Witchhunts, Sports Media Bias, and Our First College Football Top 10 Poll


For weeks, our detractors on social media have argued our criticism of the overly biased polls released by various sources. It’s no question that this bias is prevalent in college football, perpetuated by many but none moreso than ESPN. The “worldwide leader in sports entertainment” is more akin to the “worldwide leader in SEC felatio.” Of course AP writers and college football coaches believe everything ESPN tells them. The more you hear about how great the SEC is, the more you are likely to believe it. The ease with which simple-minded people can be turned into sheeple was one of Hitler’s favorite things about human kind too. Hitler said “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” For years ESPN and the sports media have peddled the SEC brand as the greatest thing in sports. Soon enough, 5-star recruits began to believe it and start choosing more SEC teams. AP writers began to believe it, and started clogging up preseason polls with SEC teams simply for the fact they are in the SEC. And of course we predict next week we will learn how much the brand new college football playoff committee too will be duped into buying the hype after hearing about it 24/7 from eSECpn.

There are always the few who refuse to be sheeple and seek the truth behind the propaganda. We are some of that few. So we have devised our OWN top 10 poll based on ACTUAL quality wins and ACTUAL strength of schedule. (No, we didn’t use that bullshit biased “Power” index created by ESPN either, an index that is strictly built on subjective SEC strength bias prior to the start of the season creating a façade that every SEC team must play the toughest schedules since every other SEC team is considered to be naturally strong JUST for BEING in the SEC!) We not only looked at the teams beaten by the best in college football, but also at the teams that each of the OPPONENTS of the best teams in college football beat. A true football poll can’t be built with subjective bias that one conference is best, or there will never be a fair shake for any other conference in the nation to get credit for the strength of their members. Our poll removes all such bias and gives a fair glimpse at who looks the best NOW. But we will get into all that later in the article.

This past weekend closed out Week 8 of the 2014 college football season, putting us past the halfway mark of the year. This might have been the most tension-filled College Gameday witnessed yet, set in Tallahassee following days of what FSU students and fans were deeming a “witchhunt” by ESPN and the sports media of their QB Jameis Winston. Unless you are part of the witchhunt, it is hard to disagree with the sentiment of this fanbase. After all, it has only been 3 weeks since our last article warning FSU fans that the media was hell bent on destroying this kid’s career simply because, in our opinion, he represents the greatest perceived threat to the SEC regaining their beloved national championship again. Last week, the media was at it again with their latest feeble attempt, this time desperately trying to pin an accusation of accepting payments for autographs. Never have we witnessed a more desperate desire to create a controversy out of nothing than we witnessed last week. An authenticator (James Spence, a.k.a. JSA) claimed to have authenticated some 2000+ autographs from Jameis Winston. Forget the fact that the kid has signed hundreds of autographs a week at baseball and football sporting events over the past year. Forget the fact that no evidence of payment to Winston for any autograph exists. Forget the fact that the authentication company ,JSA itself, was the center of an investigative journalism article just months ago accusing Spence and other authenticators of “autograph fakery,” even to the point of authenticating autographs of illiterate sports stars who in reality couldn’t even sign their names (Source: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2014-03-27/news/fake-autographs-lucrative-business/full/). It has been further reported that JSA is allegedly under investigation from the FBI due to these bogus authentications. None of this information however has been important to ESPN or the mainstream media, as they proceeded to intentionally and erroneously report that Winston was paid for autographs without penalty. Hack journalists across SEC country released scathing article after scathing article demanding Winston be removed from the team, and even calls for Winston to drop out of school. The efforts to turn the entire nation against Winston were working for everyone EXCEPT for those in Tallahassee, as even FSU fans who were weary of Jameis themselves began to circle the wagons with the rest of their school-mates and alumni to stand up for him amidst the media onslaught. Coach Jimbo Fisher took press flack for sternly telling mud slinging journalists and dirt scavenging reporters that “in this country it’s innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.” For his defense of Winston, Fisher has been called “defiant” numerous times by ESPN broadcasters, as if FSU and its entire fanbase were harboring a known fugitive on the FBI Top Ten list. If FSU were outside America, the U.S. would have invaded them by now for being a threat to America’s safety based on the latest media rhetoric!

One non-SEC-shill media source has reported that ESPN instructed as many as 47 of their paid staff to investigate Jameis Winston and come back with hard evidence to nail him over this autograph fiasco (Source: http://www.nationalchamps.net/). They haven’t paid their staff enough apparently, as still to date they have nothing but presumptions, allegations, and hopes and dreams. And as ESPN begins to realize how much this witchhunt is failing, they simply keep falling back on 2 year old allegations of sexual assault that have been essentially disproven by a State Attorney. For those still in denial or convinced this was a “police coverup”, particularly those lazy bums who still refuse to read the 86 page report, please take a look at what one legal expert who just happens to be an alumnus from FSU’s archnemesis University of Florida (surprise, an SEC program!) says about this case in his breakdown of the report:

Like many who have thought about this case, I jumped to many conclusions without actually looking at the actual evidence when it became available. As a gator fan, I was quick to want to believe he was guilty, plus I could not imagine why any girl would make something up just to get destroyed by her fellow students and the media.

Well, I have just reviewed all of the 86 page case file found here and it’s pretty clear that no prosecutor or civil trial attorney could win this case. In fact, I think the facts pretty conclusively show that the story of the accuser is made up, and they even suggest a reason why.

(Source: http://www.gatorcountry.com/swampgas/threads/why-no-civil-suit-or-title-ix-investigation-against-winston-for-rape-will-succeed.300196/)

As you can see, FSU fans have had reason to be up in arms about this witchhunt. Hence what led to the Saturday GameDay broadcast, where fans let the ESPN crew know how they felt via “Jameis Winston” chants, booing of the announcers, and wielding some pretty salty anti-espn signs. Our sources close to the action Saturday informed us that a great many inflammatory signs were confiscated by the Gameday crew well before broadcast. But ESPN was not able to censor them all, and we are happy to report that our requests last week for attendees to highlight the outrage over ESPN’s relationship with the SEC were honored by a few sign-bearers, and they were well done! Kudos to the creative minds who put these together as well as to those who tried but were thwarted by the free speech police at ESPN.


The media and ESPN are doing everything in their power to keep as many SEC teams at the top as they can. And each week FSU stays up there with them appears to be infuriating both SEC fans and ESPN. Unfortunately the Big 12 elite had a disastrous weekend, with both Oklahoma and Baylor falling to the delight of SEC faithful. Forget the fact that Oklahoma missed three kicks to lose by one to Kansas State. Forget the fact that Kansas State missed three kicks that would have BEATEN SEC West’s golden boy Auburn early this season. All this doesn’t matter now, as the SEC-driven rhetoric will be that the SEC West’s middle beat the Big 12’s best, which of course is an absolute lie. I think we all know first of all that the Mississippi overhype will all soon blow over when they both show their true colors and eventually the SEC West will be back in the hands of the two teams who almost always control it, Auburn or Alabama. Furthermore, Kansas State is a better team than Auburn and if the game were played again today, our bet would be squarely on K-State by 7. However, that is just our opinion and unless K-State can push their way into the four team playoff, there will be no way to prove it. TCU cannot be discounted either, as they are playing some incredible football right now. Meanwhile, expect heavy ESPN and media rhetoric to keep the Big 12 champion out of the final four no matter WHO it is simply because of the Auburn and Alabama “squeaker” wins earlier this season.

Ohio State and Michigan State are playing some of their best football right now, but the talking heads at ESPN are already writing the Big Ten out of the playoff simply due to some early season mishaps. Few people can deny that if Ohio State played Virginia Tech today, the score would be closer to 56-17 in their favor. The SEC wants no part of Ohio State right now. Expect an increase in anti-Urban Meyer stories by the media to keep the playoff committee firmly against that team making it into the final four even if they win out their remaining schedule.

The Pac-12, meanwhile, could very well be the best top to bottom conference in the USA. Unfortunately because of this, they are cannibalizing each other so badly that unless Oregon wins out, there may be no chance for a Pac-12 champ to squeak into the four team playoff. Oregon is severely underrated right now and may have the best quarterback in college football. One bad Thursday night game has plagued their case, but if they can get through the rest of the conference unscathed, they have a solid argument for the playoff. Expect more ESPN rhetoric of how soft Pac-12 defenses are from here on out to further brainwash the playoff committee.

As you can see, the perfect storm of parity in other conferences is somehow boosting the SEC supremacy illusion through the eyes of the media and their leader ESPN. You see, top teams losing intraconference in the SEC means depth and excellence. Top teams losing intraconference in the Big 12 or Pac-12 is proof that they are garbage. The media propaganda is real.

SEC Exposed has assessed the schedules of the nations top teams to determine who TRULY is playing the best. Simply seeing who you have beaten is not enough. You must also look at who your OPPONENTS have beaten as well. Last week we released an interesting nugget about that, and the findings were quite interesting. The SEC West, supposedly at the top of this bullshit ESPN Power Index, actually plays opponents whose schedules are less impressive than those teams the SEC West is supposed to be so much better than.


Our poll takes such findings into account, as well as the quality of the Power 5 teams beaten by the top teams in the nation. Not surprisingly, this reveals different results than the propaganda-smitten AP and Coaches and Sagarin polls, and all the other bullshit polls that have SEC bias precalculated into them. So without further ado, here is our Week 9 Top Ten:

1) Florida State (7-0)
2) Mississippi State (6-0)
3) Mississippi (7-0)
4) Oregon (6-1)
5) Notre Dame (6-1)
6) Auburn (5-1)
7) Michigan State (6-1)
8) Alabama (6-1)
9) TCU (5-1)
10) Ohio State (5-1)

Yes, we have 4 SEC West teams in our Top 10. The simple truth is, at this point in the season those four teams belong here for having won their games up to this point. Of course, this poll will change a lot in coming weeks, as several SEC West teams must play each other still and we predict the Mississippi collapse back to reality is coming for both of their top schools soon. And no, we do not believe this proves the SEC is the best. It only proves that so far, their teams are winning the most, and are doing so by facing the least out of conference opposition. Who is “best” will better be proven in the playoffs, presuming at this point that the committee fairly allows representation from conferences outside of the SEC. As it stands now, if FSU loses to Louisville next week (a very likely probability considering the emotional highs they have been through and the eventual fatigue from media attacks that will ultimately get to them), the AP and Coaches polls will have 5 SEC teams in their Top 5, all but daring the playoff committee to ONLY select SEC teams for their own first playoff poll.

FSU is our top team for now. For everyone not wearing SEC blinders, this is a common sense choice. This team has won 23 games in a row, has beaten solid teams in OK State, Clemson and Notre Dame thus far, and has plucked victory from the jaws of defeat repeatedly (something Auburn did last year while being called a “team of destiny,” which makes it odd that as FSU does it they are a “team of weaknesses” per ESPN).

Oregon rounds out our Top 4. In our opinion, the Pac-12 is incredibly strong and should absolutely have representation in the playoff this year. Oregon’s solid hammering of a very good Michigan State team cannot be discounted, and is clear proof that this team can and will rise to the occasion when necessary against quality opponents.

Our top team on the outside looking in is Notre Dame. Few of us believed the Irish were as good as they appeared to be last weekend. Of course the detractors will argue that this game only proved that BOTH FSU and Notre Dame are weak, but if you aren’t an inbred nitwit from the southeastern U.S., you understand this isn’t the case. Notre Dame played in a VERY hostile environment and traded punch for punch with the nation’s best. If the Irish win out the remainder of their schedule, they absolutely should get the opportunity to redeem their 2012 embarrassment against Alabama (a game where Notre Dame actually WAS overrated and had no right to be in).

Next week the playoff committee will reveal THEIR poll. We are quite interested to see how much the media’s aggressive pro-SEC propaganda has affected them. Our prediction will be that their poll will closely mirror the polls of the AP and other sheeple buying into the rhetoric. After all, it has been a strong campaign put forth by the media this season, better than any we have seen before. I’m sure ESPN would make Hitler proud!


5 thoughts on “Witchhunts, Sports Media Bias, and Our First College Football Top 10 Poll

    • Niholas Nayaf You are saying that because this article is against the very thing is popularized and biased in media, that they are biased. That makes little sense. The article has a subjective agenda yes, but it is written from an objective stand point i.e. facts and figures. And you verbally attacked their status of mental health, not only are you stupid, you are an asshole.

    • It was Mike Slive who vehemently argued against any playoff committee to only allow conference champions, no one else.
      By doing so, Slive has made his own conference championship meaningless.
      Thus, any 4 team playoff with more than 1 team from the same conference is meaningless, as is any so-called national championship.
      Nonetheless, the more teams Slive gets in, the more money he makes.
      How can any team, in any sport, lose their division or their conference, and still win a national championship? It’s impossible.
      Slive also argued against an 8 team playoff.
      An 8 team playoff would prove the emperor indeed has no clothes. That’s ESPN and the SEC’s worst nightmare.

  1. Extremely BAD and BORING week in CFB for Week 9. TOP Ranked SEC teams struggled against unranked SEC opponents except for Ole Miss which played a very low ranked LSU. LSU did nothing on the field to be ranked 24 on 10-19 before playing Ole Miss on 10-25. A 3 point win against Florida. 2 Horrible Losses and WOW an unimpressive resume for sure… This ranking was a joke but week 9 schedule played into their ranking so there would be more hype surrounding the matchup and also helped save the asses of Ole Miss keeping them in the top 10. But I call it GARBAGE. On a positive note though LSU earned a Top 25 ranking on 10-25 after they defeated Ole Miss. The funny thing is the ESPN announcer said they wouldn’t even call the Ole Miss loss an upset? WOW Garbage bias at its finest. I agree that is wasn’t an upset cause I did get mad one little bit. I am not going to be upset when the So Called ” TOP SEC Teams ” continue struggles the rest of the season. Chris Fowler wants me to get over the bias and calls the fans stupid and uninformed about the SEC bias. That is pathetic comment on air. Good news again, by November 15th the SEC will not only be exposed but look like a feeble mortal.

  2. The thing that really gets me is how Brent Musbergers comment is so disdainful of the people who pay him…us. no viewers, no money, no job. He’s so much smarter after all. Say may be we’re more interested in fairness than trying to get the best four teams (highly subjective). Maybe we dummies want less subjectivity and more objectivity. Win your conference? You’ve earned it. You’ve invited.Geez..this playoff is going to be the NIT of football.

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