When It Comes to the Overrated SEC… THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!


Each week of the 2014 college football season, another crack in the SEC dominance façade armor can be seen. And with each passing week, the truth is becoming clearer and clearer that the SEC is NOT the super-conference that everyone has been touting in the press, and in fact may not even be as strong as the PAC 12. The SEC apologists are in full-on crisis mode as their over-hyped teams begin to expose each other with each passing week. We knew SOME level of exposure was coming, considering they all had to play each other eventually, having skated through their respective Methodist Church League out-of-conference schedules basically unscathed. As the losses begin to pile up for the SEC West, fans throughout college football who are not in the SEC are rejoicing, believing we may have some fairness after all in this college football playoff. Well, we are here to tell you, stop rejoicing. If you think ESPN, the SEC-obsessed media sheeple, or the NCAA’s committee of frauds is going to sit back quietly and let the first year of the CFB playoff proceed without a minimum of two SEC teams, you’ve got another thing coming.

The sports media, with ESPN leading the way, is ramping up their rhetoric of SEC dominance. Frequent mentions of the SEC West being an NFL caliber league are uttered by the various half-wit talking heads on an almost daily basis. The biased rhetoric is so thick on ESPN at times it makes Finebaum sound impartial. The committee continues to play along, vastly overranking the SEC to keep them all within legitimate striking distance of the #4 spot. These guys have no intention, none whatsoever, of allowing 3 other conference champs to challenge the best in the SEC. Because they know without a stacked deck, the paper tiger SEC and it’s house of cards would come tumbling down and their season long campaign to promote the greatness of the SEC would’ve been wasted.

This past week, SEC defender trolls were hard at work on twitter, demanding “facts” that show the SEC is overrated this season and that their SEC West teams aren’t vastly supreme to all other conferences. Even some dopey Athlon sports podcaster tried in vain to go toe to toe with us as he blew the SEC chanting trumpet like a good SEC-abiding media sheep. They all wanted “facts.” So we gave them facts.

Here are your facts… the SEC is overrated. In fact, they may not be the best conference in college football. Their single claim to fame, other than beating each other, is a strong OOC record this season against the Power 5. What they fail to tell you is, PAC 12 has done just as good a job and actually in fact a BETTER job at that than the SEC.

2014 Records against Power 5 OOC:
SEC: 5-2
PAC 12: 6-2

SEC homers on ESPN want you to believe that Alabama is not only the best one loss team in football, but they are the best in the nation. While we are willing to concede that they likely are the best team in an overrated SEC, they are by no means the best one loss team in football. Not based on who they’ve actually beaten to get this far. How about looking at their FBS opponents’ records… which one loss teams actually played the tougher schedules?

Oregon 0.564
Arizona St 0.555
TCU 0.539
Alabama 0.500

The Emperor Has No Clothes. The only conquests to date by the all-powerful SEC West have been Wisconsin (4th or 5th best team in Big Ten), Kansas State (3rd best team in Big 12), West Virginia (mid-pack Big 12 team), and Texas Tech (one of worst teams in Big 12). If this is what ESPN hangs their hats on in their persistent over the top SEC West supremacy claims, their analysts should all quit and go find new jobs where their skill for peddling bullshit can be useful. I hear Toyota and the U.S. Congress are hiring.

The CFB playoff committee, meanwhile, remains a huge sham. Granted this week, their poll has the fairest mix of top teams in the top 4, albeit in the wrong order. But there is a reason they’ve done this, and its not to be fair or impartial. They are simply trying to pacify the angry mob of college football fans throughout the nation fed up with their ESPN-following biased bullshit, as they pretend the southeast is the only place in the U.S. that knows how to play football. But don’t let them fool you. The committee has every intention of getting two SEC teams in that final four. In fact, their recent slick, yet asinine, move of sliding FSU behind one loss Oregon was a hint at that intention. This move has little to do with whether or not Oregon is better than FSU. (Especially since Oregon clearly looks better than Mississippi State for that matter.) Anybody with an ounce of football knowledge and common sense knows that you don’t put a one loss team ahead of a Power 5 undefeated team who is coming off a national title victory and riding a 25 game win streak. Who gives a damn if FSU isn’t blowing out their opponents, they are winning and nobody has been able to stop them. How do you drop FSU for a 14 point victory while rewarding Mississippi State for a lackluster win over UT-Martin, a 5-6 FCS team who was throttled even by Jacksonville State?? All we are saying is, if you are going to leapfrog FSU with Oregon, you better leapfrog Mississippi State too.

It is quite obvious that there were much deeper motives by the committee for this poor precedent-setting move. For one, despite their denial, the committee is getting all their information and “analysis” from the biased talking heads at ESPN. These guys have made it a daily mission to destroy the nation’s respect of FSU, desperately trying to make the rest of the college football world hate them as vengeance for their part in exposing the SEC supremacy illusion last season. Secondly, and more importantly, the committee expects FSU to slip up eventually in a tight game before the season ends. Should it happen, the committee needs them ranked low enough to assure they have NO chance of making the CFB playoff. Their low placement of Ohio State has already all but eliminated the Big Ten from the playoff. Now they are trying to officially eliminate the ACC champ as well from consideration. With two conferences essentially pushed out, that guarantees room for their mandatory two SEC teams in the final playoff, which is the scenario we’ve been predicting since our earliest blogs in the Summer of 2013 when this sham committee idea was first announced. The plan is afoot and the conclusion is foregone. We are all just along for the ride.

No system that can so easily be manipulated by bias-directed humans in the name of corporate media profit churning should be allowed to exist in amateur intercollegiate athletics. But unfortunately this 4-team CFB Playoff sham is locked into place for several years to come. The only real hope that it can work is if the committee stops following the overblown ESPN hype machine for the SEC and starts looking at the bigger picture. We are by no means suggesting that the SEC champion ever be left out of the 4 team playoff scenario. Despite all our criticism of the SEC, we are well aware that they have some very good teams within their ranks and they deserve representation among the best in this playoff. We just want the committee to use good judgment in giving the other major conferences’ champions an opportunity to prove themselves as well. At least until someone can finally craft a TRULY realistic college football playoff, one that ideally involves 8 teams (Five Power 5 Conference Champions plus 3 At-Large Teams chosen by the committee), there will never be real justice in this heavily biased system.

All that being said, we actually think for the first week in a row that the committee has the top four most deserving teams up to this point in the season, regardless of how unconventionally they were ranked. TCU had to jump Alabama in their poll, yet we had TCU ahead of Bama all along in ours. This evenness in conference representation in their top four will not last in our opinion however. We suspect the committee’s agenda and it is NOT to be fair and unbiased in the end. When Alabama finally defeats this overrated Mississippi State team that is inappropriately seeded #1, the committee will likely thrust Alabama to #2 or 3 and only drop Mississippi State enough to keep them still in the thick of the race.

So now it’s time for our top 10… a reminder. This is the place that we feel these teams have EARNED and where they DESERVE to be at this point in the season. This is not how we think they are in order of how they will or should finish the season. (This is a clarification for the really slow SEC chanting crybaby trolls that follow us around on twitter all week bitching about our rankings… we are an opinion blog, trolls. If it upsets you that much, go back to watching the SEC network with the rest of the braindead sheeple and leave the intelligent debating to those of us who have an open, non-inbred mind.)

SEC Exposed Top Ten Poll- Week 12
1) FSU (9-0)
2) Miss. State (9-0)
3) Oregon (9-1)
4) TCU (8-1)
5) Arizona State (8-1)
6) Ohio State (8-1)
7) Alabama (8-1)
8) Baylor (8-1)
9) Nebraska (8-1)
10) UCLA (8-2)

Alabama is an 8.5 point FAVORITE by the way to beat the #1 team in the nation this weekend. If that doesn’t tell you how everyone outside of the ESPN-SEC-masturbating bubble recognizes how overrated the SEC has been all along, I don’t know what will! This weekend will be another eye opener in the exposure of the overrated SEC. The Emperor truly has no clothes.

And the SEC will once again be EXPOSED!



14 thoughts on “When It Comes to the Overrated SEC… THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!

  1. Thank you for this article! ESPN us brainwashed the CFB Playoff committee, I mean Georgia at 15 after playing a overrated Kentucky? We shall stand before this biased committee, we shall never be silenced even in the faces of ignorant networks, and the people who work there!


  2. American are so easily misled in this society….it’s truly frightening. You made a good point about Alabama, I saw there game against LSU, I literally laughed hysterically throughout the whole game. Two inept offenses against two undisciplined defenses. That LSU win against Wisconsin is a joke, Wisconsin almost blew it against Purdue in a similar fashion to how they lost to LSU. If it weren’t for the horrendous call by Les Miles to squib kick after their field goal make, Alabama would be eliminated. I’m not a college football fan, I’m a Detroit Lions fan, but I truly feel for the teams around the country getting shafted by this garbage football conference. Did you know that the original BCS was created by the former SEC commish? That’s the main reason why 4 teams won the title game in 7 years straight. I truly do not believe the SEC is the best conference, IMO and OOC schedule plus strength of schedule proves this conference is a cruel joke. Add to the fact that the SEC is running a SMU scandal X100 you have a conference that realistically should be banned for several seasons to even participate in the playoffs. Besides, the SEC coaches are mainly Big Ten castoffs…..http://m.espn.go.com/general/blogs/blogpost?blogname=bigten&id=78694&src=desktop

    Thanks for your work and dedication to running this website fam. This site opened my eyes after the absolute travesty that was the 2011 BCS game where a team who didn’t win their own conference got the championship game.

  3. Oh, I agree; the SEC is overrated. Southern players are overrated. In fact, Southern weather is overrated. Midwesterners should avoid Southern vacations due to the overrated weather. College football recruiters should avoid Southern players, as they are overrated. Leave all the Southern players in The South and let’s see who wins all the national championships, then. Oh, wait, The South already wins them all.

  4. Another week, another lazy, probably drunken rant. Writers like this hurt those of us that think S.E.C bias is real. There are plenty of valid points to be made that build a case, but here, they get lost in the tears.
    Mississippi State hasn’t scheduled a power five non conference opponent for five years. They won’t do it. Mullen’s program is built on smoke,mirrors and an easy early season schedule that guarantees a ranking by the time they play a conference game. Usually, they immediately flame out in conference play and are forgotten. This year, the Dan Mullen formula for success finally worked. Instead of play anyone anywhere, the Mississippi State non conference plan is to not play anyone we might lose to, ever. Are we really supposed to believe these cowards are the best team in the land?
    Most S.E.C. teams schedule at least one mediocre to respectable non conference opponent. Bama plays W.V. Aubbies play Kansas State. Ole Miss did a home and away with Texas, and played Boise, who was a BCS contender when the schedule was made.
    Mississippi lost an out of conference game to Georgia Tech in 2009, and has been cowering in Starkville ever since.

  5. Anyone outside of the SEC who watched yesterday’s ugly slop-fest between two utterly inept offenses knows, as has been obvious all year, that neither MSU nor Alabama deserve to be anywhere near the playoff. Of course, all the usual media hacks will spout their usual nonesense about “great SEC football,” when the rest of the country saw two mediocre-at-best teams putting us all to sleep. The emperor once again had no clothes.

  6. I love this site! In the spirit of full disclosure I am a Mississippi State fan (but not southern) and also a mature and intelligent enough person to realize that we are over-rated, the SEC is vastly over-rated, and that SEC-homerism is stupid and all the attention on our conference teams comes at the cost of other conference teams. I am really happy for state and proud of what we are building in starkvegas (we could be legit national contenders next year-assuming the return of the DakAttack) because we usually suck…like losing to lower division teams on the regular suck.

    More than that-I am a true fan of the game of football. I root for many different teams across each conference (because I have traveled this great country and know good football is everywhere) as well as in the lower division because I actually care about good games more than thumping my chest and pretending I am number 1. It was nice to see MSU ranked number 1 for five weeks but it was also hollow because I knew (as did everyone else) we were really a good team, just not a great team yet. Of course I always want more cowbell but beyond that I just want to watch really good match-ups and the current system creates too many bullshit games during the regular season and that that carries over to the bowl season. I want to see a season of all P5 play (with the rare exception of teams such as ND and REGULAR lower division champs such as the bisons)-and I know everyone else does also!

    I am sooooo glad to see someone getting some traction on an argument that I have been making for years. For years, I have been saying to other southerners….”wouldn’t it be awesome to watch only really good matches in the P5 every week”? “Wouldn’t that system really create an undisputed champ?” “Why would you want to claim rings and a conference rep that are suspect?” “Why do you clamor to get on National TV screaming S-E-C when everyone outside of the deep south is laughing at you and thinks you are a total tool?” Only to get the typical circle of crap responses….”but we are so good because we play each other…and it is so hard.. week end and week out…because bama…and LSU…and Florida…and tebow…and auburn…and ohio state is over-rated…”

    I have to tell you guys (anyone with a brain outside of the south), they really don’t get it and never will-its a cultural thing. For the most part it is a culture built upon the value of lying to yourself and the pleasure in hearing others repeat that lie. From religion to alcohol and per-marital sex…. just tell me a story that makes it all better mommy. I mean, you are talking about the only group of people to reenact a war they lost and “game out” which strategies and tactics might have led to a victory instead of a defeat-the whole time sayin…”yep, if only general so-in-so would have done this or that we would have won the war”. Sound familiar to anyone who as ever tried to argue with a homer about some of footballs more “inconvenient facts”.

    I wish the authors would post more than once a week. Every post is a really comprehensive thrashing of all things in the Sun Easy Conference. By the way, it is really nice to play every game in ideal conditions, I can tell you that, and the tailgating is better…hands down..better.

    I have a question for any and all SEC HomerTrolls-Did any of you take some time out of watching the slop-fest that was SEC football this weekend to watch Whisky’s RB put up a record game in the snow? I did not think so. C- your ignorance is hurting you, yet again. Its to bad you missed such a performance of true football talent as well as a great moment in college football history because you think the play in other conferences is weaker. Yall will have to tell your kids, yeah I actually only saw the highlight reel because I was too busy screaming S-E-C.

    And after that win, watch Whisky move to 15, Nebraska will become unranked, and bama and mstate be ranked 1 and 2. Ha! I actually disagree with the authors of this website on one account in that I think this years over-rating of the SEC might actually back-fire. All this boosting of the West (which might actually be weaker than the east) will be super embarrassing if we see a repeat of last years bowl outing where the SEC lost all of their most important bowls. This season, combined with the last, might be to much for the homers.

    Raider is totally correct, all the higher ranked teams in the SEC lost. Additionally, it looks like the east might be better than the west, at least the match-ups yesterday made it look that way. Georgia spanked Auburn and Mizzo (who sucked in the 12 by the way) beat TAMU in a competitive game (although I have to admit I am impressed with allen). Icing on the cake- LSU got shut out by the hogs-I was hog wild yesterday. I am about to go to the store and get me a full slab of BB ribs just to keep the party going (Im not kidding… I am really excited about getting ribs today).

    If anyone is familiar with the SEC circle of doom, you know that it is currently playing out. If bama losses to auburn and mstate losses to ole miss, there is gonna be a mess in the west and I am gonna love watching these little bitches heads explode over it. If the east wins the CCG, then how will the shills at SECpn ever look their kids in the eye again after all the bs they spew. Then after that SEC team (I predict Georgia) losses in the first round of the playoffs-the reality of SEC homerism will firmly be rooted in all college football fans. They are the fox news of college sports coverage…”Winston might have ebola and converted to ISLAM!” At some point in time, they are gonna have to give other conferences more attention and praise just to cover for their bias.

    Jim and Kevin-where you at? How about that 5 + 3 AL everyone is talkin about as a solution to what is obviously becoming the BCS+ of college playoffs?

    OOOHH-and I love the Toshing the SEC c-jerking squad is getting this week. Yall deserve every bit of klownin you’re gettin because you all strut around off the wins of one state. Since yall love hypotheticals and “what if’s” so much…think about this one…..Without bama and auburn you’re “elite conference” would not even be considered a good p5.

    That last statement = FACT

  7. The latest AP and coaches’ polls are the usual pro-SEC sham. Despite looking horrible in their first game against a half-way decent team (Bama), the idiot pollsters only dropped MSU to 4th. Even worse, they now have that bad Ole Miss team back to #8? How in the Christ is that awful team still in the top 10 with after 2 losses in three weeks, with only a win against an FCS team? Of course, these are the same idiot pollsters who had South Carolina, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn all in the top 5, too, and all of those teams are going to end up with 4-5 losses. Yet naturally, even when teams from other conferences beat ranked teams on the road, they barely move up — in fact, they move up only the same/less than SEC teams move up when they have a bye week or beat an FCS school. The SEC scam polling has gotten so bad this year that it’s actually funny,. The fraudulent polls to prop up the SEC sham continue unabated . . .

  8. How do you explain the fact that the SEC has won 7 of the last 8 national title games? And the single loss by Auburn was pretty damn close. Did ESPN manipulate those games, too? During those seven national title wins, the SEC has victories over the Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and ND. Were those just flukes? Or further manipulations by ESPN?

    And I guess ESPN manipulates the NFL, too. For eight years in a row, the conference with the most amount of NFL Draft picks was the SEC. Coincidence?

  9. One google search refutes every word.

    Most valuable conferences in college sports.

    According to forbes the Big Ten is the most valuable bringing in 26m. The Big Ten Network is owned by Fox.

    The SEC Network (owned by ESPN) launched in August of THIS year. So ESPN capitalized on a powehouse conference that has dominated college football for the past decade? Sounds like a wise business decision to me.

    Even if ESPN could influence who goes to championship games, they still can’t decide who wins. Let’s say ESPN pulls these imaginary strings to the CFB committee and got SMU into the playoffs, could they beat Oregon or TCU?

    As Rob S states, SEC teams have still won more championships in the past 10 years than any other conference.

    • You were saying?

      SEC is the most overrated conference in history. They play each other and FBS/Sun Belt teams. Bama runs into a brick wall that is Ohio St…playing their THIRD STRING QB!!! Ole Miss has its doors blown off by TCU, didn’t even belong on the field with them (the same Ole Miss that was Bama’s “quality loss”). Miss St gets spanked by a decent ACC team, the same Miss St that was supposedly the best team in the country at one point. Don’t even get me started on the preseason rankings that had South Car in the top 10.

      That’s how the bias works buddy. Outrageously crap preseason rankings make SEC teams leap to the front of the pack easier and stay there longer because they play in the alleged supreme SEC. It’s a whole lot easier to win titles when you coast to the top of the polls every season, beating sun belt teams and overrated teams in your own conference. More opportunities equal more titles. Not to say those teams that won were bad, they were strong teams, but their conference was nothing special and there were definitely other non-SEC teams that could have won had they been giving the Christmas rankings the SEC was privy too. The exposure started with Bob Stoopes embarrassment of a comically overrated Bama team last year, and has simply continued through 2014.

      Next year will be very different. The SEC has been soundly exposed this year and the bias has finally been recognized nationally, withstanding ESPN’s blatant SEC propaganda (employed to boost the ratings of their freshly launched SEC network no doubt-talk about a conflict of interest). At least next year they’ll be absolutely shamed trying desperately to promote the SEC dominance myth without a sniff of evidence.

      Another aspect of the SEC ESPN has been very quiet about is player criminality. The SEC has BY FAR the most criminals in college football, accounting for about 50% of all power five NCAA criminals. Bama’s TE gets arrested with a kilo of marijauna and $5,000 cash in his dorm room and it doesn’t even get MENTIONED on ESPN, while Jameis Winston yells a popular yet profane meme and its national news.

      SEC propagandized prominence ends in 2014 after this years undeserved ratings supremecy followed by its laughable showing in the bowl season. Each of their top teams was simply outclassed in every way.

  10. The fact that people are making such a big deal about this. Means they are good. If people aren’t hating your not doing good. Plain and simple. You people have waited how many years to say all these things. We had a bad year. Congrats. But “sec west is done”. That’s fucking ignorant. You’ll see.

    • Also, you do realize that lsu sends the most players to the Nfl? Is that because the suck so bad? I’m confused lol. Lsu SMOKED the Ducks 2 years ago. SMOKED TCU last year. I mean teams have bad years. Lsu is a HUGE percentage of freshman players right now. Give us time. No one hates on your conferences for no reason. You sound like losers who suck at everything in life. So you cling to things like this to feel a part of something. Go enjoy the win, leave the basement and gay porn and go enjoy the win.

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