College Football Playoff Selection Committee EXPOSED in Week 13


Another entertaining week in college football, as Alabama ended the undefeated run of a Mississippi State team cruising along on a weak schedule. Just as we predicted.
And the committee pulled out their much expected rope-a-dope, fooling you with last week’s somewhat fair Top 4 and then finally exposing their real bias toward the SEC this week by rewarding Mississippi State for their loss and leap-frogging Alabama over 2 teams with a better resume. Also just as we predicted.
And teams from the garbage-infested SEC East bitch-slapped teams from the SEC West, proving once and for all that all of those “quality wins” touted by the SEC West’s best are really just wins over average overhyped teams. Not a great shock to us, of course.
And ESPN has invented its own new set of creative metrics to prop up the overrated SEC in the hopes of brainwashing the sheeple at home and in the committee. And boy did it ever work! We’ve got your “game control” right here ESPN…

The Playoff Committee Is A Sham

Before the season, this committee laid out ground rules of how they would rank/select the best teams for the CFB Playoff. They have apparently lost those guidelines or simply just lost their minds. Now it’s all random. And by random, we mean directed by ESPN, who has spent weeks peddling fake power rankings and new success measurement parameters that best propped up a struggling SEC. Football Power Index (FPI). Strength of Record (since conventional strength of schedule hurts their cause). And of course our favorite… GAME CONTROL! Can’t say we’ve ever seen a more blatant grasp at straws in our lives! (If you want to see some of the funniest tweets of the week, check out hashtag #GameControl on twitter… The whole nation outside of SEC country is ribbing this ignorant committee for using THAT new random garbage apparently as a key ranking parameter.) This is your new college football playoff committee, i.e. ESPN-Sheeple Committee, folks! And we thought the BCS was a train wreck…

(courtesy @FearTheSpearPA)

We aren’t the only ones taking note of the outrageous SEC bias coming from this committee of braindead sheeple. Others in the media are taking note too. Some other articles released in the past couple days:

Bias to the SEC Shows in CFP ranking (Las Vegas Review Journal):

What the CFP Selection Committee Taught Us (Last Word On Sports):

5 Things We Learned From CFP Committee’s Week 13 Rankings (Bleacher Report):

It’s Not About Wins, It’s About Game Control (World-Herald Omaha):

So what is a better option in the future to avoid this injustice that we are likely going to encounter every season for the next decade? It’s simple. And it’s fair. So simple and fair that the NCAA would never go for it. 8 teams. Including ALL Power 5 Conf Champions plus 3 at-large teams, at least one that is a strong mid level conference team (i.e. Marshall). If they want to stack the deck then, fine. At most you have 3 SEC teams in. But it’s a lot more fair than a system now willing to totally discount Ohio State who had an inopportune stumble while breaking in a new freshman quarterback early in the season. More fair than a system trying to eliminate FSU because they are challenged and keep finding ways to win games and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat (something ironically Auburn was praised by the media for last season). More fair than a system that keeps finding ways to disrespect and try to leave out the Big 12, despite the fact that average mid tier Big 12 teams of the past were able to come in as immediate contenders in the SEC and the fact that the SEC’s best (Alabama) boasts their big quality OOC win as a nail biter 10 point survival against a present day middle of the Big 12 road West Virginia squad.

One of our Twitter followers supplied us with this little gem showing precisely why there is NOTHING these top SEC teams have done, even per the CFP Committee’s own convoluted ranking system, that justifies their ridiculously high placements in the rankings.

The new CFP Committee has already jumped the shark, and the college football world has seen enough.


  • SEC Dominance Myth DEBUNKED

    A fantastic article was released this past week explaining in great detail why the SEC isn’t so dominant as they purport to be. The article goes week by week with detailed statistical data to show how media bias is helping to prop up this overrated conference. As noted in the article:

    ESPN has a multi-million deal with the SEC. It would be bad business to not have a bias to the SEC, but to try and deflect and divert is not flattering. ESPN is trying to remain in some journalistic integrity, but everyone can see through the SEC cover of bias. The consistent coverage (all positive) of the SEC and negative coverage elsewhere simply continues to conflate the SEC Bias and the idea of an agenda. I think there is enough here to note that the SEC gets the favorable benefit of the doubt and are consistently inflated by the resumes of teams that have fallen off of the map.

    In case you missed it, here is the article in its entirety: Kudos to Brent Gann on a very thorough, outstanding piece. It’s a long read, but WELL worth it!

  • Are FSU Fans Running SEC EXPOSED?

    We’ve been accused this week by a couple Bama trolls as being a site run by “FSU fans.” The paranoia is amusing. It’s driving these trolls insane that they can’t figure out who our authors are, what our motives are, or how to stop us. They have no capacity to grasp the fact that we simply love college football and recognize that the NCAA’s and sports media’s obsession with creating the illusion of an invincible SEC is destroying college football. Perhaps it’s time now to give full disclosure as to who our contributors are. Of our 7 contributors to this site, one actually IS an FSU grad. The rest of us, this author included, are from the west, Midwest and northeast. Yes, we spend a fair amount of time defending the Seminoles in our articles, and it really seems to bother the Bama trolls more than anyone else. But the reasoning is obvious; it’s simply because FSU remains the greatest threat to the SEC and the media’s biggest target of elimination to protect their beloved overhyped SEC. We expect our thousands of other SEC EXPOSED fans and supporters to hate FSU and root against them. And you should! Because this team is standing in YOUR team’s way and you NEED them to lose. We don’t expect you to cheer them on. BUT our position in defending FSU is that the sports media should NOT be rooting against any one team (or FOR any one conference for that matter) simply for the sake of pressing their own convoluted personal agenda. And ESPN and the SEC-obsessed sports media are most definitely rooting against FSU. You can hear it in the disappointed voices of ESPN announcers in each 4th quarter comeback game. You can see it with every trumped up railroad story falsely accusing Winston for one outrageous thing after the other. (In case you missed the latest, doubt is now cast over the validity of the whole autograph accusation: Big shock there, right?) You can see it in the fake new indices that they have created to measure a team’s worth. (FPI, Game Control, Strength of Record… you couldn’t make this kind of silly nonsense up if you tried!). Anything to make FSU look like an overrated fraud to the committee of playoff-deciding sheeple, who clearly hang on ESPN’s every word. Every team FSU plays is built up pre-game by ESPN as they hope and pray for the upset, and then torn down post-game by ESPN as they try to discredit FSU’s toughness and resolve against that opponent. We told you in early September that ESPN wants you to hate FSU. And they want that because THEY hate FSU.

    So you ask why is this site supporting FSU while most of the nation despises them? Because they are the Darth Vader to the SEC’s Obi Wan. They are the Bane to the SEC’s Batman. They are a team whose continued wins against the SEC are restoring sanity and stability to the sport of college football by reminding the nation that TEAMS, not CONFERENCES, win championships! They are one among many who represent our mission… to expose the overrated SEC and their overbearing, misguided fanbase! So YES, we are FSU fans. We are Oklahoma fans. We are Indiana fans. We are Ohio State fans. We are Oregon fans. We are Texas fans. We are Clemson fans. We are Baylor fans. We are Michigan State fans. We are UCLA fans.

    Deal with it!

  • Our Season Ending Predictions

    This will be our last blog entry until the week leading up to the national championship playoffs. But before we go, we offer our predictions on the Final 4, since we have believed all along it has been a foregone conclusion that the committee of ESPN-watching sheeple has planned to load two SEC teams into the playoffs no matter their records.

    We believe Alabama will win the SEC. They appear to be the cream of the overrated SEC crop yet again. The second SEC team will be either UGA (if they don’t win SEC east) or the Miss State/Ole Miss winner. It really depends on which team the dart-throwing committee of ESPN-brainwashed monkeys decides to hand pick. It very likely will be a two loss team when/if Ole Miss beats Miss State. Oregon will make it, as we don’t see them losing another game. Either FSU or the Big 12 champ (still up for grabs) will make it. Big Ten will most likely be closed out barring a perfect storm of upsets. But rest assured, there is NO way that the committee will let this playoff happen without two SEC teams. There has been a purpose all along for the media to paint a picture that the SEC is head and shoulders above the rest. And that purpose carries major financial implications for ESPN. The narrative they have spent so much of the season peddling to the naive sheeple who watch ESPN has not been wasted on this braindead playoff committee. There will be two teams. Just like the deck is stacked each preseason poll, it will be stacked in the playoff. They have their agenda and that agenda WILL come to fruition.

    Now for our Last Top Ten release of the regular season… I’m sure you ESPN following sheeple will like this new metric we invented. It’s called the “Overrated Conference Index (OCI).” Unfortunately since the SEC scored so poorly in our OCI (on account of Big East’s Indiana looking like the best team in the SEC East and all) all schools with good records in the SEC will be punished.

      SEC Exposed Top Ten – Week 13

    1) FSU (10-0)
    2) Oregon (9-1)
    3) TCU (9-1)
    4) Alabama (9-1)
    5) Ohio State (9-1)
    6) Baylor (8-1)
    7) UCLA (8-2)
    8) Mississippi State (9-1)
    9) Michigan State (8-2)
    10) Arizona (8-2)

    We will return the week leading up to the championship games. Enjoy the close of the regular season folks! And keep EXPOSING!!!

  • 150 thoughts on “College Football Playoff Selection Committee EXPOSED in Week 13

    1. Well, I noticed that Joseph77 didn’t leave a comment. And the FSU dominance of the SEC was vanquished. Just wondering, how many bowl games has the SEC played against the PAC 12 lately? Just one. And it was a good game with a last minute finish. Why has the SEC avoided the PAC 12? Just wondering.

      The SEC was able to avoid USC during the Pete Carroll years, and except for the Auburn/Oregon game, the chosen SEC team has avoided Oregon. Typically the SEC pick ends up playing the championship game against a lower caliber team that has a great run, like Notre Dame and Ohio State. All this while keeping Oregon/Stanford and USC (not so much lately) out of the title game.

      OSU did beat Bama, last night. So once again the SEC will avoid the PAC 12. My son was rooting for Bama to see what Oregon would’ve done against them. This time they couldn’t dominate OSU, which usually has a winning record against an inferior conference. (Did Wisconsin lay down to let a Big 10 team get into the CFP?)

      If Joseph77 writes in, I would only have to say that if you beat a team that is ranked #2 and another team beats a team ranked #15, you immediately would believe the first win means more. Except now, the bowl results would indicate that the #2 ranking is subjective and meaningless. This is why my favorite college team has won the some number of national championship as Bama, zero. The football nation championship is mythical and not counted toward the total number of national championships counted.

      There is no perfect solution except to put these student-athletes’ bodies at further risk to satisfy your desires and put more money into the NCAA and broadcast networks. I, for one, would have been fine to keep the championship mythical. But, it wasn’t up to me.

    2. Pingback: Football Power Index: ESPNs Metric to Sway the Public and Polls to the Darkside | SEC Exposed

    3. ESPN AND DISNEY are sec frauds. the public knows this but you don’t care. the worst pick guys in the world.. the draft jokers do all crap info and they are wrong most of the time. I mean really bad.

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