Alabama and the Overhyped Dwarfs… 



3 thoughts on “Alabama and the Overhyped Dwarfs… 

  1. I’m so loving this picture. LOL
    Perfect little Grumpy Auburn. Some Auburn fans want to claim their unclaimed national regional state city whatever you call them championships. Pathetic considering there is nothing remotely National about their pathetic football history. Poor little misfit Auburn belonging to the SIAA before the Sothern Conference and didn’t play in state rival Alabama from 1908 to 1948. Wambulance War Eagles Tigers Misfits. Auburn is clearly the paper tiger of CFB this year. Their ranking really looks good on paper too bad it is a sham if you are an Auburn fan. Last year it was MSU this years early SEC bias winner is Auburn. I had to look at the 2015 Outback Bowl to get my sanity back. . Wow this game is so inspiring to get hyped this season.

    • Actually, I’m not sure Oregon didn’t get jobbed vs auburn. Maybe an NCAA investigation is in order.
      And doncha love how the rules bend for them when they need a transfer player to start right away??

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