September 22, 2016

Before this season began, the SEC and their ESecPN Network released their 2016 motto: “It Just Means More.” They leave the rest to us to fill in the blanks. For those of you stumped, we’re here to help…


Once again SEC teams were overrated in the preseason. And once again they were preseason overhyped by the Worldwide Leader in SEC Ball-Washing, ESPN. Chad Kelly was touted as the best quarterback in the league and their favorite QB for Heisman consideration, and the SEC Network shills kept professing how he and Ole Miss would shock Florida State in the opener. And they did shock FSU… by allowing them their biggest comeback win in Seminole football history, losing to the Noles by double digits. To add insult to injury, Chad Kelly had to delete his Twitter the next day when the porn star he had been trying to pick up all week aired out his DMs. Ouch. So much for that campaign. 

LSU entered the season with high hopes… well, ESPN had high hopes at least. Favored by 12.5 at Lambeau field with ESecPN social media cheering mad for them, following a College GameDay that featured endless praise and tributes to the greatness of the mind of the Mad Hatter himself, Les Miles and his Tigers crapped the bed, losing by 2 to Wisconsin. So much for that SEC West gauntlet.

Numerous SEC chokes and near flops marred the opening week for the SEC (highlighted later). So perhaps it also just means more… embarrassment.


As of the time of this publication, the SEC has already logged 45 arrests in 2016 per To put that into perspective, there have only been 151 arrests in all of college football and just 23 in the NFL alone. So if there is one stat you can ALWAYS count on, it is SEC leading the way in criminal talent recruitment. They always do boast the best collective high school signing day recruit collection. Too bad they show no discretion collectively in what kind of people they are bringing to their campuses.

Folks wonder why all those top recruiting classes can’t translate into REAL on field dominance? Perhaps it would if they could keep these guys out of jail. Or maybe they could even recruit smart, high moral value players? Seems to be working well for Stanford. Oh wait, forget it… do people even go to SEC schools for actual educations?? Never mind.


How long will the NCAA continue to get away with not holding their precious SEC schools to the same standards as other campuses across the U.S.? Countless stories we have encountered in 2016 that point to outright cheating by the SEC, making it clear how they obtain and maintain these top recruiting classes. Take Ole Miss for example. 3 years ago on this very site we suggested that a dumpsterfire school like Ole Miss could only get a top recruiting class one way… by promising gifts and money to these recruits for their loyalty. Special thanks to Leremy Tunsil during his NFL draft side show this year for showing the world we weren’t wrong. [Reference: Ole Miss Player Admits To Getting Paid By Coaches]. I’m sure the NCAA investigation will be swift and severe here, right? Oh that’s right… this is SEC. Lift rug, activate broom. Nothing to see here…

Oh and happy 3rd anniversary of the DJ Fluker & Alabama illegal benefits investigation that STILL has not resulted in punishment. [Reference: Text Messages Reveal Impermissible Benefits Given to Five SEC Players]

Solid looking away skill by NCAA here.

Despite all the benefit ignoring, what about the more disgusting and egregious stories of the year? Lest we forget of the Tennessee rape scandal that everyone in the media keeps trying to sweep under a rug. Perhaps they fear Butch Jones will come after them like he did his “traitor” players who tried to defend the rape victim: [ Reference: Butch Jones Calls Player Traitor For Helping Assault Victim].

Don’t count on the NCAA “investigating” that very much either. For the NCAA, it just means more… looking away.


It’s time for the SEC Chanting to stop. Those of you who continue to do it look stupid, and yes, the rest of the country is laughing at you. 

For years we have pointed out the weakness in out of conference SEC scheduling. We have pointed out specifically how the best teams in the SEC have typically artfully dodged playing top teams in other Power 5 conferences. In doing so, they have been able to tout outrageous “best conference” stats that were inflated by the facts that top SEC competition were playing mid-tier or lesser Power 5 opponents every year, and in the rare instance they did match up with a formidable Power 5 foe, they insisted on neutral territory that was often closer to SEC home turf than to their opponent. Furthermore, mid tier SEC teams were scheduling creampuff matchups out of conference with absolutely NO out of conference tests, in an effort to create the fabricated “gauntlet” of SEC teams who always won. (For a reference, look at every Ole Miss and Miss State out of conference slate preceding this season.) However, the 2016 season was the first one in recent memory where those generalizations were being surpassed and the SEC was finally stepping up to face more Power 5 out of conference competition than they had in the past 20 years (14 season games total). This season was FINALLY an opportunity for the SEC as a whole to put its money where its mouth was and demonstrate they are THE dominant conference of college football as they claimed to be all along.  

We are now into Week 4 of the season. And the SEC has already crapped the bed, and in doing so, shown that we were right all along. Again.

After 10 games so far against Power 5 competition, the SEC has gone a pedestrian 5-5 against Power 5 competition. Their ONLY upset win was an Arkansas victory against TCU in Week 2. And they needed double overtime just to do THAT. Numerous SEC West hopefuls had embarrassing starts, including Ole Miss, LSU, and Mississippi State (who lost to South Alabama). SEC East hopeful Tennessee needed overtime and an insane amount of luck and bad coaching from Appalachian State to pull off a nailbiter at home to the Sun Belt juggernauts. Georgia squeaked by Nichols State and needed some late heroics to knock off Missouri, a SEC East team that got mollywalloped by West Virginia. Meanwhile Florida and LSU are relying on the arms of castoff quarterbacks from PURDUE in order to try to stay relevant. The only team with a hint of dominance in the SEC (and we won’t count Florida and their 3 big wins against high school programs) has been, as usual, Alabama. And we will try not to judge their narrow 5 point escape from Ole Miss (a team that lost by 11 to FSU, who in turn got pasted 63-20 by Louisville). The phrase “SEC is overrated” right now has so much redundancy that it’s undoubtedly in the top ten of most trending topics on twitter for September.  

To put this 5-5 record in perspective, it should be pointed out that only ONE Power 5 conference (Big 12) has a worse record against Power 5 competition (3-6) so far. The Big Ten’s 8-3 record against Power 5 competition at this point in the season is the nation’s best. Meanwhile, the ACC, who has long been labeled the worst of the 5 power conferences, has the same record against Power 5 competition as the SEC does to this point.  

If this is still being considered “dominance”, then there is nothing more we can do to help you poor misguided chanting imbeciles.

Even the great SEC Shill of Shills Finebaum himself admitted this week that the Big Ten is far more dominant top to bottom than the SEC.  

You may wonder why you don’t hear fans of Big Ten teams running around chanting their conference name at every home non-conference victory. The reason could be that it is because these fans are not inbred microcephalic quarter-wits. But it is more likely because they realize that their team is good because… well… their TEAM is good! Big Ten has 3-4 very strong dominant programs right now. But we are not going to sit here and tell you one day “stop chanting SEC!”, and then chant “Big Ten!” the next. It will never happen here. Because we know the truth… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BEST CONFERENCE! Period. There are JUST best teams.

ESPN and their media puppydog minions across the nation have beaten this “best conference” lingo into our brains for years. They have forced us to believe conferences MUST be rated, and in turn, rewarded in preseason rankings for these bogus ratings. As our earlier article has pointed out, Sagarin (the guru behind the computer rankings, one of the worst creations ever to pollute the sport of college football) began the conference rating garbage in 1998. (Reference: How Conference Rankings The BCS and SEC Media Bias Destroyed College Football and Created SEC Exposed)  

Despite the fact that year Sagarin’s system had rated the SEC as the third best conference (behind Big 12 and Big Ten), it had begun the ill-conceived notion that an entire conference could rest on the laurels of one or two of its best teams having bigger perceived wins than the other conferences. Everything is relative though, which is a concept computers can’t understand. You can’t compare Apples to Oranges, and the conference rating system did that consistently. What’s worse, the recognition of conference rankings began to shape the AP and Coaches rankings from the get-go. Fast forward to today. Now we have an entire network (ESPN) pushing the greatness of this overhyped conference, which leads to consistent preseason overratings of traditionally dreadful teams like Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, etc, simply because these teams are in the same conference as Alabama. With the persistence in preseason overratings, it assures us that even when some of them lose, other SEC teams will leap over them when they beat them to take those positions, forever guaranteeing a greater number of ranked SEC teams than any conference by seasons end. Couple that with painfully favorable bowl matchups for the SEC, and the cycle begins again anew the next season with media hacks proclaiming the SEC once again as the “best conference.” Rinse and repeat. 

The fact remains however, there is no “best conference”! Conferences are regional assemblies of teams who play a round robin season-long tournament to determine who amongst them is the best. That best team then goes forward to face another regional great from somewhere else in bowl season, and if you’re lucky, your team will be playing in the playoffs for the big tamale. When you look at it like this, you see why we look at every conference acronym chanter in the SEC and we laugh at them. We call them inbred (because chanting for your rivals is akin to kissing your sister and let’s be honest, there is no greater definition of inbred than that). But while we laugh and poke fun, we also feel sad for how this is what has become of our great sport of college football. A nation divided, one group of under-educated numnuts chanting for a region of 14 teams, and the rest of the nation rooting against all of those teams simply because they are tired of hearing the biased bullshit.


There was a time when college football was great, and it wasn’t even that long ago. 20 years ago, nobody would give a damn about all this stupid conference hype nonsense. Fans of Auburn weren’t celebrating with LSU fans when Alabama stunned Miami in the 1992 national championship. Fans of Oklahoma weren’t laughing at and taunting Tennessee fans when Nebraska humiliated Florida in the 1995 national championship. There was a time not that long ago when great college football had nothing to do with conferences. It had to do with legendary matchups. ESPN and their media minions are ruining the game by dominating every conversation with conference talk. Even Finebaum announcing to the nation that the “Big Ten is the best conference in college football” is not helping anything. It is only adding to the narrative. And that is what they want. They don’t want you to remember all the good teams. Just the ones that make them money. ESPN should not be allowed to have a financial stake in the game that they report on. They should not be allowed to use their bully pulpit to manipulate everyone for their own profit. College football was once the greatest sport out there, at one point arguably even better than the NFL. But now it is slowly growing into just a nuisance to fans everywhere who can’t just sit down and enjoy a good game without feeling either a need to root for their rivals or a need to root against a geographic region, or listen to announcers compare their team’s players to the SEC in random sporadic subtle efforts. ESPN has helped to create this beast that is eating away at the fabric of a sport so many of us love. And we as fans must put an end to it by abandoning their network until they stop trying to be manipulative players and shapers of college football, and get back to what their network was meant to be… a LEADER in sports entertainment reporting!  

There is no other reason to stop the madness than realizing the truth. The “SEC” isn’t “best.” Especially not this year, yet another season that they are being EXPOSED!


For the past four years, our site has covered the media bias and the consistent overrating of the Southeastern Conference in college football. When we began, SEC bias and overrating was taboo to talk about. Media hacks refused to acknowledge that minus a couple of traditionally strong teams, and ONE powerhouse (Alabama), the SEC was top to bottom average and was NOT a better conference than the other Power 5 leagues. What nobody wanted to admit at the time was that there were strong teams all OVER college football. ESPN’s financial investment into SEC stock led to a meteoric rise in SEC overhype in recent years by the media. And as everyone knows, when the most watched and listened to icon in sports broadcasting continues to peddle propaganda and repeat manipulative drivel over and over again (“SEC Dominance,” “SEC Speed,” “SEC Gauntlet”), pretty soon the average viewer stops questioning it and begins to accept the propaganda as fact. Even those outside the SEC had fallen prey to the propaganda. However, the original founders and contributors of OUR little WordPress site did NOT. We went into this venture alone and with little support short of a handful of blog followers who shared our views and distributed our articles of referenced FACTS. Well, today is a different day than four years ago and we are no longer standing alone in our fight. Each week, numerous media publications are beginning to release the truth about the SEC: the fact that not only are the claims of complete SEC conference dominance manipulative and false, but that short of Alabama, that conference is a hollow assortment of criminally recruited, oversigned and overhyped average teams that wax and wane from relevance much the way over 75% of college football teams in EVERY conference do at some point in their history. The only thing that has ever made the SEC APPEAR so dominant is the propaganda and skewed stat sharing by those in the lamestream sports media who WANT them to be so dominant. However, even that façade is crumbling as an increasing number of media members are abandoning the rhetoric and airing truth, from Fox to Yahoo Sports and even to a few brave souls within the walls of ESPN itself. And that truth is this: There are great teams all OVER college football. There is NO such thing as a “Best Conference.” And there never was.  

With that truth so increasingly being known, and with so many out there continuing to take the initiative to air out the facts (which we constantly retweet on a daily basis courtesy of our thousands of #ExposedArmy supporters), there is no more reason for the existence of a closet “truther” movement. For those of you who have followed our site and supported our site through these years, THANK YOU! We won. All we wanted was for people to see the truth, for it to no longer be hidden from public awareness. All we ever wanted was for college football to be brought back to what it was once before… a sport where goliaths collided, legends clashed and upsets shook the world… a sport where fans trash-talked you about what their team had done to you rather than what a team who beat them did to you… a sport where any team no matter how small could shock and amaze us on any given day without us worried about what conference they play in… a sport where a true national champion could be crowned without 13 other programs claiming the win as their own just because they happened to be in the same geographic region as that team… and a sport where a broadcast giant who self-proclaims to be the “worldwide leader in sports entertainment” is not trying to shape and create the news, but merely reporting it. We see that vision coming a little closer to reality and we see our movement, no matter how small it started, as helping to light the fire that now burns across social media platforms around this great nation. (Special thanks to Chris Fowler for his recognition and validation of our contribution in his random 2014 GameDay tirade, which greatly helped to fan our flames, by the way.)  

With that, we bid a temporary farewell from this blog platform. Our site and the articles herein will remain, and our Twitter site will forge on, but as our anonymous founders and contributors are now moving on to bigger and better things (three of us have received offers for major online sports media news outlets), this will be our last contribution to the WordPress blog site known as “SEC Exposed” (until our voice is needed again to restore the balance of what is right in the college football world, of course). Expect to see many more articles out there from various publications exposing the SEC, including some from our exiting contributors who now will have a much larger volume audience, to make sure the truth never again gets buried about media collusion, NCAA corruption, and the overrated (and heavily criminally inclined) SEC.  

And who knows. You may find us back on here again when the need arises. Until then, to all of our fans… KEEP EXPOSING!  





  1. We’re already seeing the same game of SEC over-ranking leapfrog, based on nothing but preseason rankings. Right now, as usual, there are numerous SEC teams ranked in the Top 25 based on nothing but beating other over-ranked SEC teams which are no longer in the Top 25. Even worse, Ole Miss is still ranked at 1-2 just for LOSING to SEC teams. And the SEC over-ranking circle-jerk goes on for yet another season.

  2. SEC SEC SEC CHoke … Thank goodness the page has changed… Sanity is back…
    Looking into week 4
    Alabama plays powerhouse Kent State. Wow what a gauntlet.

  3. Looking into week 5.
    Alabama plays powerhouse Kentucky. Wow what a gauntlet.
    Arkansas plays the Braves of Alcorn State.
    Not only is the SEC (Sorry Excuse Cupcakes) complete gutter trash their OOC opponents are trash as well. The Polls will keep the chanters ignorantly chanting SEC SEC SEC all year just to be embarrassed every week. Just ask the Georgia Bulldogs. Who will be next over-hyped team to fall in the SEC?

  4. Florida Gators and LSU are chicken not playing today.
    North Carolina Schools played in a hurricane and Florida and LSU didn’t want to risk a loss in the SEC. SEC = Super Easy Conference when you don’t even have to play your scheduled games.

    Florida not playing actually increases their chances of winning their division.
    I’ve never seen better reason to boycott this gutter trash SEC.

    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

  5. 10-10-2016 Coaches Poll puts LSU 3-2 in at 25 (LSU vs Florida didn’t play at all). But the SEC circle jerk does not stop there the AP poll keeps “Luckinstance” Tennessee at #9 after a road loss storm free. Tennessee’s next up opponent is Alabama so the SEC cupcake schedule will look a strength of schedule on paper. What can be done about this farce?
    Trying to find logic by comparing another top 10 team with a loss this last weekend —
    Houston fell 7 spots after a hard fought road game in stormy weather from hurricane Matthew. Oops no Logic to it.

    So if you don’t play in a hurricane and are in the SEC you go up in the polls else you go down in the polls. Makes perfect sense to me .. not.

    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

  6. Georgia lost to bottom of the barrel Vanderbilt.
    Today on ESPN College Game Day the reason SEC is the strongest conference was because of Florida and Georgia. Florida the team to scared to play LSU and Georgia. Georgia’s legitimacy fell off the season many weeks ago after struggling against Nicholls State.
    The SEC is not the best conference in college football from top to bottom.
    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

  7. AP Poll Week 8 2016 has 8 SEC teams ranked in the top 25 with combined losses of 10.
    That is the same total of the other Power – 5 conferences combined.
    To top it off the SEC has yet to really play their main rivals and yet the circle jerk AP Poll’s continues to be biased.
    Ole Miss 3-3 is ranked. Tennessee dropped 9 points this week to 18, didn’t drop any points the week before.
    The ACC’s ranked teams have 5 combined losses, Big 10 ranked teams have 2 combined losses, Big 12 ranked teams have 2 combined losses and Pac 12 ranked teams have 1 combined loss. To look at this a little differently most of the other power – 5 conferences had significant rivalries games within their conference in the first half of the season. The exception to this is The Big – 12 and SEC most significant rivalries occur in the second half of the season.
    3 of the 8 ranked SEC teams also had OOC losses, but these team with OOC losses are ranked in the top 25 and all have 2 or more losses?
    Georgia is the only team in the SEC with a winning record above .500 not ranked.
    Losses don’t matter in the SEC.
    Pretty remarkable considering the quality of football in the SEC is abysmal.

  8. Espn was practicing standup comedy today – when they were referring to 2 powerhouse SEC teams and I thought they were going to say something lame like Alabama’s 1st String and Alabama’s 2nd string, nope they were referring to Alabama and Texas A&M… I almost fell out of my chair.

    Oh yeah this just in… SEC Powerhouse Mizzou gets beat with the Sun Belt Middle Tennessee.
    Congrats on being gutter SEC.

    SEC SEC SEC Choke

  9. Every Year the Playoff Committee ranks 2 SEC team in the top 4 and like clockwork the bias is exposed almost instantly. Texas A&M loses to cup cake Mississippi State. Yeah the same Mississippi State (4-5) that loss to South Alabama Jaguars. SEC SEC SEC Choke.
    There is so much SEC bias this year that I’m done commenting till the end of regular season 11/26 for most power conferences.

    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

  10. Congrats to the 2016 SEC East Champions – Florida State.
    The SEC had a lot of quality losses this year just ask Georgia Bulldogs.

    SEC SEC SEC Choke

  11. Congrats Pittsburgh for defeating two conference champions Clemson and Penn State and aren’t even ranked what a bunch of SEC bias. Good Job Playoff Committee.

    No end of year congratulations would be complete without thanking the cheating refs everywhere.
    Spotting the ball forward inches and yards from the spot, not being able to decide on an elbow, wrist of ground. bot seeing holding and on and on. This is one of the worst years of officiating I witnessed in a really long time.

  12. Week 13 2016-2017 4 SEC Ranked Teams. 3 SEC Ranked Teams lost
    #1 Alabama
    #13 Auburn – Why was Auburn Ranked? If Auburn had to be ranked why was Auburn ranked so high? This team is garbage before this over ranking (Garbage in Garbage out)
    #15 Florida – Questionable Over-ranking what the hell has this team done this year? Oh they beat Georgia that lost to Georgia Tech. Lost to Tennessee that lost to Vanderbilt. Florida played one less game than most other teams during the regular season. Florida is the SEC East Division Champ that got smacked down by a 9-3 FSU ACC team. To put in perspective Division Champs normally aren’t losers the week before a championship game. But the SEC is the exception to the rule as Florida hobbles into the SEC Championship Game after a loss the week before a Championship Game two years in a row.
    I know you chanters really want to start living the Gator Dream and chant SEC SEC SEC in your Nissan Armada right about now.
    #17 Tennessee – Why was this team ranked at all?

    BUT BUT BUT What about all of the Quality Losses this year the SEC has on their resume?

    In all honesty all of the teams from the SEC except Alabama should drop from the rankings and LSU should go from NR to Ranked over Pittsburgh. Did LSU win against a Big 10 division champ? No they lost to Wisconsin? Pittsburgh on the other hand, did win against a Big 10 division champ Penn State. (Some could even argue, Penn State is in Big 10’s strongest division). LSU has one win against a currently ranked team over-ranked #13 Auburn. Pittsburgh has 2 wins against currently ranked teams #2 Clemson and #7 Penn State. Both Division Champions. LSU Record 7-4. Pittsburgh’s record 8-4. It is hard to make any case for LSU being ranked, especially if you are a rational thinker, but it won’t matter to the SEC loving SEC Bias Playoff Selection Committee.
    The reason is simple to make Alabama Strength of Schedule look better than or comparable to the other P5 conferences. Alabama played Tennessee, and Auburn will play Florida. Since Tennessee will be NR week 14 lets rank LSU to give the perception of Alabama playing the toughest schedule ever recorded in human history. BIAS freaking BS. The Big 10, Pac 12, ACC and Big 12 don’t get this type of conference loving BS. The SEC has been exposed more this year than any other but ESPN and Alabama loving Playoff committee just does not get it.

    Week 14 rankings the SEC should only have ONE ranked team, PERIOD, No more, PERIOD.
    The other SEC team resumes are just too week.
    Only Kentucky and Arkansas beat a P5 OOC on the road. The SEC was less than mediocre 6-8 against P5 conferences this year and if FCS teams scheduling was not allowed just how bad is this gutter conference. But the SEC circle jerk continues and SEC teams just get ranked week in and week out. (Weak in and Weak out)


  13. Congrats to the SEC with a win over the “Group of 5” with a 5-7 record Miami of Ohio.
    SEC 1-4 in Bowl Games. With this resume, it is fair to say SEC should drop to FCS.

  14. Game Control to ESPN Power Index and now “What the score should be” for the SEC teams that win or lose as long as the loss is not in conference then this loss is a quality loss.
    It means greater margin of victory or negates a loss entirely, for example, #15 Florida stays ranked #15 after losing to FSU because of what the score should have been. Florida then loses to Alabama and drops to #17 as this quality loss was recognized because Alabama an SEC team won and gets credit for winning. Disgraceful.

  15. The SEC, It just means more.
    Florida, LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn are ranked in the top 25.
    Paper Champs.
    Florida is at least overrated and finishes at 14.
    LSU lost to Florida played one less game than P5 teams and is ranked over Florida. Huh?
    Tennessee should be disqualified as they lost to Vanderbilt.
    Auburn – The only team with 5 losses that is ranked. But they were quality losses. Not.

    The SEC this year was exposed from top to bottom and has been relegated from a Power 5 conference to less than the group of 5 or FCS level with Alabama being the only exception.
    Clearly it just means more cheating and poll manipulation.

    I am hoping for a repeat next year were Alabama dominates the rest of the Southeastern Conference. Until next season, keep getting arrested in SEC Country.

    SEC SEC SEC Choke.

  16. SEC = Worst Conference to date in bowl games 2017. Where is the strength of schedule in the regular season? Congrats to Texas, Wake Forest, and Northwestern for exposes the SEC yet again.

    Southeastern Conference
    Record: 0-3
    ​Losses: Missouri, Texas A&M, Kentucky
    Upcoming games: Louisville vs. No. 23 Mississippi State, Michigan vs. South Carolina, No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 12 UCF, No. 14 Notre Dame vs. No. 17 LSU, No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Georgia, No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 4 Alabama
    With the coaching carousel complete, Jimbo Fisher helps the SEC stoop lower in terms of coach ratings in the opinion of non ESECPN kool-aid drinking people nation wide. So very sad. LMAO – Texas A&M made the worst decision. I enjoyed them losing to Wake Forest and will enjoy all of their future losses while playing in the SEC.


  17. Congrats UCF Knights undefeated and undisputed 2017 – 2018 CFB National Champs.
    Georgia Sucks. 5th Year Senior Nick Chubb came back one season to lose to Auburn and Alabama.

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