A Look Back at the Superior SEC Defense Fairytale

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     For years we heard just how fierce the Defensive struggles were inside the mighty SEC. Then 3 years ago, 2 members of the BIGXII made the scariest move in CFB. With 6 losing seasons in BIGXII play and not a double digit win season since the 90’s, Texas A&M joined the SEC West and Mizzou went to the SEC East.

With their signs ready, SEC chanters knew these teams hadn’t seen what happens when you face SEC defenses. Texas A&M went on to put up an 11 win season, knocking off the SEC Champ and eventual “National” champ Alabama. (This was before we had a 4 team Playoff and also the year that undefeated O-H-I-O State wasn’t allowed to play for a title.) That’s okay because surely Ohio State couldn’t handle Alabama. Thus far the SEC hasn’t managed to give A&M as bad a year as their final year in the BIGXII, and compared to their last 3 years in the BIGXII they have 6 more wins.

Let’s talk Mizzou. Surely they would have it rough. SEC fans rejoiced as Mizzou limped to a 5-7 season. No one seemed to notice that Mizzou’s starting quarterback had shoulder surgery in late March. He battled that injury throughout his first season only starting in 75% of games. He was back the next year. Mizzou went on the next 2 years to put up 12 and 11 win seasons along with back-to-back SEC East champs. SEC indeed. They did have a 12 win season in the BIGXII back in 2007, but to find another 11+ win season in the BIGXII you would have to go back to the Dan Devine era in 1960, in the Big 8 . Mizzou’s 3-year record has them with 2 more wins in the SEC than the BIGXII even with the lousy 2012 season.     Mizzou Champ Ring

For years I claimed and bet (quite successfully I might add) that SEC defenses were not all that great. From what I could tell most of their offenses were just very subpar. I was even dumb enough to bet that A&M would have a better season in the always-overrated SEC West. OVER/UNDER 7 was an easy bet.

Those are just games though, let’s talk defensive numbers. That’ll clear it up.

The following is a list of each SEC team along with 3 teams that scored the most points on their vaunted defenses since the 2012 realignment.  Should be pretty much only SEC teams right?  Other leagues just don’t play defense like the SEC, that’s why they score so much. Maybe the BIGXII transplants and other opponents will make it on there.

*BOLD teams indicate OOC and BIGXII Transplants

Alabama 2013 Oklahoma: 45  2014 Auburn: 44 2013 TAMU &2014 OSU: 42
LSU 2013 Georgia: 44 2014 Auburn: 41 2013 Bama: 38
Auburn 2012 TAMU: 63 2014 Bama: 55 2012 Bama: 49
Arkansas 2012 TAMU: 58 2013 Bama: 52 2013 S. Carolina: 52
Ole Miss 2012 Texas: 66 2014 TCU: 42 2013 TAMU: 41
Miss State 2013 LSU: 59 2013 TAMU: 51 2014 GT: 49
Georgia 2012 Tennessee: 44 2013 Auburn: 43 2013 Mizzou: 41
Tennessee 2013 Oregon: 59 2013 Auburn: 55 2012 Mizzou: 51
Florida 2014 Mizzou: 42 2014 Alabama: 42 2013 FSU: 37
South Carolina 2014 TAMU: 52 2014 Kentucky: 45 2014 Tennessee: 45
Kentucky 2014 Georgia: 63 2013 Georgia: 59 2014 Tennessee: 50
Vanderbilt 2013 TAMU: 56 2013 Mizzou: 51 2014 Miss State: 51

In order to take a closer look at how many chances other teams had to play these SEC defenses I dove into the total number of games the last 3 years. A&M and Mizzou count as BIGXII transplants and any other Power 5 Conference team counts as a shot to play against an SEC defense. I did not count the non-Power 5 teams for either side because honestly nobody cares how well a defense was able to stop The Presbyterian Blue Hose or Sunbelt and Conference USA teams with 3-4 wins total in 3 years. We already know about the pathetic OOC competition the SEC schedules. https://secexposed.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/the-role-of-scheduling-in-the-great-sec-supremacy-caper/

In this time frame 346 games were played with only 27.5% against either other Power 5 teams or BIGXII transplants. So of the 38 teams that scored the most on these SEC teams, 18 of them (47.4%) were either from another conference or the BIGXII transplants. If the numbers would have held up only 10 of those games should have been teams other than SEC teams. That’s if they were equal competition. So if they were lesser competition, as we are told day in and day out on ESPN, one would predict this number to be even lower. Maybe when a team outside of the SEC plays a good game we can stop referring to it as “SEC like” and instead refer to the team that couldn’t put points on the board as “SEC like”. That’s a whole other story on ESPN’s pathetic attempt to compliment the SEC even when it’s Ohio State vs. Michigan or Arizona vs. Oregon.

Anyhow, keep on chanting chanters. You’re looking worse every day!

SEC Chant


4 thoughts on “A Look Back at the Superior SEC Defense Fairytale

  1. Now the ESPN gang are hanging their SEC hype hats on SEC post season success against other conferences excluding last year. The post season where you often have mismatched teams in terms of their respective rankings playing each other somewhere down south.

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