poll keeps rewarding them for it, and as long as E$PN keeps advertising SEC greatness on every one of their social media platforms, we can be assured that the manipulation will carry right over into the playoff committee’s selection process.

This week doesn’t look too bleak for what’s left of this ho-hum early season SEC OOC schedule either. In Week 4, Auburn (2nd or 3rd best team in SEC West) will face a mid to low tier Big 12 Kansas State program. So we can expect a massive amount of chest pounding by the SEC Chanters on twitter after this one as well, I’m sure.

Keep bringing it chanting trolls. Continue bragging about other teams’ accomplishments. Stay loud and proud and arrogant as ever. And keep praying that the media manipulators assure the SEC to occupy the entire 4 team playoff bracket so that your beloved top teams never have to risk being challenged. Just realize when the time comes that one of your juggernauts has to face one of the OOC big boys of college football with all the chips on the table, we will be there. Ready to show the world how once AGAIN you overrated frauds were EXPOSED!


31 thoughts on “Propaganda Parades, Poll Collusion, and Playoff Committee Manipulation

  1. Rather than your same bullshit rhetoric about SEC teams being overrated, or posting SEC only stats as if the other conferences weren’t playing and beating (and losing) to smaller schools, please enlighten us on who should be ranked ahead of them? It’s incredibly easy to chant overrated every single time a stat involving the SEC is shown on tv but that’s all it is is bullshit rhetoric unless you can make a case for which teams deserve to be ranked ahead of them. I already asked you to post a weekly top 25 to show us “inbred chanters” what an unbiased top 25 poll would look like but you declined, probably because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall! You need me on that wall! So let’s figure this out, shall we. I’m here to help.

    Michigan State? Their only win was over an FCS team and they lost by 19 in their only other game. But Oregon is great you say. They beat MSU (which hasn’t proven anything) at home, and have two wins over Wyoming and South Dakota. I personally believe Oregon is deserving of its ranking but when losing by 19 to a good team is your only argument, you have no argument. UCLA? Sure, you can make an argument they should maybe swap w Ole Miss. Maybe. That’s a dramatic two spot flip. And logically, I’d assume that the writers have dropped UCLA a few spots because they had such high expectations preseason and have looked extremely average thus far. Or maybe its because the writer’s have an agenda and needed to bump them a few spots to make room for another SEC team. Yep, that definitely sounds like the more realistic reason.

    ASU? Beat Colorado, New Mexico and Weber State. Impressive. (That was sarcasm, it’s not impressive). Stanford? Stanford is good. They lost to USC by scoring 10 points despite, what was it, 6 or 7 possessions in the redzone? Their other two wins were over UC Davis and Army.Sorry but Stanford shouldn’t even be as high as it is, seeing as how its ahead of the team it lost to. Speaking of, USC, the Trojans are back! Oops. Just gave up 932 rushing yards (all numbers approximate) in a loss to Boston College Next up is Wisconsin, ranked 19, mostly for playing LSU close. Their lone victory was over W Illinois, whatever that is. KSU is 2-0, beating conference foe ISU by 4 and defeating SF Austin, a fun party school located in Nacogdoches, Tx. Fun fact, I had my first beer at a party at SF Austin. You also said in this very article that KSU was a “mid to low tier team in the Big 12.” Can’t exactly now claim they deserve to be up in the top 15 now can we?

    BYU? Now there’s an underrated team. Or are they? Beating UCONN, eh. Beating Houston by one possession? The same Houston that by 20 to UTSA. They did crush the Texas Longhorns. The same Longhorns that somehow screwed up an opening coin flip, giving the ball to UCLA to start both halves. They also lost to UCLA (by a field goal, I bet you wish you’d of gotten possession to start one of the halves huh Charlie?) despite the Bruin’s losing their Heisman candidate quarterback very early in that game. So maybe beating Texas isn’t that impressive. It hasn’t been for a few years now. But we’ll keep an eye on BYU, we do like them and think they’ve earned a higher ranking comparing to several teams already mentioned. We’re in the home stretch now. Clemson? Nah, they lost by 24 to Georgia. Ohio State? Well, they lost at home to a Virginia Tech team who followed up that victory by losing to East Carolina. The same East Carolina that previously lost to South Carolina (one of those non Power 5 wins that didn’t impress you.). Nebraska? Great tradition, Former Big 12 team, which I know makes your britches a little tight. Nebraska needed a superhuman effort on its final play to hold off McNesse State. Also beat FAU and Fresno State. Nothing really worthy of being ranked ahead of the numerous SEC teams above it.

    Oklahoma State played FSU close. Closer than expected. Closer than WVU played Alabama even. Of course FSU looked beyond average in beating Citadel the following week so maybe FSU isn’t quite as great as they were last year. And before you say something dumb, we still think FSU is the front runner for the title, but still, not near as good as last year. Gundy’s boys followed up that decent effort with blah wins against Missouri State and UTSA. So that’s that, didn’t really see any teams that clearly deserved to be ranked ahead of any of the SEC teams in the rankings.

    I could even ask why Baylor is as high as they are. SMU, Northwestern State and Buffalo? Really? Beating those three earns a seventh ranking? You’re ok with that but poke fun at Bama beaitng WVU, LSU beating Wisconsin, UGA beating Clemson, etc? Of course you are. You’re adorable. Baylor winning out and getting a playoff spot with that schedule would be an embarrassment to college football., Notre Dame ranked 9th by beating Rice, Purdue and Michigan should elicit more skepticism than the SEC teams. 9th? How many votes does Lou Holtz get? So again I ask, who are these teams that should be ranked ahead of the “overrated” SEC teams? Please enlighten us.

    Also, you’ve now called Texas Tech bottom third of the Big 12, KSU mid to low tier, WVU fourth or fifth best. How exactly do you see the Big 12 shaking out? 1 OU, 2, Baylor, 3 OSU, 4/5 UT/WVU, 6 KSU, 7 TCU, 8 TTU, 9 ISU and 10 Kansas?

    • Nice assessment. You’ve simply pointed out what we already know. Polls are worthless this early in the season. They SHOULD be for fan and media fodder only. Much like the rest of the SEC chanters though, you miss the point. The point that while nobody has proven greatness after week 3, the SEC is given credit as if it WERE deserving to have half it’s entire conference ranked in the top 15. Which corrupts the playoff committee into keeping 2 or more SEC teams in their own top 4, and threatens to cut a one loss conference champ out from any other non-SEC conference based on flawed reasoning and inflated SEC stats over less impressive teams. This is precisely why we DONT post our own poll, because we would be subject to the same criticism for our biased hypocrisy. If the playoff took the top four conf champs from the best perceived conferences, we wouldn’t be having this beef because the polls couldn’t help the SEC manipulate the system. But currently they DO help manipulate the system. Everyone knows this except for you SEC homers who live with your heads buried in the sand.

    • @toby j lame:
      Bullshit rhetoric just left Mizzou with a loss in the W/L column. It’s name was Indiana. Now it will be much harder for SEC chanters to justify ranking anyone that falls to Mizzou this season.
      FYI….tOSU hung about 60 points on the Hoosiers in a snowstorm.
      What seemed to be Missouri’s problem?

      • No one of significance is going to fall to Mizzou. No one in the SEC thought Mizzou was a #18 team in the country. Mizzou won’t win but 4 SEC games – at most: Vandy, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas (and Tennessee and Arkansas are “iffy”).

    • The perfect tool isn’t more built in bias by humans but let it be settled on the field, for example; Conference Champions play Conference Champions.
      There is so called 5 power conferences? This way is not perfect either because of the odd number of power conferences but at least no more bias. Have the two worst perceived conference teams play in an elimination round in early December. In my Opinion the BCS was close to accurate and still had built in human biased because of the coaches poll had the human bias factor. One of the years it was wrong due to human bias was 2012 Alabama LSU. A Particapation Trophy awarded to Alabama non conference champion.
      Regular Season games outcomes don’t matter so why play them so the rant goes on SEC SEC SEC.
      Take a look at the make up of the Playoff Committee – ( Why isn’t there equal representation per power conference?)
      The Committee is made up of mainly SEC, Pac-12, and Big Ten Representation. Only one member for the Big 12 and ACC.
      The selection committee is so skewed for favoring the SEC that it is very troubling – ( Jeff Long, Chair) WOW are you kidding me. SEC SEC SEC is such a Self Exaggerating Conference.
      (Jeff Long) Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
      Lieutenant General Mike Gould Webster Missouri (SEC State) Don’t Know if He is biased or not
      but have a lot of questions about his selection. And that is period.
      Archie Manning Former University of Mississippi Quarterback and All-Pro NFL Quarterback (SEC)
      Steve Wieberg Former College Football Reporter, USA Today – University of Missouri
      That is 5 (~40% makeup) possible members with some kind of ties to SEC of a 13 panel committee. Wow the human bias now in polls is at its greatest point ever. For Example, Sept 18th Auburn #5 played Kansas State #20. Kansas State had two team non quality (UTEP 3-3 October 17th, Texas Tech 3-4 October 17th) Kansas State were scheduled to play Oklahoma two games later two bye weeks later on October 17th ranked #14 (4-1 before the game and are now 5-1) What in the world WOW WOW WOW garbage garbage garbage. You get ranked high then you have a quality win and you get ranked higher. At least Kansas State has a resume now but they didn’t before the Oklahoma game played out.
      This type POLL Collusion happens for the SEC only a loss is good because now 4 SEC teams are falsely ranked in the top 5. ESECPN MONEY – Follow the money, sports writers, fan bases etc. It is statistically impossible to be as good as the SEC West is currently ranked. (Ask Texas A&M about the 59-0 loss to Alabama) only a loss is a win in the SEC. Play bad and win and that it the greatest win ever. (SEC Springboard to SUCCESS = Cup Cakes OOC like Conference USA, Sunbelt Conference and Hyped In Conference teams like South Carolina, Texas A&M, LSU and soon to be the Mississippi Schools) Roll Tide feel the waves NOW. Paul Finebaum knows and will see to it.
      Good news is SEC West will take care of itself to some degree but let me just say that the out of conference Cup Cakes of Ole Miss and Mississippi State is equal to East Carolina and Marshall for example Mississippi Southern, UAB and others close to FCS quality as you can get and be considered an FBS team. Where is the NCAA when you need them??
      This is the longest hidden tradition of the SEC. The OOC games seem to always be ones scheduled to be favorable to the SEC.
      Again I say,
      The perfect tool isn’t more built in bias by humans but let it be settled on the field, for example; Conference Champions play Conference Champions.

      • Don’t forget about Condi Rice. She is from Birmingham, was raised Bama fan by her dad, and currently is one. She is frequently spotted at Bama games.

  2. If you want to say there shouldn’t be a poll at this point in the year, fine. Agreed. There’s no point. But there IS a poll, and therefore teams ARE ranked in said poll. Which is why my comment stands. Seeing as how there is a poll, and you claim the ranked SEC teams are overrated, then there must be teams that have, in your eyes, EARNED a spot ahead of the SEC teams. Otherwise you’re just shouting “overrated”. You can’t say overrated then have your only argument be that there shouldn’t be a poll. That’s called a straw man argument. You can’t win your argument so the muddy the water with a completely different argument.

    Who says a one loss conference champ would be one of the top four teams in CFB? What if Baylor loses once, say to OU, but OU finishes with two conference losses. You’re saying that Baylor, with that OOC schedule and a loss to OU, the only other good Big 12 team would be deserving of a playoff spot? That’s ridiculous. All conferences aren’t the same. The only argument that the playoffs should only be for conference champs are made by people like yourself that know that on multiple occasions in the past, had a four team playoff existed, multiple SEC teams would of been selected based on merit.

    • You obviously don’t see the point here. The polls, mainly AP, are going to be used by this playoff committee to select their own poll soon enough. You can bet it will tightly reflect the current poll, which is inflated with SEC teams based on a preseason poll that is built by media that is obsessed with the SEC. If 8 PAC12 teams were ranked in the preseason top 25, the poll wouldn’t look anything like it does right now. It isn’t a straw man argument, it’s common sense! In 3 weeks of football, nobody has proven a thing. Something the dolts bragging about the SEC teams’ current rankings also don’t comprehend. This article is about how the poll collusion favoring the SEC will manipulate the playoff committee. If the playoff committee proves me wrong and releases a poll that has nothing to do with mirroring the bullshit polls from the AP and coaches, then this is moot. I don’t expect that they will though.

      You want a ranking from us? Fine. But not until Week 7, when we should finally see the separation based on game play against QUALITY opponents played and the records of those opponents (and the opponents’ opponents) after 6 or 7 games. Let’s see how close we get to the current polls.

      • Do you really think that a committee with people like Pat Hayden and Archie Manning are going to rely on the AP rankings in making their decisions? How insulting to their intelligence can you be? And “no” the AP rankings are not being used by the playoff committee. These rankings are nothing more than water cooler talk. They have no bearing on the ultimate playoff committee rankings.

      • Correct. I have been of the opinion that IU was a defense away from being a solid team.
        The 2012 game wasn’t that close. After a big lead tOSU softened up in the 4th, similar to the 2011 Sugar Bowl vs Arkansas, where both losing teams scored late.
        I believe Mizzou defeated SCAR

    • Don’t forget about Condi Rice. She is from Birmingham, was raised Bama fan by her dad, and currently is one. She is frequently spotted at Bama games.

  3. ATTN: TIN FOIL HAT CLUB on the scene. The SEC now is going to rule the world. They have taken over ESPN. Next the white house then the world. There ultimate goal is to never loose and make you watch SEC network 24/7. If you try to work against them you will be brought onto the Finebaum show and humiliated publicly. (Rumors is he may be related to Aleister Crowley) Only way to combat them is to exercise cultural bigotry and call them names like hillbillies and rednecks.

  4. Do you honestly think that 300-plus AP writers from across the country are “conspiring” to put SEC teams at the top of the rankings so that ESPN can make money?

    There are so many fallacies and statements with unsupported facts in this article, it’s going to take several post for me to cover them all.

    But here’s what I want to know: Why is the creator(s) and author(s) of this blog hiding their identity? Tell us who you are instead of hiding behind a keyboard.

    • Only a moron would post personal information on the net for some deranged arsonist to exploit.

      I find it hard to believe you would expect that from anyone. Why do you find it necessary to know who someone is that doesn’t agree with you or your OPINION?!

      • Every blog has information on the “owner” of the blog – who they are; what their credentials are; etc. The originator/author of this blog wants to hide behind a keyboard and spew his opinions without any credentials of credibility. How does anyone know that the author of this blog is a knowledged and experienced professional, as opposed to some “dude” who thinks he knows more than he does?

    • Boyd…
      It’s a BLOG. You don’t need “credentials”, just internet access. That’s the greatest thing about the information age; the ability to share information and opinions without being filtered or censored by the “status quo”.
      Besides, what are David Pollack’s or Paul Feinbaum’s f#%&¥ing “credentials”?!

    • Show any one of us where it isn’t.

      It’s called “repetitive fallacy”. Repeating unproven or completely false rhetoric until it is believed to be fact. The committee isn’t living in a cave under a media blackout, nor are they watching 60 games every Saturday. Don’t even TRY to make that point.

  5. From ESECPN:
    Sept 25 2014
    Espn insider: ****** Katz:
    “Why the PAC 12 could miss the playoffs” (complete with action photo of Marcus Mariota)
    Planting the seeds of doubt 101.

  6. Your quote from above: “There was never a doubt that the SEC-enamored media, led by the financially invested ESPN network, ….”

    Here are the 10 most expensive college sports TV contracts, as of December, 2013. ESPN’s contract with the SEC ranks 5th, behind ESPN’s contracts with the Big 12, PAC-12 and ACC.

    Why would ESPN want to promote the SEC when they have invested $100-$500 million more dollars into the Big-12, PAC-12 and ACC?

    They don’t have a contract with the Notorious B1G because the Notorious B1G has a contract with Fox Sports.

  7. Your quote from above: “It began with the endless preseason advertising of the SEC Network, a venture that promises to make ESPN tons and tons of cash should the SEC remain the most successfully perceived brand in college athletics.”

    “… a venture that promises to make ESPN tons and tons of cash should the SEC remain the most successfully perceive brand in college athletics.”

    What evidence to you have of this?
    Do you have a copy of the contract between ESPN and the SEC?
    Do you know, for a fact, that ESPN will make more money if the SEC is successful?
    Do you know how ESPN makes money?
    How do you have any factual information to support your statement(s)?
    Show us the facts you have that support this statement.

    You have no facts.
    It’s all perception on your part, that cannot be supported by facts.
    You haven’t ever seen the contract and know no details about the contract.
    You don’t know how ESPN makes their money off the SEC contract.
    You don’t know if ESPN makes more money from their SEC contract than their contracts with the Big-12, PAC-12 or ACC.

    • Straw man arguments. “You don’t know how ESPN makes money, therefore you can’t accuse ESPN of bias?”
      2 words: Ponzie scheme.
      Sub-prime mortgage/default insurance.
      Do i really need to explain the similarities? It’s simple:
      ESPN RUNS the SEC network. If ESPN can’t convince you that subscribing to the SEC network is worth the price of admission to watch Alabama crush The Citadel, they lose.
      The blog’s author already laid everything out in great detail. As a fan of college football- REAL college football, this is an outrageous act of corruption and it’s time to stop before college football is destroyed.
      Woodrow Hayes warned about this thing decades ago. It is happening before our very eyes.
      Once entities outside of th universities start influencing how the game is played

  8. While this blog is a healthy dose of reality on ESPiN’s propaganda, I think you guys are missing the historic business partner points:

    – ESPN has been manipulating college football for a long time.. long before they bought into the SEC “product”.

    – ABC/ESPN has “owned” ACC football.. well, for forever now. They are a long time partner.

    – The Big Ten was the premier “product” for ABC/ESPN for a very long time (ACC was 2nd) and the Big East was purchased to control competition in the big eastern TV markets (move those games to odd times, like noon or night games in November, or odd days, like Thursday, and you clear the decks for those games of a more national interest as well as strong regional interests in the secondary markets.

    – But with BTN and the ABC/ESPN contract up for renewal, and declining population in the midwest, ABC/ESPN began to see a risk with continuing with the Big Ten. Costly contract, competition for advertisers with BTN.. etc.

    – ABC/ESPN coached/paid the ACC into adding Big East schools in a successful effort to destroy the Big East as a football entity. Doesn’t make sense, right.. to destroy a product you own? Well, it made perfect sense because conferences were being paid big money by other networks. Instead of paying the Big East big money, in comparison to what they were paying them, destroying them as competition for their premium products was the least expensive alternative.

    – The SEC voters.. coaches, media voters.. they rallied after SEC Champ Auburn was denied a MNC (mythical national championship) title shot in 2004. It may as well be colluding, what they do.

    – The advent of HD TVs in more and more homes, coupled with a top quality broadcast by CBS of SEC games resulted in even non-SEC fans tuning into SEC games and making those games, teams and traditions more well known than previously. meanwhile, ABC/ESPN was splitting the bandwidth on their broadcasts showing an inferior picture, fewer cameras, poor on-air “talent”… ESPN was, in effect, damaging the image of all the teams they had deals with.

    – Of course recruits actually responded to this glowing positive image of the SEC. Hell, Texas A&M and Missouri so bought into it that they switched conferences. Of course recruits flowed their too thereby making the product almost live up tot he hype that came before it.

    Now ABC/ESPN has bought into the success of the SEC… built by conscious or unconscious collusion of voters and quality national broadcasts by CBS. And for several years now ABC/ESPN’s financial success is directly tied to the perceived dominance of the SEC.

    Personally, I’d love to see some SEC teams come north in November and play the kind of games that Big Ten teams must be formulated to win. Big Ten teams may have issues in September and in warm weather bowl games or in domes… but they must first be formulated to win big games, outside, in November in the north. I don’t think ANY SEC team can win the Big Ten. Well, maybe Arkansas the way they are running the ball.

    Don’t buy into the SEC hype.

      Even if you could persuade any team from the SEC to fulfill an obligation such as NOT BUYING OUT of scheduled games vs ANYONE OOC, it would be impossible for the BIG to cancel their own conference games to play them.
      That’s one of the biggest complaints I have regarding the SEC: scheduling themselves an extra bye in November when ALL OTHER CONFERENCES are still competing for a division or outright conference title against each other.

  9. Arizona beats #2 Oregon. Their best previous win is Cal (4-1). Arizona is now ranked #10.
    Ole Miss beats #3 Alabama. Their best previous win is BSU (4-2). Ole Miss is now ranked #3.
    Bias anyone???

  10. Mark Packer showing his ignorance:
    This guy nearly had a meltdown today on his own show, co-hosted by Eddie George, with a phone guest from the BiG 10 network whose name escapes me.

    Packer refused to entertain the idea that a 1 loss Ohio state could get to the final 4 even winning the conference championship, ahead of a 2-loss SEC team that didn’t, but approved of a 1 loss MSU getting there. Makes no sense without bias.
    That’s fine, Mark…as long as 1 of those losses didn’t come from Indiana, or the SEC team that already did, since it would be considered a “bad loss” by your own hypocritical standard.

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