We Seek to Expose the Truth Behind the Media-Driven SEC College Football Supremacy Facade and NCAA Corruption in College Athletics.

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  1. Arizona beats #2 Oregon. Their best previous win is Cal (4-1). Arizona is now ranked #10.
    Ole Miss beats #3 Alabama. Their best previous win is BSU (4-2). Ole Miss is now ranked #3.
    Bias anyone???

  2. Just found you guys…and im shocked!…not really. …gonna share with my BIG12 Bros…keep up the good work!! HOOKEM!!!!

  3. Did anyone besides me find it odd that it took the SEC network only Months to air verses the LONGHORN NETWORK took YEARS to air??? And no I dont buy into it was “Disney”that was the delay because Disney is ESPN!!! And ESECPN ! Geee !!! A real mystery !!! Dont you think?

  4. First.. Thank you so much for all you bring attention to! I truly thought I was going nuts until I ran into your site last year. Keep it going!!

    Quick question: Have you written any detailed article about how both Texas A&M and Missouri were (in my opinion) middle of the pack (at best?), Big 12 Teams and yet they came in and whooped up on the mighty SEC?

    I don’t understand how both programs haven’t truly exposed hmthe SEC for what it is.. An ESPN/advertising money hungry overrated conference??

    If you have written something on this, can you send me a link to it? I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thanks as always!

  5. Thank you for showing us how the sec is a scam and sucks. I live in the heart of sec country and fight the good fight exposing how bad the sec really sucks and how much idiot their fans are. Sec sucks

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