SEC Exposed Twitter Account Suspended Indefinitely

As many of you know by now, the @SEC_Exposed account has been suspended by twitter. Our login has been “locked” by the powers-that-be in what we see as a clear and obvious effort to censor our account.

Of course we are not entirely without fault in this matter, as everyone who has followed our account since it’s creation 6 years ago knows, our responses to troll attacks can be raw and brutal. However we only respond in a manner reflective of how we are addressed. In other words, we give as good as we get. If the snowflakes don’t like it, they’ve been told don’t follow and don’t engage.

Having said this, our site endured a higher than normal attack volume which came mainly from Bama fans presumably drunk on their victory over Auburn on the evening of November 24th. One particular fan began spamming our site incessantly with gay porn photos in response to our every tweet.

(Blurred parts added)

Others were hurling childish insults. Which by the way we don’t mind (and NEVER block) because we enjoy putting these idiots on their asses. However, on this evening, it’s clear we played right into their trap. After one of our site administrators released a coarse reply to the troll known as “barnerhater”, twitter notified our site we were reported for “harassment and intimidation… discriminatory insults based on sexual orientation.”

We called him a “mad bitch” with a hurt “vagina”… somehow that was “harassment” despite the fact we were responding to his own anger-laden insults (his tweet to us preceding our reply was “you’re such a pussy”).

Unfortunately this was third time in the past 6 months that one of these soft ass snowflakes reported us to twitter for being “offensive” after we slammed their sorry asses in retaliation. We survived the last two suspensions but had been warned that repeated offenses would lead to account deactivation.

We disputed the charge with twitter, pleading that we were in fact just responding the way we were addressed (on a night we were fielding many attacks including “porn spam” by these relentless crybabies). Twitter agreed to remove the suspension… however on the caveat that we give a name and contact phone number that they could verify by text. Otherwise account would remain locked.

As everyone knows, this is an anonymous site. Anonymity is important to our creators and contributors due to retribution efforts by those who wish to retaliate against our mission to expose media’s collusive relationship with the SEC in college sports. Twitter’s demands for verifiable contact info and their efforts to use that as leverage for our continued use of the account are a direct threat to that anonymity. The unusual nature of that request also heightens our suspicion that our site has indeed been targeted by people in power. Furthermore, we noticed that twitter has NOT suspended ANY of the accounts that attacked our site with vulgar insults and porn spam photos (which conveniently have since been deleted… but not before our computers cached some of them).

None of our site creators or contributors are comfortable with supplying twitter the information they are demanding. Therefore our account will remain locked indefinitely unless they remove their demands.

We wish to apologize to our followers if we let you down. However we will never apologize for our tactics. We began this site raw and unfiltered and were never about to hide or cower before the pansy ass keyboard warriors trying to overwhelm our site with spam attacks on a regular basis. Perhaps our administrators’ willingness to respond to attackers rather than block them ultimately let the trolling punks win, but it’s quite clear when this site started that it would only go out with a fury rather than a whimper.

Our mission has clearly ruffled many feathers this past 6 years, hence it is clear we have accomplished our goals. It lives on with the rest of the twitter “Exposed Army” which will continue to refuse to be silenced. One day when we are again needed, we will be back on twitter on a new account. But for now we ask those who truly love the game of college football to not give up on the fight against this media-driven bias and ESPN’s manipulation of the playoff. We have not given up and will be alongside you all via our own personal social media accounts making sure the public stays informed. Together we will all continue to EXPOSE the overhyped, media-propped SEC and the criminal collusion that is destroying the game of college football.

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