Exposure Of The Overrated 2014 SEC AND Our Week 11 Top 10 Poll Update


It’s been only a week since ESPN completed their “WE AREN’T BIASED, YOU ARE JUST STUPID UNINFORMED FANS!” campaign tour, yet anyone paying attention week by week this 2014 season can clearly see the proof in the pudding. Preseason we were told how dominant Alabama, Auburn and LSU would be this season. Then from weeks 2-5, the talking heads were trying to force us to believe Texas A&M was probably the best team in the nation and that Kenny Hill surely was going to be a Heisman finalist. Then from weeks 6-9, they were proclaiming that Ole Miss and Mississippi State were clearly the best two teams in the nation, and became so practically overnight after decades of SEC mediocrity. Now here we are entering Week 11 and reality is starting to sink in that the SEC West is just really overrated, and that Alabama and Auburn, while not being as strong as they have been in previous years, are still most likely the cream of the crop in the SEC West. It has been a week-by-week media roller coaster of such overblown proportions that anyone with an IQ under 50 would presume this could only mean that the SEC West is the greatest conference division in the history of sports and surely could contend in the NFL (yes folks, guys at ESPN have actually said that!). And why are they all so dominant? Its simple! Because they’re all beating each other. (What’s that you say??? The same thing is happening in the PAC-12 and Big 12??? Oh, well that’s just because they all suck!)

As the soap opera drama plays out in the vastly overhyped SEC West, we are finally starting to see the pretenders leave the contender table. And it’s all starting to boil down to what we told you over 2 weeks ago in our first poll release article… the Mississippi schools are overhyped frauds. Don’t get us wrong! They are both having breakthrough seasons… by THEIR standards. But these schools are NOT capable of playing on the level of the nation’s elite week in and week out. Their overbilling these past few weeks has been a product of two things… the SEC biased media hype machine and the opportune stumbling of the conference’s true banner-carrying workhorses, Alabama and Auburn. You see, its pretty simple. Either the Mississippi schools beat the Alabama schools in early October because they BOTH suddenly went from mediocrity to greatness overnight (something ESPN wants you to believe) or because Alabama and Auburn are not as good this year as in years past and are struggling more against the conference’s traditional pushovers. Everyone who isn’t glued to ESPN or the SEC Network 24 hours a day can see that it is clearly the latter. In an off year, Alabama, Auburn and LSU have sunk down into the traditional mediocrity of the rest of the conference and are having to claw their way back to national relevance. Normally this wouldn’t be something for a conference to celebrate, but when the “worldwide leader in sports entertainment” is your officially sanctioned cheerleader, you can spin any negative into a positive!

It’s not like we are saying every team in the SEC West is a fraud. We still think Alabama and Auburn are the two best teams in the division and that either one or the other WILL be in the college football playoff final four as a one-loss SEC champion (our guess is Alabama). So it is very apropos that each one now has to clean up the Mississippi mess that the other made last month. Auburn managed to beat Ole Miss Saturday in a game that unfortunately ended tragically for their star wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, as he fractured his fibula and dislocated his ankle on what would have been a game winning touchdown for the Rebels. With Ole Miss all but eliminated, Mississippi State remains on borrowed time, barely slipping past SEC doormats Kentucky and Arkansas in recent weeks as they await a November 15th showdown at Alabama that will no doubt EXPOSE how truly overrated they have been all season. The way we see it, there will be an overabundance of 2 loss teams in the SEC West who will have no right to be in the playoffs, yet will be campaigned for vigorously by the media to assure at least one of them can get in along with the SEC champ. And when it happens… when a two loss SEC West also-ran leapfrogs a one loss Power 5 conference champion to get into the College Football Playoffs… expect all hell to break loose with college football fans outside of the southeast. Prepare for it folks.

Let’s all try to forget the fact that most of the hype of this SEC West division all is built on the flimsy premise that Texas A&M, the team all these guys have beaten, is a great team itself (an idea forced down our throats the first six weeks of the season). This is quite the declaration, considering that team out of conference has only beaten Lamar (as in the college, not the NBA guy who married a Kardashian), Rice, SMU and La. Monroe. Speaking of La. Monroe, our hats off to the “gritty” performance of this SEC-style Sun Belt team, who only lost Saturday by 5 AT Texas A&M despite dominating the Aggies. Forget the fact that La. Monroe is 3-5, playing in the worst conference in the nation, and just last week lost at home to Sun Belt super-stud Texas State. Kudos to the Aggies for playing such a strong competitor. Love those “dominant” stats:


SEC West chanters are also trying to make you forget that there is a whole other division in their overrated conference. In fact, ESPN doesn’t even show the “whole” SEC in conference comparisons anymore, instead breaking all conferences down into divisions for comparison purposes in order to filter out the embarrassment that is the SEC East. The SEC East teams are beating up on each other just as bad as the West teams are. But the truly comical part about this division is the fact that the team currently leading that division (Missouri) was beaten AT HOME earlier this season by Indiana, a team that is 0-4 so far in the Big Ten. SEC defenders argue that this was just a “bad game” by Missouri or that Missouri should have won. That’s funny, because we can say the same thing about those narrow losses by Kansas State to Auburn or by Wisconsin to LSU. But I guess narrow losses are only flukes if they happen to an SEC team in out of conference battles, right?

Now for our Week 11 SEC Exposed College Football Poll update. Our poll last week was the ONLY Top Ten that had TEN teams who all won their games. Not that this means much, other than our piddly little conspiracy-filled opinion blog has more of an idea of who really belongs in the Top Ten than these bird brains in the media and that esteemed ESPN sheeple-filled college football playoff committee sham. So be it if we are the ONLY poll willing to put a team riding a 24 GAME WIN STREAK who also happens to be the reigning national champion ahead of a team that could only beat lowly Arkansas by 7 points at home and whose biggest out of conference win was a 13 point home nailbiter against UAB. Yet WE are the ones who are insane…

    Week 11 SEC Exposed College Football Poll

1) Florida State (8-0)
2) Mississippi State (8-0)
3) Oregon (8-1)
4) Michigan State (8-1)
5) Notre Dame (7-1)
6) Auburn (7-1)
7) TCU (7-1)
8) Alabama (8-1)
9) Kansas State (7-1)
10) Ohio State (7-1)

College Gameday is in East Lansing this Saturday! Thanks to the hilariously creative minds at ElevenWarriors.com, we have obtained a copy of the College Gameday script. This is well worth the view… take a look: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/college-football/2014/10/42559/first-look-espn-college-gameday-in-east-lansing-ohio-state-michigan-state

Enjoy the games this weekend folks, and be sure not to miss SEC Network game of the week as Church Belt Conference heavyweight Presbyterian tries to end the FCS cupcake teams’ losing streak to the SEC as they battle Ole Miss Saturday! We are truly on the edges of our seats to see if the SEC can keep up their inexplicable out of conference dominance!


11 thoughts on “Exposure Of The Overrated 2014 SEC AND Our Week 11 Top 10 Poll Update

  1. S.E.C. bias horrible!! <–Emotionally charged Bold Headline
    Flamingo! Pancreas! Words in a sentence! Ping pong table! Argentina!
    There, I proved it, the S.E.C. is terrible!
    Now, I'm going to make a poll, include three S.E.C. West teams in my top 10 and invalidate every word I have just written!

    Putting three teams from a single division of one conference in the top ten indicates a very high level of respect for football played in that division.

    It's not that I completely disagree with your premise. It's just that you seem to disagree with your premise.

    • My top 15:
      #1. Florida State
      #2. Oregon
      #3. Michigan State
      #4. Notre Dame
      #5. Mississippi State
      #6. TCU
      #7. Kansas State
      #8. Ohio State
      #9. Auburn
      #10. Arizona State
      #11. Nebraska
      #12. Baylor
      #13. Oklahoma
      #14. Alabama
      #15. Duke

  2. just was wondering what your reasoning behind auburn at 6? I agree that bama is a little over ranked at this point.. But they have their chance to prove everyone wrong with their games coming up so it’s really irrelevant. But there’s no way you can put a notre Dame team, who’s best win is over an average Stanford, over an auburn team that has road wins over number 7 k sate (which is arguably the best big 12 team, we’ll find out this weekend v. Tcu) and number 11 ole miss. And not to mention our only loos comes to the number 1 team on the road. The other two teams infront of auburn do not have more impressive resumes either. Other than that yall pretty much nailed it, just don’t agree that the secbias applies to a very good auburn team. Thanks.

  3. The SEC is trash, and always will be. I agree with everything you put on there, except the SEC rankings. Mississippi State should be maybe #5, Auburn #9, and Alabama #14.

    Keep up the great work SEC Exposed, you speak the truth like all of our other ExposedArmy!

  4. I bet Buffalo could be in the SEC East and win it.

    And, I forgot to mention that ESECPN should be banned from all television. They’re TRASH is pathetic. The only smart one on there is Danny Kanell, he at least speaks the truth unlike all those other BUFOONS.

    I bet the ESPN is paying the CFB Playoff committee to out those teams in there, I mean Mississippi State at #1? What a joke!

    I guess we’re the only ones in the sports world with brains in our heads. We shall never be silenced!

  5. You called it perfectly on Fowler’s bias yet again. At the half of the early games, they went to Fowler in East Lansing for a comment on the OSU-MSU game, and he said, “The winner will perhaps need to win impressively” to have a shot at the playoff. That’s right, Fowler — SEC teams can eke out a close win in a slop-fest, and that’s fine, but the top 2 teams in the Big 10 need to beat each other “impressively” to have any chance. What a biased jackass.

  6. Proof is in the PUTTING. You sound like every other retard conspiracy theorist when you can’t even spell correctly and chose a dessert over a verb.

  7. Duke doesn’t belong in the top 50. Throw out their “games” against Elon, Troy, Tulane, Syracuse, Virginia, and Big 12 cellar dweller Kansas.

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