SEC Bias Returns With A Vengeance As The College Football Playoff Committee AGAIN Caves To ESPN Propaganda


For the second season in a row, the new College Football Playoff Committee unveiled their first poll of the season in preparation for the season ending 4-team playoff.
And for the second season in a row, it is riddled with controversy and public outrage.


Just to be clear, those of us here at SEC Exposed are not at all outraged. Or surprised. In fact, we predicted it in our “The Narrative” article released in late August. As pointed out in many of our articles over the past 2 years, ESPN is a nonstop daily propaganda machine, peddling new stats and data out every day to support their SEC supremacy claims. And the CFP Committee has proven that their eyes and ears go through ESPN almost exclusively. Something we expected all along to continue. Keep in mind, last season the CFP Committee was fully prepared to ramrod two SEC teams into the 4 team playoff but the final week of the season derailed their intentions when Ole Miss upset 4th ranked Mississippi State and the SEC East went 0-4 against the ACC. That fortuitous final weekend was the only reason the Committee was forced to only take one SEC team and allow Ohio State in. And we all know how that played out.

In the days leading up to this Tuesday’s CFP Committee poll release, ESPN analysts were on TV and Twitter hyping the overrated SEC ad nauseum while trashing the Big Ten and Big 12. New metrics were being created, as we saw everything from Strength of Record to Quality Loss Ratings.


Last year’s gold standard metric of “Game Control” was conveniently rarely mentioned, as this year’s SEC juggernauts were struggling to control nearly every game they played. ESPN even scaled back their FPI hyping as the season wore on because, despite having a preseason FPI top 10 made up almost entirely of SEC teams, their own convoluted measurements were suddenly now calculating that no SEC teams at all belonged in the Top 4! With the conference struggling to find any quality out of conference statement wins outside of Bama’s win over Wisconsin, all ESPN could do is hype SEC teams’ “quality losses.” And apparently it worked. Despite the fact that over 80% in the nation knows that the SEC is once again overrated and overhyped, especially their top teams, the CFP Committee of purported “experts” gave the SEC the benefit of the doubt. Again. And placed multiple SEC teams in the Top 4. Again.

One thing needs to be made VERY clear: the SEC should have lost ALL “benefit of the doubt” last season when their “premier division” (SEC West) went 2-5 in the bowls (including 0-4 against ranked teams) and when their “lesser division” (SEC East) went 0-4 against the oft-ridiculed ACC in the final week of play. For the CFP Committee, or any rational human being for that matter, to continue to give the SEC the “benefit of the doubt” that their conference is harder than all others (and hence that their wins and losses must be weighted more favorably as a result) simply because ESPN and the sports media sheeple who follow them keep saying so is the biggest testimony of bias available to the public!

To be fair, let’s assess the “quality wins” that have occurred out of conference by the SEC, in order of perceived importance:

1) Wisconsin (defeated by Alabama)- 2nd or 3rd team in Big 10 West Division; beaten on a “neutral field” that in actuality was far closer to Tuscaloosa than to Madison; A team not even in the CFP Selection Committee’s Top 25.
2) UNC (defeated by South Carolina)- Currently the division leader in the ACC’s Coastal Division (better known as College Football’s Dumpster Fire Division of the Power 5); Despite losing to South Carolina, UNC outgained them 440-394 and had 3 turnovers (to SC’s none) to only lose by 4 in a game that they dominated.
3) Arizona State (defeated by TAMU)- Currently 2-4 in PAC-12 play, resting in the bottom quarter of the PAC-12 standings; beaten on a “neutral field” that was actually in TAMU’s own home state (Houston).
4) Louisville (defeated by Auburn)- Mid-pack ACC Atlantic team, currently 4-4; lost by 7 to Auburn ALSO at a “neutral site” (Atlanta) but dominated the game by a 404-327 yard margin.
5) Syracuse (defeated by LSU)- Currently bottom dwelling ACC Atlantic team who is 1-3 in ACC play; lost by 10 to LSU but was still very much in the game well into the 4th quarter.

The fact that a one-loss Alabama team is being given the nod ahead of Power 5 undefeated teams like Baylor, Michigan State, OK State and TCU is unconscionable. Or for that matter Iowa, who went ON THE ROAD to defeat Wisconsin, the ONLY quality win on Alabama’s schedule! All this is even more mind boggling when taking into account how TCU absolutely obliterated Ole Miss on New Years Day to the tune of 42-3 (actually calling off the dogs out of mercy in the 3rd quarter)… the same Ole Miss team that had beaten Alabama THAT season too! But if the committee truly is simply going by the “resume” of teams beaten to date this season without giving credit to teams just for being undefeated, then how can they explain Alabama being ahead of Notre Dame? Notre Dame lost by only 2 on the road to the Committee’s supposed #1 team Clemson! They’ve already beaten 4 Power 5 teams from three different conferences, and beaten them handily at that. And they even beat an undefeated team from the conference whose teams have already given the SEC fits this season (AAC).

And what about Memphis? Granted, the AAC is not in the Power 5, but Memphis did solidly beat Ole Miss by double digits… the SAME team that beat Alabama IN Tuscaloosa! Forget the fact that Memphis isn’t the only AAC team schooling the SEC (Houston vaporized Vanderbilt 34-0, scoring more points than any SEC team has on them this year AND giving them their only shut out of the season)! Memphis did what Alabama didn’t AND they are undefeated? What resume could POSSIBLY negate that simple fact? There is no “eye test” more convincing than THAT!

The bias isn’t impervious to negatively impacting SEC East teams either. Even Florida was disrespected in this first poll, being placed at 10th despite the fact that they completely BLASTED Ole Miss (again, the team that beat Bama in their house) and only lost a game to the Committee’s supposed #2 team LSU. Unless this is a stop-loss protection effort by the committee in case the Gators, the likely SEC East Champs, drop a loss to the Seminoles on Thanksgiving weekend… so then they can say like they did last year, “Oh well, the SEC East isn’t that good anyway, it is the SEC West that rules football!

How can this committee explain logic that defies their own rankings? Either none of them watched the games or they simply followed ESPN’s directions to the T.

We aren’t saying that Alabama in the end isn’t the best team in the SEC. It is our opinion (and has been since the season started) that Bama will win the SEC. And if they do, EVENTUALLY they SHOULD be given solid consideration to represent the SEC in the playoff as a one loss team when the smoke clears. But to put them at #4 NOW, when they have not beaten a currently ranked team YET, is not only preposterous, but it smacks of collusion and intentional manipulation of the college football playoff itself. Whether people want to believe it or not, the placement of these rankings DOES matter toward the end result. It sets up a higher likelihood that two teams from the SEC will make it into the playoff, which is why we believe the committee did it. The SEC pumpers are counting on this current setup to play out in one of three favorable scenarios for the conference…

Scenario 1: Should Bama beat LSU, as we believe they will, LSU likely won’t drop lower than 6 (remember, quality losses are important!). Bama will then leap into the #2 spot following their first victory over a currently ranked team. If Bama sweeps the rest of the powderpuff schedule to win the SEC (as we expect they will), they will surely be given the #1 seed in the playoff (thanks to preconceived bias reflected thus far by the committee about SEC greatness). LSU likely too will win the rest of their games, and since they won’t have to play the elusive conference title game, they will likely slip into the #4 slot just in time to set up the LSU-Bama rematch and hence GUARANTEE an SEC team in the final title game.

Scenario 2: Should LSU beat Bama, this could create a more troubling conundrum for the SEC. However, since the committee overranked Bama so highly, their fall won’t likely put them any further than #10. This still gives the Tide enough time to climb back into the Top 4, but they will need some help with teams getting upset above them. Meanwhile LSU would leap to #1 by beating Bama and breeze through the rest of their powderpuff schedule to lock up the #1 seed. Again, the possibility of the LSU-Bama rematch in the playoff would still be viable, but again they would need some help. This is clearly a scenario that won’t play out easily for the conference, so count on it that the SEC knows this and will take whatever steps necessary to prevent it. (If I were an LSU fan this weekend, I would be watching the refs very carefully, as we are certain that SEC will make it very clear to their officials which team needs to win this game Saturday.)

Scenario 3: As we noted earlier, Florida is being kept mysteriously far from the Top 4, but we believe there is a reason for this. The committee (who made their disrespect and dislike for the Seminoles very obvious during last season’s weekly poll releases) clearly is weary of FSU sneaking into the playoff should they defeat Clemson and then somehow knock off the SEC East champs in the final week. Any loss by UF to FSU in general would be catastrophic to the Narrative, no matter if FSU is playoff eligible or not, so the committee will keep Florida at a distance until the FSU-UF game. However, if Florida does defeat Florida State in the Swamp later this month, the committee will likely leap the Gators over multiple teams and into the Top 4 just in time for the SEC championship game. This will be their assurance that, should UF upset the SEC West champ, they will surely leap into the #1 seed in the final ranking release.

Note that ALL 3 scenarios assure that the SEC champ is the #1 seed… the seed that assures the SEC practical home field advantage in the first round! There is ALWAYS a method to the madness…

But as we learned last year, when the CFP Committee tried to preemptively stack the deck by placing THREE SEC teams in their first Top 4 release, NOTHING is guaranteed. Just like last season, spoilers are lurking and could ruin everything for the overhyped conference.

Potential Spoiler 1: Ole Miss
-The Rebels may return to spoil the plans just like they did last year when they upset Mississippi State at season’s end. Had they not won that game, more than likely the biased clown committee had Miss State in position to take the #4 seed, which would have guaranteed an SEC champ in the title game against Oregon. This year, Ole Miss could play spoiler in a much more catastrophic way for the SEC… by WINNING the West! Ole Miss actually controls their own destiny at this point. Despite their shellacking at the hands of Florida and their double digit loss to big, bad Memphis, Ole Miss needs only win out their schedule and they reserve their ticket to the SEC title game. Their road is formidable, however the SEC has proven to be a rather mediocre bunch this season and the Rebels have just as much of a chance at winning out as any of the others do. If Ole Miss wins the West and avenges the Gators in the SEC championship game, all while Memphis rolls undefeated to an AAC title, the SEC champ could very well have to be left OUT of the playoff picture. This is the worst case scenario for the SEC and likely could have ESPN executives (whose company is hemorrhaging money by the millions more and more each day) jumping out of tall buildings.

Potential Spoiler 2: Florida/Florida State
-The Gators are stringing together solid wins over a mediocre bunch of SEC teams after a sluggish start to their season. They have all but locked up the hapless SEC East and will likely be facing the Bama/LSU winner (presuming Spoiler 1’s scenario doesn’t materialize). This presents a very unsettling situation for the conference pumpers, as Florida already demolished the currently West-destiny controlling Ole Miss Rebels. The Gators have already proven they can compete with the best the West has to offer. Another doomsday scenario for the SEC would be for Florida to LOSE at home to FSU the week before BEATING the SEC West champ for the conference title. FSU is nowhere near the team they were in 2013 or for that matter who they were in 2014, and most likely should be double digit dogs for that game. The Seminoles are a team with a shifty identity due to their youth. But let’s not forget, Jimbo Fisher has a loaded house of 4-5 star recruits who also were recruited by the SEC’s best, and they’ve proven in Fisher’s tenure that they can hang with ANY team that the SEC has to offer. If the Gators lose to FSU before winning the SEC, the conference could be left WITHOUT a SEC champion in the playoff. Again, high buildings would need to be off limits to ESPN executives in that situation.

Conjecture aside, despite the media’s annual unfounded assertions that the SEC is best because they say so, the fact remains that the conference as a whole has NOT proven that it is better than any other conference. While the jury is still out as to whether the SEC has the nation’s best team, it would be impossible to know that up to this point based on anything they’ve done. While Jeff Long attempts to explain away the SEC bias by insulting the Big 12 and Iowa, or by rattling off ESPN metrics that attempt to verify SEC greatness, the truth is in the tape and the tape doesn’t lie! Arkansas (ESPN’s preseason FPI wonderteam) has already taken it on the chin to both Toledo and Big 12 whipping post Texas Tech. The media hype-machine’s favorite Auburn, overrated preseason at #6, escaped FCS team Jacksonville State by the skin of their teeth in overtime and is at risk at 4-4 of not even becoming bowl eligible. Kirk Herbstreit’s boner-inciting Tennessee Volunteers, another FPI wonderteam flop, lost at home to Big 12’s Oklahoma. Ole Miss blew a 14-0 start at Memphis to end up losing by double digits to a team that barely escaped Bowling Green and USF! Missouri eeked out a 9-6 win at home over the elite Connecticut Huskies! And don’t even get us started on Vandy, who dropped two out of conference matchups including a 34-0 drubbing at the hands of Houston. (Yep, the same rugged Houston Cougars who lost 27-7 to almighty UTSA last season but are undefeated in the AAC to date.) These are the types of dumpster dwellers that teams like Alabama and LSU are beating up on and getting media praise for week after week. If “Strength of Results” were a legitimate metric, LSU and Alabama don’t have a leg to stand on.

College football fans and non-ESPN controlled sports sites around the nation lit up the internet and social media on Wednesday airing out their shock, if not utter disgust, at the obvious efforts by the CFP Committee to stack the deck with contenders from an unworthy mediocre SEC conference in this season’s college football playoff…




Instead of creating amusing videos to disrespect an Iowa team who should actually be praised for an inspiring turnaround season, or enacting plays where they mock all coaches of the non-SEC contenders, perhaps the ESPN College GameDay crew should start putting together another Fowler-esque diatribe about how stupid and idiotic we college football fans are for thinking they have SEC Bias. Because our numbers are growing. And ESPN, with their obedient CFP Clown Committee, are losing credibility more and more each day.



91 thoughts on “SEC Bias Returns With A Vengeance As The College Football Playoff Committee AGAIN Caves To ESPN Propaganda

  1. So, LSU is ranked again….cuz they beat arky! What a joke….of course, they had to rank LSU so that bama would have a win over a ranked team. Cuz without LSU being ranked this week…bama would have zero wins over an unranked team.

  2. Good bye Mark Richt. How bout them DAWGS. Can you believe it has been 15 long years career and 10 long years since a Georgia won a conference championship with Mark Richt? LSU was gonna fire Les Miles then 17 million buy out clause decided against it but made up some bogus rubbish that I need subtitles to understand. What a bunch of crap. This story should not have even a blip on the radar, ESPN exclusive BS announcement of non-news LSU was going to keep their loser coach. WOW. Not a mention of the clubbing of the Gators by the Seminoles. Not a mention of the stat padding force feeding of Derrick Henry against a run defense ranked 93rd. Not a mention of 7-1 in rivalry week for the ACC over the SEC in the last 2 years. Not a mention of how much better the Big 10 is over the SEC. Not a mention of how many Big 10 teams could be in the CFB if certain scenarios play out. Not a word on real sporting news.

    Now SUN Easy is telling me LSU is ranked???
    No wonder people hate this conference.

  3. CFP Rankings: Observations:
    How did Tennessee get ranked 25??? Quality Losses to Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and Arkansas. OOC Oklahoma, Bowling Green, Western Carolina, and North Texas. Impressive.
    7 reasons to throw Tennesse under the bus. 4 Losses. No Credit should be given for losing.
    3 Low Quality Opponents OOC – Bowling Green, Western Carolina, and North Texas.

    How is Oklahoma ranked 3rd?? The Big-12 is just pathetic. The back-loading schedule of the
    Big-12 setup 3 over rated undefeated teams in November, basically rigging the outcome. All of the undefeated teams in November (Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State) now have 2 losses in November, a peaking conference; hardly, more like a reality check. The top ranked pre-season teams in the BIG-12 TCU and Baylor aren’t even top ten caliber. I can agree with Oklahoma being ranked 4th for diversity sake. I also understand with a MSU win this is likely to move up but they deserve the ranking now. The sad thing is the Big-12 doesn’t compete in a conference championship game this Saturday. The Big-12 lame conference deserves to be ragged on, even the AAC has a conference championship game. The Big 12 is the only conference that refused to play quality opponents in the past 2 years outside of their conference. If Oklahoma wins the National Championship this year, will this have long lasting impact on traditional wisdom of strength of schedule?

    LSU lost 3 games late in season all in a row before a rebound against Texas A&M is now ranked???

    What I noticed this year is late losses didn’t matter to some teams and utterly destroyed the hopes of others with impressive records. This is especially true in Ohio State’s case. On the flip side, Stanford, Notre Dame, the SEC and the Big 12 except Oklahoma late losses didn’t seem to matter. It is fortunate that 2 losses seems to be the threshold for CFP ranking sanity except for Stanford. I would expect consistency from the CFP committee.

    If Alabama Loses to Florida, will Tennessee move out as the Quality Loss is worse to make way for 8-3 Wisconsin?

    If Alabama wins against Florida, will LSU, Tennessee move up and make way to 8-4 Mississippi State to be ranked 25th to increase SOS, SOR, SOR and get Alabama a number 1 ranking?

    You might be thinking no that is not possible. Sorry to rain on your parade but Temple plays Houston and a Houston win opens up another spot for another SEC team. Preposterous, but if it happens I will SECSECSECCHOKE.

  4. all I can say is that the SEC is gonna get crushed in this years bowl season. If you look at the pairings, the sec will not play conferences that they have the advantage against. No more WKU’s and ECU’s in the bowl season but a lot of big 12, acc, and big ten games. If bama does not win out and take home the big prize……I have a feeling the SEC clowning this year will be even better than last year!!! Potentially, they could win zero games!!!!!

    In terms of what choke is talking about above…I say over-rate them all!! It just calls attention to the bias and the weakness of the conference ….cuz at the end of the day….. they all will lose their games just like last year when the state of mississippi got over-rated. Rank Tenn high! Rank LSU high!! but then you have to pair them with a good team… which case we get the EPIC FAIL

  5. Pathetic I am supposed to agree that Derrick Henry is MVP of SEC Championship game when Jake Coker clearly was the MVP with 18-26, 204 YDS, 2 TD and not Int’s.

    The rigged Heisman, what a joke.
    Let’s compare running backs against Florida Defense the last 2 games..
    Derrick Henry ALA
    43 CAR, 187 YDS, 1 TD

    Dalvin Cook FSU
    26 CAR, 183 YDS, 2 TD with 17 fewer carries and no fumbles.

    Let’s not forget Henry fumbled the ball. Let’s not forget Henry missed catching the onside kick. Best Football Player in the country, Not even close. Another Mark Ingram, give the Heisman to a running back this season, for what reason?
    Horrible Refs. Positive yards on losses for Henry?? Wow uninspiring.

    Henry can’t even be over 6 yrds per carry average for the season.
    Henry is not over 2000 on the year with an extra game and fully healthy.
    This is pathetic just ask Melvin Gordon fourteen games 2587 rushing yards.

  6. Thought I was watching the SEC championship game — but 2 1/2 hours later I realized the TV was off, and I had been staring at a blank wall and never noticed the difference.

  7. Whoa Whoa Whoa – ESPN COME ON NOW.
    If Clemson is not playing like number 1 then who is?
    #5 MSU is playing #4 Iowa – Very tight game.
    Alabama? Hardly Alabama played #18 Florida.
    Alabama didn’t even cover the spread now that is some sh*t.

  8. Deshaun Watson 5 TD and 421 Total Yrds against #10 ranked team.

    Christian McCaffrey 207 yrds rushing. 1 TD ( 50 Long)
    Christian McCaffrey 1 Passing TD
    Christian McCaffrey 105 yrds Receiving.

    Check this out
    Derrick Henry 44 Carries (CRAP) 189 yards 4.3 AVG (Crap) 1 TD (21 Long) CRAP
    Christian McCaffrey 32 Carries 207 yrds rushing. 1 TD ( 50 Long) – Less is more better than CRAP.
    Wayne Gallman 28 Carries 187 yards 6.7 AVG 1TD (31 Long)
    Deshaun Watson 24 Carries 131 yards 5.5 AVG 2TD (33 Long) 2TD’s not 1TD Better AVG and not a ball hogging idiot.
    Deshaun Watson had 9 TD’s the last 2 weeks opposed to a measly 2-TD’s for Henry, one of them was so freaking cheap that it is disgusting. Alabama was up by 2 scores and Henry had no TD’s with about 30 seconds left to feed Henry the ball again against 93rd ranked defense against the run. Henry scores on this run. WOW a worn out defense caught them off guard and gets garbage TD and yards.

    There are so many better football players than Derrick Henry in CFB. Can you even put a 21 yard long run on a highlight reel? 2 yard scamper for TD? Does not pass the eye test. Does not pass the stat test. Does not pass any test.
    Alabama would have won against Florida without Derrick Henry.
    Clemson would not have won against North Carolina without Deshaun Watson.
    So just how valuable is Derrick Henry?
    With Alabama’s OL, I would look great with 44 and 47 carries per game.

    PLEASE DON’T VOTE FOR HENRY FOR HEISMAN – if you have half a brain, full brain, can rub 2 dendrites together. DONT LET SEC BIAS RULE AT THE END OF THE DAY. Please stop rigging the whole game.

  9. Looks like a tough go for the SEC this bowl. They used to rack up a nice little bowl record off cheap wins, but they will have to earn it this year! Only 1 non-P5 match up when they used to get 3 and sometimes 4!

  10. LOL — Just as predicted, the committee did everything they could to avoid having Bama play Oklahoma in Dallas. ESPN and the AP are actually calling Oklahoma dropping to #4 a “surprise.” “Surprise”??? LOL — hardly. We all know EXACTLY why the committee dropped Oklahoma — so Alabama could avoid them. But let’s be honest — Alabama doesn’t even belong in the playoff with their dismal resume, including a bad home loss and a win against an FCS school. They’re only in the playoff in the first place thanks to fake ESPN stats and rankings, and now the committee once again does everything it can to help them out, by giving them a virtual home game against MSU and letting them avoid a spread offense. The pro-SEC scam continues . . .

  11. It’s frustrating….I used to be a big football fan, but since I never lived close to an NFL city, I paid attention mostly to college football. Now, I hardly watch football anymore due to the constant crap that is dictating this over-hyped and overrated SEC conference. It causes the SEC to be in control, regardless of performance, and it is causing me to lose interest in what was once my favorite thing to do. I have also stopped watching ESPN simply because of their poor decisions trying to control the sport. I can’t get everyone to stop watching, but 1 viewer is still 1 viewer, maybe others will do the same and ESPN will lose its dominance (doubtful, but I’m still hoping).

    Anyone who is smart will see the bias. Unfortunately, fans of the SEC and SEC schools are loving it, and so it has basically become a social war. What stinks the most is that the SEC has ESPN behind them, so they are able to get away with so much more in the media. It reminds me of Hitler and the SS. I’m hoping Fox Sports will start playing Red Army soon.

    Thanks ESPN, now you’ve got me hating things I used to love to do…and it won’t be long, and I’ll be hating you.

  12. When do you think the public will notice all of the over-hyped busts (scrubs) coming out of the SEC?

    Derrick Henry = Mark Ingram 2.0 – Just a very average back. ESPN and CBS have to build up the star power of their pet league. It appears that they’re trying to make the SEC into a national league. Meanwhile the SEC hicks are as happy as pigs in slop.

  13. I mean, I feel like thats happening everyday. Slowly but surely people are waking up to the secpn bias and the fact that the mannings are the last notable drafts speaks volumes as to their decline! Can’t wait for bowl season!

  14. Wow SEC Marjuana?? Doubtfull Sounds like SPICE??

    So Robert Broke a window ( Vandalism ) and older brother Denzel was in intensive care last month.

    This is so so sad and very avoidable, Ignore the SIRENS freaking nuts at OLE MISS.
    Under no circumstances should this have been swept under the rug.

    I am actually speechless because this has nothing to do with SEC Bias just bone headed coaches, and trainers looking the other way.

  15. The cops used to let E. Manning get drunk and do spinouts on the quad and just let him off the hook all the time. Its rare anyone gets caught for anything they do cuz so many people look the other way. They only get caught if they come across a trooper who is a ms state fan. Thats the way it works in the dirty dirty…..

  16. All the cheating by the refs, they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They couldn’t be consistent within games and then the disparity throughout the bowl games OUCH. Get the refs out of the game and get non bias robots. Line Judges have no clue always spotting the ball incorrectly. Sometimes you use instant replay sometimes you don’t. Clear video evidence = Stands and even worse calls overturned when there is nothing to warrant this because of the clear video evidence. Disgraceful. Questionable video evidence = Call is confirmed? Baylor’s cheating overlooked entirely and allowed to catch out of bounds without review. Fake targeting ejection without launching and no crown of helmet WOW. Nauseating feeling. CFB is like WWE , John Cena and prescripted garbage . GAME after GAME one sided calls by the refs. All the stupid bowl match-ups. How in the heck was Washingtion State vs Miami a good match up? How did the SEC teams get to play against opponents they were favored against thus far? For this and the refs they should be undefeated but are not. Pathetic. How in the H is 5-7 teams in a bowl game? Cancel the bowl game if you can’t have a winning record, for sanity’s sake. UCLA losing to Nebraska 5-7 are you kidding me? This stuff makes used to make me go crazy, now I just yawn with apathy.

    My advice for the Officiating Crews, become consistent with your cheating and calls across the board so we will never know any better.

  17. wow, is sparty drunk….what a pathetic effort….I guess thats what happens when you “luck” ur way to a championship.

  18. I was just thinking the same thing about Michigan State after Ohio State dismantled Notre Dame today, how lucky the win over Michigan was and how that one play changed the complexion of the playoffs.
    The BIG 12 is awful and so is Sean Maguire SMAG is a joke., LOL.
    Almost all talented teams could have a won with Everett Golson?? WOW.

  19. I wonder why joey and the other SEC trolls have not re-emerged to gloat yet. Maybe they learned from last year not to talk so much shit up front. I think the bama spanking of Mich st is gonna set the chanters up for a big disappointment in the end….If bama cant get the crown this year then it might be true the even good SEC teams are merely one hit wonders that can not make it thru a play-off.

  20. I will give you some facts as you enjoy them, The SEC dominance is a geographic result. OST pulled 20 southern boys because they are a better breed and prove why SEC dominance will continue for the foreseeable future. One, in the south, kids play foot ball 9-10 months out of the year. Thats far more than most areas of the country. They train for 12 months out of the year. That produces much better players. 2, every one has heard the term corn fed boy. We have that in abundance down here, and due to the fact that most boys here are also outdoors most of the time and not inside, we manage to be big and quick. So we will always win the battles on the line where others fail. We can have 300 pound linemen 3 deep where most teams are only one deep with that size. Bama is 4 deep. 3. We simply have more conference pride than any other. Thats why after all the games you hear the SEC SEC SEC chant. 4. The SEC has a winning record against EVERY conference except the Big East. That is all time. So take your 20+ year hatred and retract it. We have been dominate that long. 4. Since the inception of the BCS, the SEC won as many titles as every other conference combined. We are looking at that same state in the playoff era. Numbers dont lie, after Bama drums Clemson(and they will, the ACC proved how weak it was in the bowl season and the ACCs only SEC wins were against weak SEC East teams and one West team without its QB’s.) we will again have won half of the new eras championships. 5. Rankings do not matter in bowl games, instead look at where they finished in their repective conferences.6. Our record this year- 6-5 vs power 5 in the regular season. 7-2 in the bowl season. 45-10 vs all OOC in regular season and 8-2 in the bowl season, likely 9-2. That will be 54-12 for the year. So there are the facts. Plain and simple. The only conference who could claim to be better is the Big East which is now a joke. All others are just playing for second place.

  21. How that average win by 26 points in the bowl season treating ya? And for all those haters for last year, we still went 7-5 with the most bowl wins. Hate all you want. Proof is in the pudding.

      • SEC bandwagon SEC Chanters PLEASE.
        The better question is why does the SEC teams refuse to play against quality opponents
        or why is there rigged outcomes?
        LSU was favored over Texas Tech. Wow impressive win … NOT. Just a Predictable Outcome.
        Auburn over Memphis without their Head Coach. Auburn was favored.
        Mississippi State vs NC State. Mississippi was favored.
        Louisville vs Texas A&M. (Louisville was Favored and won)
        Ole Miss vs Oklahoma State. Ole Miss Favored and won.
        Tennessee vs Northwestern. Tennessee Favored and won.
        Michigan vs Florida. (Michigan Favored and won)
        Georgia vs Penn State. Freaking no brainer.
        Arkansas vs Kansas State. Arkansas favored and won.
        ALABAAAMA good grief –

        There were only 10 bowl eligible SEC teams so there is no way they went 7-5. So hate on that.
        So I predicted the cowardly chanters and SEC teams would play inferior opponents in the bowl games to prop up ESPN and SEC Chanters and that stupid inbred conference.

        Wouldn’t it have been fair to have SEC schools match-up as underdogs?
        How about this Big Ten gets all favorable match-ups next year,
        Then the ACC gets all favorable match-ups the next,
        Then the PAC-12 the following year,
        Then the Big-12.
        All you would have is distorted records and favor just like the SEC has been given for years and years. Stats mean nothing when it is rigged. John Cena…


      • There were 12 SEC Bowl eligible teams last year, so get ur facts right. You cant go by who was favored because Vegas(who is unbiased) decides who is favored. Look at the records. They were at the most part even or withing one game. Vegas just thinks the SEC is better and they are right. And just to stop any other argument you have, the SEC has an all time winning record against EVERY conference except the Big East. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • and BTW, Vegas would have favored most SEC Teams VS any others with a similar record. The only way they could not be favored is for a 7-5 SEC team to face a 10-1 team from another conference. Oh wait, yeah 8-4 Tennessee did trounce 10-2 Nothwestern. BTW, TN was favored in that game too against a team with a MUCH better record. Rigged outcomes, no….thats an idiots argument. We did play opponents who finished in their conference about where we finished in ours. 2016 Every SEC team has a P5 team scheduled. We are the only conference to require that of our football teams.

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  23. It’s the little things. First Down Clemson 14 seconds tick tick tick. Refs Force a time out because of incompetence and don’t put time back on the clock after the Time-OUT. Results in a Missed Field Goal.

    Holding on Alabama over and over all game.
    Pass interference against Clemson all game.
    Offsides by Clemson 3 times called once.
    Offsides by Alabama twice not called.


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