How Conference Rankings, the BCS and SEC Media Bias Destroyed College Football and Created SEC EXPOSED!



Much of our time on this site the past 27 months has been spent exposing to the world how overrated the SEC conference is. We feel that our mission has been a success. Our venture began actually almost 4 years ago after watching the BCS place Alabama and LSU in a national title game while pretending that, because the media said football was just better in the SEC, no other conference’s champion was worthy to challenge that notion in a head to head matchup. At that time 7 college football fans from different team affiliations all across the U.S. came together on an internet chat board to air their disdain. Hence “SEC EXPOSED” was born. The 7 of us represented not just different teams, but a prevailing feeling among college football fans all across our country who were NOT in SEC Country. Ours was a feeling of disgust. Disgust that the media was fawning over a conference that was clearly overrated but riding on the laurels of a small handful of strong football programs, mainly Alabama who was largely rejuvenated by Nick Saban. Disgust that the media was contributing to the glorification of this atrocity. And above all disgust that the NCAA was not only allowing this to continue, but was condoning it by attacking successful non-SEC programs and going soft on all SEC programs as they raked in the billions of dollars in profit over the SEC superiority farce soap opera that had been created. When the 7 of us decided to create “SEC EXPOSED”, we chose anonymity because we knew once our movement caught on, those powers who had pushed the SEC to the top (as well as the knuckle-dragging fanbase of keyboard tough guys and tree killing psychos) would have individuals to come after. Our movement is not one created for personal gain. It is not one created to generate “clicks” for our website (note that we use no sponsors and peddle no products). Our movement, rather, was meant to upset the “established order” created by the SEC Shill Media and, mainly, to create awareness. Awareness of a wrong that has occurred in a sport that 7 fans (and millions more out there) love… awareness of a trend that had destroyed the storied tradition of college football.

Yes, we do believe our movement was a success. Not because we have had tens of millions of hits on our website. Not because now every media troll and SEC chanter on social media knows who we are and seeks us out to brag when an SEC team wins a big game. But rather because we are now no longer the only site finally admitting the truth that so many in the media have been purposefully hiding… that the SEC is overrated, may have always been overrated, and is NOT the King of College Football that so many sheeple have been led to believe. Two years ago we were the only site telling the story. The “tin foil hat” site we were called, akin to Roswell stories and JFK conspiracies. However now the whole nation is finally realizing we were right all along. And one by one media experts are starting to open their eyes and report the truth: the truth that there are great teams all OVER college football and nothing makes the SEC better than any of them.

This all brings us to ask ourselves… how did we let this conference supremacy lie get spoon fed to us to start with? And more importantly, why were so many college football fans and self-proclaimed sports “experts” going along with it for so long? Much of the SEC superiority myth was predicated on 7 consecutive SEC teams winning the BCS title (which involved four SEC teams between 2006-2012), however a look back at those matchups reveal that it is arguable that the two best teams in the nation weren’t even playing in at least 4 of those 7 matchups. Just think, had the BCS been in place LAST season, we would have seen Alabama play Florida State for the national title! And neither of those teams ultimately even got past the CFP Semifinal round! Last season’s playoff results exposed much of the flaw that led to mismatches and poor pairings in BCS bowls during the SEC “reign” over college football. But when you take into consideration how those mismatches were perpetuated in the first place, it all begins to become clearer what led to myth from the start… Conference Ranking!


It is hard to pinpoint exactly when and where the myth that the SEC was the greatest collection of college football teams began. But we may be able to pinpoint at what point the media began to assign faux importance to the rating of conferences. Jeff Sagarin released his widely media-accepted “Conference Rating” following the 1998 season, according to his archives ( Not coincidentally, that was also the first year of the BCS, a system that depended in part on Sagarin’s computer for its rankings. It would appear at that time that there was no “SEC bias” at play. The SEC, according to Sagarin’s system, was considered the third best conference behind the Big 12 and Big Ten in 1998. However, none of us can remember hearing proclamations from Big 12 fans back then of conference superiority. Mainly because nobody really paid attention to these conference ratings at that time to begin with. Nonetheless, this conference rating system, a concept born from the new BCS era itself, may have begun the trend that ultimately would kill college football as we knew it.

Sagarin’s metric to determine the “best conferences” was convoluted from the start. To begin with, it was based on schedule strength determinations which calculated home and away game factors taking into consideration rankings of teams that were played. The only problem, the system depended on poll rankings that were very subjective. Human voters, by nature, have built in biases. It isn’t a criticism, it’s a fact. We all have some element of bias, whether we want to admit it or not. Computers don’t have bias, but computers can only make calculations based on the metrics that are fed into them. And human bias was most definitely fed into them.

As the BCS years waned on, Sagarin was not the only entity rating conferences, or course. There were others. In fact, eventually every college football preseason publication began doing it. Comparisons of the conferences in their teams’ head to head out of conference battles were some of the key criteria being used in these ratings. However this was all very deceiving. Conferences were being considered “better” when a small handful of their best teams were winning the highest proportion of out of conference games. The matchups often times were not even. Especially when it came to bowl pairings. The BCS model seemed to shelter the SEC from playing the top competition in the toughest conferences during the bowl seasons. Much of this can be blamed on the Big Ten- PAC-10 Bowl arrangements that were kept in place, shielding the SEC from having to play the best the Big Ten or PAC-10 had to offer. While the SEC built up years of OOC wins during the regular season, mostly against ACC and mid-tier or Division I-AA (FCS) opponents, they were able to build up their claims of superiority by winning bowl games that were notable mismatches in which the SEC team was the higher ranked team nearly every time. The few exceptions to that rule were often when the SEC played “up” to ACC competition in these bowls. Since the ACC through the BCS years was the usually conference with the highest percentage of the worst teams of the Power 5, these bowl pairings often enabled the SEC to pad their annual bowl stats quite nicely, further contributing to the growing narrative. However one year an SEC team DID pull a significant upset in the post-season and it may have been a catalyst that would bring about the ratings system corruption from that moment forward… the year was 2006.

Up until 2006, Sagarin’s system appeared to be unaffected by the uneven bowl pairings and the creampuff out of conference win percentage of SEC teams. That all changed in the 2006 BCS Championship Game, when a 10-point underdog Florida Gator team was able to upset the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in a landslide 41-14 victory. That UF team, of course, was coached by Urban Meyer. At that time, nobody yet realized that Meyer would become one of the most successful and influential coaches in all of college football. Unfortunately, what Florida’s large margin of victory did was further fuel a growing false awareness among other SEC members, their fans and the sports media that the SEC was the “best conference” in the nation. Suddenly that season, Sagarin, who had just the year before considered the SEC to be the 5th best conference in the land, suddenly rated the SEC as THE best conference. The myth was born.

Truth be told, that 2006 UF team really did look like the best team in the country much of that season. Urban Meyer had taken under-achieving recruits brought in by the previous coach (Ron Zook) and turned that team, and his own recruits in the subsequent team to follow, into football giants. However somehow along the way Florida’s success was being attributed to its’ play in a “dominant conference.” This new notion was reinforced by Sagarin’s skewed rating system and a media still drunk off the UF upset of Ohio State in the previous championship game. Just as this was happening, the second catalyst arrived: Nick Saban. His hire by the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2007 following his very unsuccessful venture in the NFL may have been one of the most significant events in SEC Chanter Entitlement history. Despite his inability to succeed in the NFL, Saban proved to be a worthy college football guru. And as Urban Meyer completed his run of success with the Gators, Nick Saban recruited and developed Alabama into the national powerhouse that it has become today. (By the way, has anyone noticed how the Gators have been since Urban Meyer left? Right. Don’t expect to see those clowns relevant again anytime soon.)

The Sagarin ratings stopped being impartial following the 2006 season. From that point on, the media began touting the SEC as Football Kings and damned anyone who disagreed. And nearly every other publication followed suit, issuing “Conference Rankings” each season that would ultimately influence preseason football polls. And those preseason polls, of course, would in turn influence the narrative that has since dominated college football… that SEC teams are the best because they play the toughest schedules… and they play the toughest schedules because they have to beat a bunch of ranked conference teams… and they are all ranked because the SEC is the best. The circular logic is mind-numbing when you factor in the truth that SEC teams actually play the fewest number of out of conference Power 5 teams than any other Power 5 conference each season and continue to rest on the laurels of some conference superiority sports media fantasy that began in 2006!

SEC Chanters will try to throw stats at you of out of conference records of SEC teams against Power 5 conferences in the BCS era. (Although they often leave out the stat that the old dissolved Big East was dominating them, but that isn’t important since they don’t exist anymore we presume.) Well folks, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Seasons often began with one or two SEC giants knocking off well known football teams who were overranked to start their seasons and inevitably proved their mediocrity as the season wore on. Middle of the road SEC teams were beating teams that would ultimately finish in the lower tier of their conferences. And of course the SEC would get their annual beatdowns of ACC teams, a trend the SEC counted on to pad those stats (up until recent seasons at least). SEC teams would do all this for the most part without ever leaving SEC country! While major football powers travelled to other Power 5 stadiums all over the nation, nearly all SEC “away” games against Power 5 competition would occur at random “neutral” sites that just happened to be closer to their home than the opponent’s. Meanwhile the SEC programs padded their schedules with Sun Belt, Conference USA and FCS teams so heavily that only the dimmest of college football fans would miss the fact that as a whole, the SEC was playing far fewer Power 5 teams that anyone else in the nation. (

Are we discounting EVERY win for the SEC over Power 5 opponents? Absolutely not! But it must be understood that most of these wins were by a small handful of teams who happen to be respected traditional national powers in the football world. That small handful of successful teams do NOT make the SEC the “best conference.” It simply meant that the SEC had some of the best teams in the nation. As did the Big Ten. And the PAC-10/PAC-12. And the Big 12. And the ACC. But nobody would have known that. Because the sports media’s love affair with the SEC had begun.


Once conference ratings, two game-changing coaches, and favorable matchups helped alter the media’s perception of the conference, all the dominoes for the greatest myth in college football history fell into place. Top notch recruits began to see the constant media lauding of the SEC and were easy prey for SEC coaches from the conference’s low tier teams who pitched the all famous “come play in the best conference in college football” gimmick. The NCAA seemingly stopped pursuing negative allegations against SEC teams, especially Alabama, whose coach Nick Saban was reportedly good friends with NCAA President Emmert. While the NCAA was receiving all time backlash for outrageous punishments of teams that didn’t fit the crimes, allegations and whistle blower stories of SEC team violations were running rampant on the internet with absolutely no NCAA attention whatsoever. ( The media bias would finally be set in stone, however, when ESPN joined forces in 2008 with the SEC. And their latest deal in 2013, which included the SEC Network, was deemed the richest deal signed in college sports history ( At that point ESPN was prepared to cash in big off of the continued success of the SEC brand. The pieces were all in place as media members began the annual tradition of overranking SEC teams every preseason while ESPN lauded all the amazing aspects of the “best conference in college football” while refusing to report the rampant reports of possible NCAA violations and numerous player arrests coming from the SEC. ( Once the widely accepted “Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment” had fully endorsed the SEC (and since their financial success as a network was now tied into that conference, why wouldn’t they), the rest of the sports media sheeple followed suit. Because after all, why would ESPN try to deceive them? They are an impartial sports news entity. Right?

And the rest of course… is history.


In a perfect world, ESPN would become impartial and stop the conference collusion game before the Feds are onto them, preseason polls would be used for entertainment purposes only and would be erased and started from scratch each week until Week 7, conference “rating” would end since it realistically cannot be determined without true head to head round robin competition between every other conference anyway, and the nation could go back to rivalries that matter and rooting for TEAMS rather than rooting for an entire collection of loosely geographically-placed teams as if they were states united in a civil war. But this isn’t a perfect world. And the narrative will go on unless the entire college football world rises up to fight back. How do they slay the beast that has ruined our game? Perhaps conferences need to join forces and file class action lawsuits against ESPN and NCAA to force an end to the collusion. Perhaps schools need to refuse ESPN interviews and withdraw from ESPN-sponsored events. Perhaps top programs need to refuse to let College Gameday on their campuses. Perhaps the rest of the Power 5 needs to sue to end any existing deals they have with ESPN and bring their business to another entity like Fox Sports. These all sound like excellent options, but they are all very unlikely and somewhat unrealistic. Which leaves only one thing left. Just keep beating the SEC’s best until ESPN loses so much money that the bottom falls out on their little money-making scheme. Otherwise the rest of us will never get the game back that we love, or get to root as hard as we used to against those in-conference rivals who we love to hate! 

Eric Striker from Oklahoma said it best last Saturday: F*CK THE SEC!

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.” –Joker (The Dark Knight)




124 thoughts on “How Conference Rankings, the BCS and SEC Media Bias Destroyed College Football and Created SEC EXPOSED!

  1. SEC Leading in arrests adds another to its long long list.
    Florida freshman Deiondre Porter arrested and charged with assault involving gun.

  2. Saturday Night Live should do parody about Tim Tebow DirertTV Parody.

    Hi This is DEEP Voice Tim winner of 3 Super Bowl MVP’s.
    Hi This is HIGH Voice Tim (Normal Voice) never made it in the NFL but I try really hard each and every year. There good news SEC Network keeps hiring me back.

    This would be epic.


  3. Another bad start to the day for the SEC. Ole Miss getting dominated so far by Memphis, while Miss. St. Struggling at home with . . . Louisiana Tech. LOL. Remember how high ESPN and the AP had these two trash SEC teams ranked?

    • As high or higher than Auburn and Georgia. But the SEC shouldn’t worry…1 loss teams like Alabama, Florida, and Texas A&M will make sure to move up and solidify the SEC bias that is destroying college football as we know it.

  4. Ahhh, my poor Miss State…..Too bad they play in such a gutter conference…..and Ole miss will probably beat us this year after losing to Memphis….What a day in the SEC.

  5. WOW – Had the Gators not used PED’s the Ole Miss Rebels would have been the number 1 team this week just to fall short to Memphis.
    POWER 6?
    Or Just Power 5 minus the SEC?
    Memphis will move to say 16 after the win. Talk about SEC Bias.

  6. I guess bad refs aren’t confined to the SEC. There are some horrible Big Ten refs at Michigan for the MSU-UM game. They just gifted Michigan a non-existent TD at the goal line. Guy was stopped a yard short and held in place for a good 5-6 seconds, ref’s come running in to mark him short, and while another several second goes by, the guy squirms the ball across the line. And all of a sudden, the ref who’s standing there marking him well short puts his hands up instead. What a disgrace. Michigan may be back, but sadly, it looks like the Big House of Bad Calls is back, too.

    • The Football Gods restore justice — after getting hosed by the refs all day, MSU wins on the most insane game-winning final play I’ve ever seen. I think Harbaugh soiled his drawers.

  7. SEC isn’t the only conference that is overrated.

    Regional Overrates of the Big 12 — (Ten Team) consist of 5 states.
    Baylor will play 6 team from Texas this year. WOW How pathetic is this? Worst of all they don’t schedule Texas A&M or top 25 OOC opponent. So not so fast on Big 12 ball.

    Regional Relevancy for the Irish — Debunked.
    Notre Dame should join the AAC.
    The AAC is the most diverse conference around and they can still schedule PAC12 OOC rivals keeping them from being regional overrates like the SEC.
    The AAC already has Navy one of Notre Dame’s best rivalries.
    Notre Dame would have to go undefeated to even be considered for the CFB Playoffs and with a loss to an ACC opponent in their 5 game matchup annually doesn’t bode well for the Irish.
    In addition to this, the AAC has a Conference Championship Game which could bolster the resume of the winner.
    Just makes sense for Notre Dame to drop the ACC in favor of the AAC.
    Just the opportunity to compete in the CFB playoffs takes the regional relevancy out of the equation.

    The B1G should kill the ACC and get FSU and Clemson getting 16 teams. Dropping a few of the conferences lesser teams like (Maryland, Perdue, Rutgers) in favor of Pittsburg and possibly Va Tech and or Boston College. What a Conference that would be. With the already elite teams in the Big Ten one half of the CFB playoffs could be decided by one conference. The AAC could pick up the scraps to 16 teams. Now were talking CFB.

    The Pac 12 goes to 16 obtaining TCU, Texas and Baylor dropping Colorado.
    The SEC and Big 12 dropped to Division II … end of story.


  8. The Narrative:

    A team needing a miraculous, improbable, fluky game-winning play to preserve an undefeated season in the SEC (Auburn) = good.

    A team needing a miraculous, improbable, fluky game-winning play to preserve an undefeated season in the Big Ten (MSU) = bad.

  9. The Narractive:
    SEC gets Georgia ranked again after a 9-6 win over unranked Mizzou.
    #25 Georgia Coaches Poll.
    That is proof SEC is toughest and best conference ever.

  10. Why are the Gators still ranked?
    Ohhh .. for the #25 Georgia vs #14 (#13 in AP) Florida Worlds Largest redneck trailer park trash outdoor cocktail party down south with swamp life.
    Gators couldn’t even stay in the top 10 over an week.
    But the Gators were ranked too high just like LSU is also ranked too high based on their one trick pony Leonard Fournette so the loser would have an overrated resume of cupcake wins against the vastly overrated teams in the SEC. The loser wins because they will still be overrated and have GUTS and be a winner for losing. WOW the Gators showed you how they are for REAL. Can you believe this crap.

    Both teams Georgia and Florida shouldn’t be ranked. Who cares..

  11. If LSU wins out, I’d say I wouldn’t be upset if they make it in the playoff…but if Alabama wins out and knocks LSU off, and then gets into the playoff as a 1 loss team ahead of an undefeated conference champion (like FSU/Clemson in the ACC, or MSU in the Big 10 if they beat OSU), I will stop watching college football until major changes are done to prevent this massive level of corruption that is destroying college football. Undefeated conference champions deserve more recognition than any 1 loss team. Strength of schedule should be irrelevant…let the teams with the weak schedules lose in the playoff, or prove that they deserved to be there.

    • Agree and Disagree — I just am not drinking the power 5 argument.
      Unfortunately there are only 4 playoff spots and to not use Strength of Schedule as a baseline is not possible. The problem with Strength of Schedule is when it is fraudulent like the SEC has been for years it destroys the ability to ascertain an accurate baseline.

      The Big 12 Conference (10 Teams) is made up primarily of 3 states (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas) and some teams play 5 to 6 teams from Texas there is a problem with the conference in general. In addition to this there is no conference champ in the Big 12. So if an undefeated AAC team gets left out in Favor of the Big 12 team I might go ballistic. If Temple, Memphis, or Houston could run the table they would have had at least one or more significant OOC victories compared to a no loss Baylor. First of all the Big 12 is aware of the rules about strength of schedule and not having a conference championship game hurts their playoff chances. Who cares if the next to FCS talent conference of the Big 12 there is 60 or more points per game (OOC Games Rice, Lamar, SMU Oh My) , Wow, Big Deal. Power 5 – Power 6 whatever. The reason why Baylor and TCU got ranked so high preseason was because of whining. Big Babies did nothing to rectify the perception of their conference. I say go see Dr. Phil or Oprah I don’t care. ESPN also helped facilitate the Big 12 farce. UCF beat Baylor 2 years ago in a bowl game. Some would argue that UCF talent this year was FCS quality. Baylor lost their bowl game to Michigan State last year. This seems to be a pattern which should not be overlooked.

      Alabama and Mississippi the strength of the SEC lost the big bowl games. This is so significant to point out as the SEC drum beat and chant was non stop and still is. (Repulsive)

      If Florida QB had not used PED’s the result could have been another SEC team not ranked in Florida. Ole Miss would have moved to number 1 due to the lack luster performances by the top 5 teams during this time period. A Memphis win would mean a Top 10 acknowledgement instead of #18. Any no loss AAC team has a very difficult road and will require an unusual end of year finish to even be considered for a playoff spot. I do think Memphis bowl game win over BYU last year and this years performance to date by 3 AAC teams is enough for other conferences to take notice and be concerned about. The playoffs system was supposed to work for all FBS teams not just the power 5 (Who’s In?). Money, Power and even Prejudice is not easily given up so that makes it improbable that a no loss AAC team will be in the playoffs this year.

      The season is at a half way point and I have not seen from any conference or any team any justification to be in the playoffs today. I want all the games to be played out instead of crowning fake glory like the ESECPN narrative and fraudulently ranked SEC teams that can’t hold their rankings for as little as a week. I have not seen any thing that justifies LSU high ranking or so called strength of schedule as the teams they played that were ranked were in the SEC (Mississippi State, Auburn, and Florida) and those teams were extremely overrated. How quickly the wheels fell of the overrated SEC teams like Mississippi State and Auburn. I also know LSU is a one trick pony which has to be worth a few negatives. I don’t think the SEC is for REAL or has GUTS in a loss or in a win. Every now and then there is a good game produced by teams in the SEC which is true in any conference but you know it when you see it and it doesn’t have to be hyped by ESPN to be remembered.

      Let the games play out and maybe we can discern who should be in without the narrative.

      • Things have played out, and just like we guessed, a 1 loss team from the SEC makes it in the top 4…but its hard to be super upset about it this year, since the only remaining undefeated team is also in the top 4. There are still questions about how Alabama got in over the other 1 loss teams like Iowa, Ohio State or even Houston, but it would be easy to come up with an answer. There is still an obvious bias with the SEC. The big story this year is how Henry got the Heisman invite and guys like Dalvin Cook don’t even get an all-american spot (1st OR 2nd team). Henry isn’t that good…but apparently, it isn’t hard to propel him to the top so the SEC remains dominant in all facets of college football.

      • This year played out pretty quietly made things easier to explain for the CFB playoff committee. I agree with you Mike 100% on the Big story of all the snubs for Heisman invites a real travesty. But if you narrow the field to 3 candidates, it is clearly Deshaun Watson; however, all the blow-hard-inflate-a-puffs at ESPN are all up Henry’s *ss for Heisman. Henry has 1 highlight reel play a 74 yard run against Mississippi State. The same Mississippi State that gave up a 74 yard run against Troy (another Alabama football team). To further the insults is Henry is an average 2 yards less per carry than Cooks, for a back that is supposed to get stronger and better with carries, shouldn’t his numbers just be off the chart from any back in history instead of a real yawn fest??
        Henry has not even been the best back on his team twice this season. Nope, Henry is not Heisman in my book just average back with a huge offensive line probably the largest for any of the power 5 schools this season. I would not advise wasting a draft pick on Henry, in my opinion I would try and get a steal as opposed to being stolen from.

  12. So, the ESPN networks are in a full-court press on the Louisville hoops program’s strippers-for-recruits story, a sleazy practice, perhaps, and maybe against NCAA rules, but completely consensual and legal. Meanwhile, ESPN continues to ignore the systemic culture of rape permitted in the Tennessee and Vandy football programs, toleration of a violent domestic abuser at LSU, and the broad academic/eligibility scandal at Auburn. Nothing to see here . . . please move along . . . look over there at Louisville . . .

  13. Conference USA is now an extension of the SEC.
    Les Miles quote from article by Brian Bennett, ESPN Staff Writer
    “Western Kentucky’s Brandon Doughty has LSU’s attention: He’s ‘every bit an SEC quarterback'”

    First of all Les Miles and ESPN, the SEC is not that elite and definitely doesn’t have a monopoly on skilled players.
    Secondly C-USA, Western Kentucky, and Brandon Doughty may not like being insulted in this way.

    If LSU happens to lose to Western Kentucky, shouldn’t Western Kentucky be in the playoffs according to this ridiculous statement?

  14. If the SEC second half of the season keeps pace with the first, The SEC will propose a new Cup Cake Conference to play against to help build up fake stats and GREAT wins for the SEC.

  15. Lets all keep in mind that WKU’s only loss is to Indiana, which is the powerhouse of the SEC east, so LSU’s loss today should be understood thru that lens.

  16. Congrats to the winner of the Little Rock Bottom Bowl Arkansas winner in 4OT.
    Congrats to the winner of the Big Rock Bottom Bowl Auburn Loser in 4 OT.
    More points scored in OT than in Regulation. Great Win. Great Defense.
    THE SEC is just awesome.

  17. LOL — “best team in the country right now” Alabama looking horrible at home and tied 7-7 with just a few seconds left in the first half against a horrible Tennessee team. Of course, instead of punishing Bama, this means the pollsters will move Tennessee from I ranked into the top 15.

  18. So, let’s get this straight . . . according to the AP, ESPN, and all the SEC nut-lickers, when Ohio State goes ON THE ROAD to 4-0 Indiana, a team which beat SEC West champ Missouri last year, and wins an exciting. offensive showcase, 34-27, after a late defensive stop, this somehow proves how weak both teams and the Big10 are. . .

    . . . but when Alabama struggles AT HOME against a bad 3-3 Tennessee team who hasn’t beaten anyone in about 10 years, and wins an ugly, mistake-filled, inept-offense slop-fest, 19-14, thanks to a late defensive stop, that somehow proves how great both teams and the SEC are?

    LOL — the SEC bias just goes on and on and on. The SEC just blows goats this year — it really is that simple.

    • Alabama not only looked horrible yesterday they also lost at home to Ole Miss this year. Truly pathetic. Not to mention FSU looked as good as Alabama this year and we knew they weren’t for real. If the same bar was applied across the board this would help bring integrity back to the sport.
      It is hard to comprehend the slanted views of the ESPN analysts as their logic is way off.
      LSU looked horrible against WKU in the first half till they finally ran away with the game late.
      When the SEC looks like a duck, quacks like a duck — you know the rest.

  19. So, I made the mistake of catching the talking heads yesterday on ESPN talking about who they thought was in/out of the CFB playoff. Of the four clowns, only two even had Ohio State in — at the #4 seed, of course. Two of them had the Buckeyes on the “out” list at #6. Even after they struggled against a bad Tennessee team, one of these fools even had Bama ahead of undefeated OSU. Now, despite not even being in the top 3 in any poll, try to guess which team 3 of the 4 ESPN hacks had at #1? Nah, but there’s no SEC bias at ESPN, is there?

  20. what is really funny is that it is looking like the SEC is worse this year than last. Which means bowl season is gonna be a time to feed on tasty southern tears. This is shaping up to be lots better than last year. Bamas gonna have 3 losses or more by years end and be in the liberty bowl while LSU gets blown out in the first round of the playoffs! Conference is becoming gutter trash! Notice how the how, “oooh well thats the east or ooooh the west is better” part of the narrative has disappeared. Thats cuz both sides are looking below average. Look at all those OCC MAC and USA losses!

  21. LOL. A week after “the best team the country” Alabama struggled at home to beat a bad Tennessee team, the team that gave Alabama its “good loss” – and put up a million yards and points doing it — is losing to a horrible Auburn. ESPN’s narrative is a joke.

  22. FSU, with its back-up QB, is annihilating Syracuse, a team that LSU struggled to beat. This nonetheless proves how great the SEC is, and how weak FSU is. #SECdominance

    • The SEC is just too good to be bothered by their mediocre on the field outcome/results that FSU should drop 2 to 3 points in the next poll and 2 Loss Mississippi State with this week off should jump FSU as well.

  23. Texas A&M is ranked after beating South Carolina.
    Garbage. Ridiculous. Pathetic. Disgusting. Disturbing.
    There is probably 70 to 80 FBS teams that can beat South Carolina.
    There is probably 25 to 35 FCS teams that can beat South Carolina.
    How can Texas A&M be ranked in the top 25?
    OH it is because they are in the SEC, this would never happen if they were still in the Big 12.
    The Sad thing is the Big 12 is pathetic.

  24. LOL — just as predicted, the crooked, ignorant, biased, ESPN/SEC-beholden committee beds over and puts LSU AND Alabama in the first CFB Playoff top 4 rankings. Hilarious — a team which got curb-stomped by a very mediocre-to-bad Ole Miss, who struggled at home against a terrible Tennessee team, and who has a “win” against an FCS school, is considered playoff-worthy over several undefeated teams? The ludicrous pro-SEC bias just goes on and on and on . . .

  25. Alabama what in the world. Alabama oh my goodness what a pile of crap. Alabama Strength of Record, Strength of Schedule. I can give you one great reason Alabama is not legit Jake Coker and the ESPN commentators couldn’t come up with any. This is a joke. The funny thing is the first weeks CFB Playoff committees picks of Mississippi State, FSU, Auburn and Ole Miss all lost their bowl games last year. Give me a break signature win, SOR, SOS, FPI, game control, new acronym. I was curious to see how this would pan out and now I know they are true ACC refs of CFB.
    It won’t play out as it is truly game control.

  26. The reaction to the BS CFB Playoff Committe Poll is hilarious.
    There is absolutely no justification for Alabama being #4 other than what SEC Exposed tried to warn us about. I am enjoying the outrage. This may be the year of 2 SEC teams. BAD Teams at that. According to Long, There is only a win against a team with winning team that kept Florida behind Alabama? Huh? So the Quality Loss at home and pitiful play against Tennessee at home doesn’t matter.
    Strength of Fake Schedule = SOS, is there a freaking metric for adjustment sake so we can compensate for the BS of SEC BIAS?
    Memphis beat Ole Miss but Alabama is #4? CFB Playoff Selection Committee is saying screw you.
    They are banking on the SEC Chanters to continue the mantra. UGH.

    The arguments by true CFB fans are hard to argue against the longer the charade continues the louder the voices will cry out and the evidence will continue to mount but will fall on deaf ears.
    When it is rigged SEC dominance is imminent.

  27. Even following this website as a lurker, I didn’t expect to see Alabama in the top four. Heck, I didn’t expect to see them in the top six.

  28. CFP just announced sites for 2018-2020 CFP championship games. Naturally, they rejected Northern sites like Minnesota, NY, and Detroit, and will instead hold 2 of the 3 games in the SEC’s backyard in Atlanta and New Orleans. They’re not even pretending any more, are they?

  29. Isn’t it just an amazing coincidence that ESPN’s mysterious, new, proprietary (as in, they won’t tell us the formula) “strength of record” metric just happened to magically boost EVERY SINGLE ranked SEC team? Did ESPN and its lapdogs on the committee hire Baghdad Bob as their stat man? “Strength of record?” WTF is “strength of record?” LOL — They’re really not even pretending any more, are they?

  30. *laugh*….face it teams in the south are just better….smarter, faster, stronger….SEC again….either watch and learn or stick with basketball or hocky.


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