College Football Playoff Clown Committee, SEC Media Bias, and The Wonders of Criminal Athlete Recruitment


Clown Committee Idiocy EXPOSED


Well the playoff committee has delivered their final verdict. And as expected, it was not well received by everyone, particularly the Big 12 conference. And with good reason. Merely days after ESPN (try not to faint) admitted that the Big 12 was better than the SEC (Source: and that the SEC was in fact overrated (Gee, we wonder who said that first!), the committee chooses to leave out BOTH the Big 12 Champ AND the team they had just told us was better than undefeated FSU only a week ago. Talk about a committee with egg on their faces. They basically admitted what we all already knew all along… that they have no idea what the hell they are talking about!

The funny thing about all this is, if anything, the committee has basically proven that all they do is watch ESPN and take the word of their SEC Shill announcer crew as gospel. Think about it. For weeks, ESPN bashed FSU trying to make the nation hate them, as we predicted they would early this season (Source: As a result, each week the committee kept dropping FSU further in the polls. With each victory, the Seminoles fell another spot, following days of ESPN broadcasting pot shots at FSU’s narrow victories and dishing fresh weekly installments of off-the-wall rumors and innuendo about their quarterback. From accusations of illegal payments for jersey signing to outrageous claims that Winston was point shaving, ESPN hammered away TMZ-style at the team’s character around the clock. And the committee showed that they were paying attention. In their final poll prior to championship weekend, they jumped TCU over FSU, with Jeff Long himself claiming TCU’s “body of work” was better.

Here is where the plot thickens. Ohio State shocks everyone and completely houses Wisconsin for the Big Ten title. Meanwhile the Big 12 commissioner sticks his foot in his mouth and claims both TCU and Baylor are Big 12 champs, an asinine claim considering Baylor beat TCU head to head. Suddenly, ESPN begins a late Saturday campaign, beginning toward the end of the ACC Championship broadcast where the SEC-obsessed mouthpieces Fowler and Herbstreit flip the script completely. As FSU killed the clock to beat Georgia Tech, they begin saying that FSU is definitely in and that Ohio State must be in as well, that it is a no-brainer to leave out the Big 12 teams because they never played a conference championship. Herbstreit later that night and into Sunday morning even takes to Twitter throwing hints and predictions that Ohio State simply must be in the playoff now. Hours later, the committee releases their verdict. Almost as if Herbstreit and Fowler had called it in themselves, the committee lines up the teams these guys said should be there. And big shock… Alabama remains #1, despite Oregon completely pulverizing the one team they lost to, essentially proving that their only loss was a fluke (an outcome which should have made Oregon the NUMBER ONE team in the nation at that point). Big 12, meanwhile, was left in the dust, wondering what the hell just happened. TCU blew apart a bad Iowa State team while Baylor solidly whipped one of the SEC’s only two quality OOC wins. It makes one wonder, what if Baylor was in and Bama was left out? I’m sure ESPN would’ve broke every FCC rule known over their outrage.

Now don’t get us wrong. We aren’t suggesting that Baylor should have made it over Ohio State. Or even that Alabama should’ve been left out (although we would get a good laugh out of that, but must admit it would be hardly fair). Truthfully, while this decision can be considered fair and reasonable on one hand (Ohio State played a conference championship game and solidly won), it is still an injustice on another hand (The Big 12 was top to bottom a stronger conference than the Big Ten). There was never a perfect decision either way in this scenario. Our point is simply that this committee has shown, in the most incompetent of fashions, that they have no idea WHAT the hell they are doing with these weekly rankings, simply creating them as an egregious ratings ploy to boost more ESPN revenues on Tuesday nights. Its deplorable and disgusting how much ESPN has completely sabotaged this playoff project and been allowed to use it to deepen their own coffers. And we are all the suckers who keep buying in by tuning in.

This mess has also further driven home the clear evidence that ONLY an 8 team playoff, one that guarantees each of the Power 5 champions plus three at-large teams (let the hapless committee pick the three at-large teams), can work to TRULY give you a fair national champion. Not long ago we told you all we didn’t see this ever happening because we felt the current 4 team model was set up to benefit 2 or more SEC teams making it in. Surprisingly that turned out not being the case. At least not THIS year. Not that the committee didn’t try their ass off. The SEC just wouldn’t help them. It just so happens, the SEC was even more overrated that we expected it to be, with some of their best teams losing or nearly losing to their most mediocre, and their most mediocre getting swept 4-0 by the ACC (which makes us wonder when the SEC will stop scheduling these teams from what once was their perennial punching bag conference, yet are now owning them with nearly every opportunity they get). Because of all this, now the SEC has only one team and that surely has to have their conference commissioner sweating a bit. Because if Alabama is as overrated as some of us believe, they could very well get tripped up in their first match against Ohio State. We aren’t predicting that upset, but we are saying it is VERY possible, and that these loudmouthed Bammers should probably not write OSU off so quick. The Buckeyes are coached by a man who not only knows how to recruit as well as the SEC, but a man who has experience in OWNING the SEC in his own brief stint as Florida’s head coach. Urban Meyer has been waiting for this moment for a long time, much like Stoops was waiting for Alabama last year. Remember last year when nobody thought Oklahoma had a chance in hell? Ohio State shouldn’t be written off so easily either. They will be ready. Again, we aren’t predicting the upset… just saying it shouldn’t be dismissed as a possibility. The odds aren’t in the Buckeyes’ favor considering they are down to their third string quarterback on the season. But you better believe that if Ohio State upsets Alabama, the entire SEC AND their commissioner will be joining the rest of us SCREAMING for that 8 team playoff (if not begging for us to go back to the SEC-biased BCS formula all over again).

Our position has long been that the SEC is top heavy and the other teams’ fans are bandwagon riding the success of Alabama and Auburn, claiming it as the success of every team in the conference. We expect them to do that yet again this bowl season. Meanwhile, these SEC Chanters have dismissed the ACC’s 4-0 record of the SEC by basically writing off the entire SEC East as if they didn’t really count. So since the SEC West is the only “relevant” SEC this year, they had better hope the SEC West teams put their money where their mouths are. Some doozy bowl matchups outside of Alabama’s playoff run will await the other SEC West teams. And we will finally get to see how “real” these Mississippi teams are, after being force-fed the propaganda that they are both magically elite this year. Both Ole Miss and Mississippi State must face their first nonconference quality opponents this season after piddling through their makeshift paper tiger conference near the top all year. TCU and Georgia Tech await these teams. TCU has quite the chip on their shoulder after the Big 12 shafting that occurred, and Georgia Tech has already beaten the team most folks would agree was truly the best the SEC East had to offer. Someone is getting exposed soon. And we wouldn’t be surprised if it is BOTH of these Mississippi frauds.

The SEC Myth and Media Bias

Rolling Stone’s Jordan Burchette had the courage to call out the SEC and the media for their bias a few weeks back. Recently, Mr. Burchette followed up on his original article with some salient points as to why we are constantly expecting these big name teams to get exposed at the end of the year after playing the most mediocre of competition all season long:

“That’s because the SEC rarely plays anyone but the SEC. Or a team from a lower division, as Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly observed about the Mississippi schools’ recent opponents. The SEC is second to only the ACC in FCS opponents played during its run of dominance dating back to 2006. Meanwhile, Arkansas hasn’t played a ranked, out-of-conference opponent in the regular season since 2008; South Carolina hasn’t played one beyond annual in-state rival Clemson in over a decade; and Florida hasn’t scheduled a nonconference regular season game outside its home state since 1991.

…The result is the perpetuation of the idea that any win in the SEC is a marquis victory justifying the kind of towering rankings that have seen four of the conference’s teams make appearances in this year’s College Football Playoff top four (no other conference has placed more than one). But the SEC’s 0–for–4 performance against its rivals from little brother the ACC on the final weekend of the regular season and its subsequent 5–6 record against Power Five teams contradict the prevailing narrative of superiority that has afforded the SEC benefit of the doubt on all matters subjective — chiefly the rankings that decide college football’s playoff participants.”



Burchette is correct. The media continues to perpetuate that bias and call us all ignorant and uninformed if we catch on to their little game. SEC Chanters on social media get in on the action too, running in to defend the truth exposure by attacking us, Burchette, and anyone else who dares display the reality of what is going on. In the last month alone, the twitter account @SEC_Exposed has counted 7 (yes SEVEN) newly created accounts that are wholly devoted to insulting, attacking and spamming our page. It’s actually amusing and only further deepens our conviction that our mission has been a success. It motivates us to keep going. Even ESPN’s own Chris Fowler has trolled our account. What better way to know you are onto something than when one of their biggest talking heads is trying to shut you up. And while ESPN keeps denying the truth of their bias, those of us who are not propaganda-transfixed sheelple are keenly aware of the reality:

“ESPN’s ubiquity makes it the Top 40 radio of sports, with the power to get a team stuck in your head whether you want it there or not. That makes it hard to determine where consumer desire ends and marketer objectives begin. If ESPN’s coverage — intentionally or not — is having an influence on rankings, and the network is then using those rankings to justify its coverage, that’s a logic loop that may never be broken.

…The case for voter invulnerability to ESPN’s coverage is made weaker when, as WTOP Sports Editor Noah Frank notes, the College Football Playoff selection committee’s website uses ESPN content exclusively for its news feed. “There are a lot of voters who experience the same media,” says Maestas of the opinion polls. ‘A case can be made that there’s an SEC bump… The guilty party is this runaway public perception on all topics where success begets success.’

The snowball effect of that perception means that, even in a year when the SEC is arguably the weakest it’s been overall during its most recent run of dominance, it’s enjoyed its loftiest rankings ever. It starts with the team that may have reached number one faster than any in history… (Mississippi State.)”


We urge anyone who didn’t read the entirety of Burchette’s piece above to click on the link and do so. He has likely done a better job at exposing this ESPN bias for the SEC than we have ever done, which we commend him for. And while we believe that bias has elevated the SEC to levels it doesn’t deserve, there is a superiority that we do believe the SEC owns, as we revealed on our social media feed this week… their propensity for criminal athlete activity!

SEC Criminality EXPOSED

The SEC boasts to have the “best” players, the most “elite” high school recruits, and the most NFL draft submissions. Their fans incessantly rib fans of other programs for rumored criminal activity and claim that their programs are cleaner. Their hypocrisy is thick, and the evidence is damning. The fact is, the SEC is the conference with the highest percentage of criminal athletes in all of college football. And it isn’t even close. [Source:] As of December 10, 2014, there have been 134 arrests or charges of Power 5 college football players this year alone. 62 of those were SEC football players. That is 46.2%. A breakdown of this stat by conference shows how dominant the SEC is in the recruitment of criminal athletes…

SEC: 46.2%
Big Ten: 18.7%
Big 12: 13.4%
PAC 12: 11.9%
ACC: 9.7%

A SEC chanter on twitter this week claimed that the SEC was the “mini NFL” because of that stat. We disagree. The NFL is actually the mini SEC when it comes to criminal activity. There have only been 57 arrests or charges in all the NFL this year. 5 LESS than the SEC conference in college football alone! How the SEC continues to harbor what appear to be the most criminals in all of football yet remain under the NCAA’s radar every year is appalling, yet not entirely surprising. [Source:

End of the Year Salutations

We would like to close out 2014 by thanking all of our supporters, and even our attackers! We strongly believe that the constant attention to our blog site has made a huge impact on creating awareness of the media’s pro-SEC propaganda and the reasons behind the overrating of the SEC. When we started this venture 19 months ago, people thought it was blasphemy to claim the SEC was overrated or that media propaganda and bias was overpumping the conference to their perceived heights of superiority. Now 82% of America admits that they recognize it!


Last week, our blog site reached 2.5 million unique hits, and we expect to hit the 3 million mark in just a matter of days! And the numbers are growing exponentially greater each day. We owe all the success of our website to our #ExposedArmy, the masses of Twitter and Facebook supporters who have braved the attacks of the online knuckle-dragging SEC fans to help spread our message across social media, and in most cases have fed us fantastic research to add to it. We couldn’t do this without you all! Together we are one. And our voices ARE being heard. Our continued fight to save college football from being destroyed by the forces hell bent on deifying the SEC will succeed. FSU and Oklahoma helped restore some of the balance of college football last year. Who will it be this year? In just a matter of weeks, we will know. We only have one prediction… that once again THE SEC WILL BE EXPOSED!

Enjoy bowl season #ExposedArmy. And keep EXPOSING!!!!



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