[Article Below Submitted by SEC Fan as part of bet lost by SEC Exposed Editors]


I told them SEC haters at the start of the season that we would win it all again! SEC Exposed bet us on Twitter that we wouldn’t back in August, but if we did, they’d let me post an article on their page! So here it is y’all! Time to make them yankee taters and west coast haters eat crow! THAT’S RIGHT SEC EXPOSED, WE JUST PUT YOU ON YOUR ASS ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE!

THE SEC IS THE GREATEST FOOTBALL CONFERENCE IN THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH! And I don’t wanna hear these haters EVER say otherwise AGAIN! I knew the last two years were flukes! Our boys were just distracted and such on account of draft grades and physical exhaustion from having to play each other all season long. Nobody else understands us because they play in panzy ass conferences with soft teams, whereas we play in an professional caliber conference full of teams that could make the NFL playoffs each season. It wears a team down to play so many hard games each season like my SEC teams do! This season though, we was motivated! We joined forces like the Avengers before bowl season and decided to go 9-2 this bowl season to show once and for all who rules college football! Every other conference sucks! SEC RULES!

My team is Arkansas. (I had went there for school for a while.) My Razorbacks put the smack down on Kansas State, proving once and for all that the SEC OWNS the Big 12! Them early season losses we had to Texas Tech and Toledo or whoever don’t prove nothing by the way! Our team was caught looking ahead at that gauntlet of SEC West teams they had to play. When they are motivated, my Hogs can beat most any NFL team if they wanted to! WOO PIG SOOIE!!!!

I love Arkansas and all, but SEC is my conference! Y’all can laugh about it all you want, but a win for one of us is a win for all of us! You see, here in the south, SEC and Pride are synonymous words! Them other SEC teams are our brothers and they have been since the war of northern aggression. We might beat up on each other all season, but when the chips are down, we go to bat for each other. And last night the chips were down baby! We kicked Clemson’s ass like our redheaded step child! The ACC is our BITCH! Roll Tide baby! The SEC is KING AGAIN!

And don’t tell me about the Big Ten! We crushed Michigan State 35-0! And one of their best teams was Northwestern, and we whipped their ass too! We own the Big Ten!

Y’all got nothing to come back at us with because this season we proved y’all WRONG! All you can do is make incest jokes and such. I find that quite offensive, because my mom and dad are cousins. Their love is true and pure, and if they hadn’t gotten together, I wouldn’t be here today to cheer on the best conference in the world! Y’all are hypocrites! You probably support Bruce Jenner dressing up like a chick and turning into a homo, but you would begrudge siblings or cousins being in love when their love is pure and one with God? Let me ask you this, haters. If “incest” is so bad and disgusting, how do you think man couldn’t gotten here without it? Huh? Adam and Eve had kids who had to procreate with each other and that lineage led to us. If you make fun of incest, you are making fun of God. So enjoy burning in hell, SEC haters! Why don’t you haters educate yourself! It’s not called incest! Its called “genetic sexual attraction” and it is real! Google it and learn about it, unless all you like to read about is queers hooking up! By the way, it was Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and STEVE!

And don’t go bringing up Michael Sam to me. He was recruited to Mizzou when they was still Big 12. SEC only has real men on their teams!

We only recruit the BEST here in the SEC. All these kids know, if you wanna get to the NFL, you should come play in the best conference! Now if you suck when you get to the NFL, that ain’t our fault. All I said is we can get you there by playing on our teams. What you do when you get there is up to you.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank all the awesome media folks who stood by us despite SEC Exposed and their army of idiots trying to blaspheme our great conference. Guys like Clay Travis, Paul Finebaum (when he wasn’t trying to placate the Big Ten homers), Booger McFarland, Chris Fowler and the awesome ESPN gameday crew… y’all had our backs even when the naysayers looked like they had won! The SEC dynasty is forever! SEC Exposed needs to delete their account, because next year we will be even MORE dominant and won’t lose a SINGLE out of conference game! So you got nothing to EXPOSE other than our arrest records, and who cares about that! Next year our domination will be to a new level, and I GUARANTEE at least two SEC teams in the playoff because we just proved no other conference is worthy to be there anyway! I already bought Alabama and LSU home season tickets and will be attending the early season game to watch Ole Miss kick Florida State’s ass! I’ll be there wearing my SEC shirt with my Arkansas hat and Alabama National Championship coat. And if you don’t like it you can eat my jorts!





37 thoughts on “SEC RULES!!!

  1. Tell that to the Gators at Hog town in Gainesville, that great SEC team hasn’t beat the lowly Bitch ACC team FSU Seminoles in 5 years. Furthermore no one in the GREAT SEC has beat the Seminoles in many a year!

    Nole fan

    Alabama won the CFB Playoffs on 1-11-2016
    and now OBAMA State of the Union 1-12-2016.
    I died and went to HELL.

  3. Naturally, the entire conference will be ranked pre-season next year until MAC and Sunbelt teams come in and beat them. They just don’t get it that being a conference chanter hurts their own teams recruiting and puts a target on their back as every OOC match up is full of players and fans just itching to beat them and chant sec in their face…..ahhhh

  4. As an SEC fan this article is embarrassing. I am ashamed they let the idiot write it. I almost feel like it was written by an SEC hater. However, the SEC did prove this year how strong it really is. Last here we went 7-5 in bowl games. The SEC West was riddled with injuries. This year, for the most part they were healthy. Everyone who likes to say “Well the SEC was favored in all the games they won” doesnt realize that Vegas is the one who says who will win. Vegas agrees with us that the SEC teams are better than the competition and that is a great respect. Most of the records were even or within one game with the exception of Tennessee who has a much worse record than their opponent. Thats what you need to look at, the records. We beat teams from other P5 conferences with similar records, and beat them handily. You cant even begin to give a decent argument for that. We didnt cherry pick the games. They were all on an almost even field by the records. We just dominated EVERY conference we played. Sure the odds had us picked because Vegas isnt a biased entity. They are neutral and just care about money. The smart money was that the SEC was better. Even Bama was favored over an UNDEFEATED Clemson who was I believe on a 16 game win streak. The fact of the matter is that the SEC has a WINNING record against EVERY conference playing today.(They do have a losing record against the Big East). And BTW the winning record isnt just this year, its all time. That stat alone trumps any argument you can come up with to say your conference is better. The SEC owns every other conference. Just accept that the dominance is here and here to stay. So, no more arguments of how 2014 was a bad bowl season(We still went 7-5 so come on) and just live with the fact that the SEC owns more national championships for a reason. We are the BEST.

    • All Most SEC teams are top 30 in recruiting. Being that we have 14 teams, thats almost half. So thrown that argument out the window. Next year is also the first year the SEC required all teams to play a P5 team every year. So, we have 14 or more P5 scheduled. We will win better than 50% of them.

    • As a college football fan your comment was embarrassing.
      So “the SEC went 7-5 in bowl games last year, eh?

      First off how did one conference get 12 out of 14 teams in a bowl game? Name one more conference that does that.

      Secondly, what conferences did the SEC play its 12 teams against, where were the games played, and what were its competition ranked?

      I’ll congratulate Alabama this year, but I’ll be damned if the SEC deserves a pat on the back for beating Texas tech or northwestern for crying out loud.
      That’s the big 10 equivalent of Vanderbilt.
      We’re coming.

      Are you ready?

  5. This post cannot be real…his mom and dad are cousins and he’s proud of that?? Cmon..and the SEC beat 5 teams who were either 7-6 or worse…not great talent there…northwestern was always overrated and Sparty wasn’t really that good to begin with and Clemson probably got screwed at some point in the game..idk since I didn’t watch it..your only good win was against Oklahoma state…SEC is overrated but in all honesty college football is getting overrated..sad to say but it’s true..ESPN controls everything from the playoff to the heisman to the bowls and they’ll do everything in their power to put SEC in the spotlight and on top even when they don’t deserve it

  6. The pigs went 1-1 against 2 teams that finished 4-5 and 3-6 in the B12. K State played the 2nd half of season with a WR at QB. This is insanity. Give Alabama all the credit. They won. They have dominated. Things have bounce their way as well. No Colt McCoy v. TX. in ’10. The pitiful benefit of a rematch v. LSU although they did not win their conf. Regardless, they still won.

    There is a certainty here though. Arkansas did not win the SEC title or Nat’l title. Neither did A&M, TN,VANDY, KY, S.C., FL, MS, MS st, MO, GA, AU, LSU. But BAMA did.
    There is an inferiority complex among most SEC schools. They will never see the limelight because of AL, LSU maybe FL. Rather then displaying outright hatred for these schools they take on the spirit of Southern Pride. So that way when AL,FL,LSU wins a title these 11 schools can say ” See? AL is good because they have to play us every year and were good because AL is the tough guy of the neighborhood.” Feeling associated with 1 or 2 traditionally good teams makes them feel important themselves.
    As an Oklahoma fan I respect Alabama and its winning tradition. I don’t “root” for the B12 conf. Don’t need to. Oklahoma’s view of success doesn’t depend on how many titles another school is winning or the conf record in meaningless bowl games. But listen to SEC fans. If one wins they all win. If AU loses to FSU then its a defeat for the SEC or AL loses to Ohio st. then “the SEC couldn’t get it done” as though this is a family thing. The South has risen again. If South Carolina secedes so do the rest. If AL wins the title so does everyone else. They thrive on “us against them”.

  7. But…
    I thought that *Alabama* won?
    So this means that the entire SEC just won the national championship?

    I don’t remember that school up north getting a trophy last year…

    This is confusing.

  8. The SEC Quarterbacks have stunk up the Super Bowl. GARBAGE
    This is the worst play by two “SEC Elite Quarterbacks” in a Super Bowl in my life time.
    Let’s hope there is not a repeat any time soon. Are you kidding me.
    SCAM NEWTON and Peyton Old Man Manning. WOW.
    Where is the SEC Refs when you need them. GARBAGE.
    Where is the NCAA when you need them. GARBAGE.
    How is Super Man Cam so horrible?
    The SEC is ruining the NFL.

    Newsflash … Stop giving these SEC dopes Heisman Trophy’s and NFL AP Rookie of the Year. awards. What it should have been Christian McCaffrey Heisman and Jameis Winston NFL AP Rookie of the Year.
    Derrick Henry is going to s*ck up the field next year in the NFL without great Offensive Line and cheating Refs.

    Mannings QBR 56.6
    Cam Newton QBR 53.1


  9. The SEC is so so GOOD.

    Florida became the first two-time winner of the coveted “Golden Handcuffs” that I award to the SEC football team that annually has the most arrests in a calendar year. by By Ron Higgins, | The Times-Picayune

    2 time defending champs Florida Gators.

  10. Georgia’s Julian Rochester, Chad Clay arrested on weapon, criminal damage charges.
    How bout them Bulldawgs?
    SECSECSEC Choke.

  11. Please SEC Exposed change the SEC Rules!!! heading to say SEC Rules Violations!!!
    It is more accurate since Ole Miss and Alabama are in the cross hairs of scandal.

  12. Derrick Henry not a first round pick?? What the Heisman Trophy winner didn’t go in the first round of the NFL draft. WOW the year of the running back joke of a Heisman. Wait a minute Ryan Kelly center for Alabama did go in the first round, so what seems to be the story is Henry success is owed to Alabama’s O Line talent not his own?

  13. End of the first Quarter and Appalachian State up on the number 9 ranked team Tennessee.
    SEC SEC SEC Choke.
    Come on now .. Tennessee is awful.
    This horrible sun easy conference is whipped with the Sun Belt.
    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

  14. UPSET ALERT!!!!
    End of the half and Appalachian State on top 13 – 3.
    Can I get an SEC SEC SEC?
    Rocky Top, you’ll always be
    Home, sweet home to me
    Good ‘ol Rocky Top
    Rocky Top, Tennessee

    Talk about SEC Exposed.
    What would have happened if Tennessee didn’t have an upgrade in skill positions?
    SEC SEC SEC Choke

  15. Rock Bottom Tennessee.
    End of 3 and Tennessee has no touchdowns and losing.
    Let’s See Tennessee had their top ten win they beat Notre Dame and moved up to the 9 spot without playing a single game.

  16. Horrible showing of the Entire SEC.
    Wow all SEC cats lost season opener.
    Missouri Tigers
    Auburn Tigers
    Kentucky Wildcats
    Had the refs not cheated they could have almost lost all of their games.
    6 SEC LOSES and counting.

  17. Congrats Titans on opening loss.
    You guys had 2 Heisman winners and still lose.
    Derrick Henry…
    best back in the country. Gets stronger as the game goes on.
    5 Carries 3 Yards 0.6 Average 0 TD’s 5 Long
    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

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